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“They asked me to help them receive a client.

I agreed.”

“Youre already so busy…” Lu Hetings voice became gloomy.

“Im just helping Mr.

Weijian now.

Besides, the filming is over.

Im not too busy,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Besides, Im your legitimate wife.

Its only right for me to help you receive clients!”

Lu Heting naturally knew that she had compromised a lot for him.

Even though they were separated by the Pacific Ocean, Su Bei could already sense his emotions.

She smiled and said, “Grandpa and Grandmas attitudes are much gentler now.

It looks like theyre slowly changing.

We should all give in a little.

Besides, dont you want me to test my ability as Mrs.


The mans low laugh came from the other end of the line, full of affection.


After hanging up the phone, Su Bei immediately went to prepare for this matter.

There was also news from Qian Gouhua that someone wanted to buy Su Lus painting at a high price.

“Brother Gouhua, I think we can sell it this time.

What do you think Two million yuan is more than enough for a newbie in the industry.” Qian Gouhua was overjoyed.

“This price is enough to prove that youre famous.”

“Okay, sell it as you see fit,” Su Bei said.

“And help me look into the person who has such good taste and appreciates my works so much.”

Not long after Su Bei left the Lu familys mansion, Fu Yujia appeared.

Old Madam Lu was naturally happy to see her.

She did not treat her as her granddaughter-in-law, but she could treat her as her granddaughter.

“Grandma Lu, I heard that Mr.

and Mrs.

Brown are coming to S Country this time and are going to discuss business with the Lu family, right” Fu Yujia asked gently.

“I dont have any other intentions.

Previously, they had some connections with our Fu family, so Ill welcome them this time.”

Old Madam Lu smiled and said, “Thats right.

Heting is overseas, and your Grandpa Lu and I are old.

We dont care about anything else.

This time, Su Bei will receive them.”

“Su Bei is outstanding, so its natural that shell do a good job at receiving them.

However, she doesnt deal with business matters much.

Ill discuss it with her more when the time comes,” Fu Yujia said generously.

Old Madam Lu no longer wanted to go against Lu Hetings wishes, so she began to be gentle with Su Bei.

Seeing that Fu Yujia was going to take a step back, she said, “Thats perfect.

You young people should talk more.”

“Yes, thats exactly what I think.

After all, the two families are close.

Im doing this for the sake of the two families,” Fu Yujia said.

“In that case, please take good care of Su Bei,” Old Madam Lu said.

After all, she was worried that Su Bei, who had never handled such matters before, would not be considerate enough.

If she offended the guests, Lu Heting would have to clean up the mess.

“I will.

Dont worry, Grandma Lu.” Fu Yujia smiled.

Su Bei asked Lu Hang for information about the Brown couple.

This couple did not come to S Country often.

Some of their preferences were also unpredictable.

The information Lu Hang gave her was also limited.

On the other hand, Fu Yujia had more information about this couple because she had interacted with them when she was overseas.

Su Bei had yet to find a breakthrough point for this couple, so she could only temporarily prepare according to the highest standards.

However, she did not know what could move their hearts.

In the production team of Actors, Please Go On Stage.

He Xuyan sat alone backstage in a daze.

“Um, Director He…” Xu Zhiqin brought a cup of coffee over.

“Have some coffee.”

“Thank you.” He Xuyan nodded and took it.

Xu Zhiqin smiled shyly.

“Thank you for your help in the past few days.

Youre the reason why Ive improved so much.”

“Its nothing.”

Xu Zhiqins eyes lit up.

“Ive wasted a lot of your time, but I have a presumptuous request.

When the competition is over, can I treat you to a meal I dont mean anything else.

Im just grateful to you.”

“Alright.” He Xuyan nodded.

“Then can you help me take a look at this” Xu Zhiqin handed over her script.

He Xuyan took it and glanced at her dense notes.

He knew that she was seriously preparing.

He liked serious people, but he could tell at a glance that she had actually made a mistake.

She was asking too much of him.

If she was anxious to succeed, she would definitely fall behind.

He Xuyan pointed out the problem to her.

Xu Zhiqin lowered her head.

When she heard his reminder, she couldnt help but nod repeatedly.

When she encountered this bottleneck, she really couldnt figure out how to fix the problem even when she racked her brains.

He Xuyan told her to take a step back and relax a little, which gave her great inspiration.

“Thank you, Director He.” Her tone was soft because He Xuyan was sitting while she was standing.

The heat just happened to blow into He Xuyans ears.

His body stiffened.

“Then, how about I change it like this” Xu Zhiqin didnt notice his abnormality and suggested her idea seriously.

He Xuyan said nothing for a moment.

Xu Zhiqin thought that he was a little tired.

After all, filming was very tough.

He had been filming for an entire day, yet she was still pestering him.

Xu Zhiqin quickly said, “Its okay, Director He.

You should rest first.

Ill go to the side and think about it myself.”

The woman disappeared in a moment.

Only then did He Xuyan feel his back relax.

He coughed lightly and picked up the coffee that was no longer hot.

He took a sip.

After the bitterness spread, it left behind an intoxicating fragrance.

Xu Zhiqin happened to be in the same group as He Xuyan for this recording.

Xu Zhiqin was extremely excited.

When she saw He Xuyan, her eyes lit up.

After spending a long time with Xu Zhiqin, many people in the production team knew that this woman was not as the rumors said.

She was not here to cause trouble for Yali.

She usually did not fight for anything.

When she was free, she would read scripts and discuss them.

Her acting skills were also solid.

Every time she saw He Xuyan, her eyes would brighten.

She just wanted to improve her acting skills.

When others asked her for guidance, she would spare no effort to help.

Although there were many anti-fans outside, the people who interacted with her no longer hated her so much.

In this episode, He Xuyan guided her and spent a lot of time with her.

As He Xuyan was very popular, the director could not bear to maliciously edit Xu Zhiqins scenes and kept them as they were.

When the show was broadcasted, Xu Zhiqin looked like a completely different person compared to the previous episodes.

She was polite and kind.

It was very exciting to see her chatting with He Xuyan about the script.

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