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Mu Kai also reposted it and gave his blessings.

In the office, Yue Ze smiled and said, “I thought I was going to take on a disciple.

Who knew that I would have to take on another artiste”

“Brother Yue Ze, Ill have to trouble you in the future,” Xu Zhiqin said.

“Its not troublesome.

I know youre good at negotiating opportunities.

Ive never had to worry about you.”

Xu Zhiqin smiled shyly.

That was true.

She had helped the company attain many resources.

However, as an artiste, there were some things that were not easy to talk about.

Hence, Su Bei asked her to follow Yue Ze for the time being.

Xu Zhiqin explained her plan.

“I want to participate in the variety showActors, Please Get On Stage. Firstly, I havent acted in a long time, so its inevitable for me to be a little rusty.

I can try to readapt by going on that show first.

Secondly, I want to gain some popularity in the early stages so that I can take on more roles.”

“Since you have such thoughts, lets do as you think.

You know that there are acting teachers in the company.

Choose someone you think is suitable to learn from.” Su Bei felt that there was no problem.

Xu Zhiqin shouldnt rashly take on acting jobs now.

She might as well learn more first.

With Su Beis approval, Xu Zhiqins enthusiasm soared.

“Then Ill go ahead as planned.”

‘Actors, Please Get On Stage was a show that focused on testing ones acting skills.

At the same time, it was also a variety show that promoted ones acting skills.

At the moment, the artistes invited were not particularly famous, but their acting skills were passable.

Xu Zhiqin had resources in this area, so she managed to appear on this show.

What was rare was that this show had invited a few famous directors as guides and judges.

Among them was He Xuyan, who had never been on a variety show before.

He was also known for having a secretive and mysterious personal life.

When she heard that He Xuyan was participating in the show, Su Bei took the initiative to accompany Xu Zhiqin during the first episode.

When they arrived at the recording venue, Xu Zhiqin went to familiarize herself with the cast and crew.

Su Bei went straight backstage to look for He Xuyan.

As expected, He Xuyan did not like such occasions.

While sitting backstage, his cold black eyes were a little impatient.

He was used to controlling his own world in the production team.

He was not used to coming to other places and listening to others instructions.

Hence, he was not in a good mood.

The makeup artist beside him was carefully tidying his hair.

Actually, He Xuyan was very handsome.

He was not inferior to those young hunks outside at all.

In fact, he was much more outstanding.

The cast and crew believed that if he went on stage, it would definitely cause a frenzy of viewership.

Be it reputation or looks, He Xuyan had the absolute advantage.

The makeup artist wanted to praise him, but looking at his expression, she did not dare to act rashly.

“Theres no need to do it.” He Xuyan was not very satisfied with his new hair and shook off the makeup artists hand.

The makeup artist had no choice but to go out and ask Director Xu, “What should I do”

“Its fine.

Anyway, hes not an actor and wont be participating in the performance.

This is enough.”

“What a diva,” the makeup artist muttered.

“Alright, stop complaining.

This is He Xuyans first variety show.

Do you know how much effort I had to put in to invite him here If youre going to leave in anger, how will you continue to work with me after this” Director Xu immediately told the makeup artist to calm down.

Su Bei walked over from outside.

Now that she was the well-known President Su of Nirvana Entertainment, she was respected wherever she went.

Director Xu smiled and said, “President Su.”

“Im going backstage to see Director He.

We had some business dealings before.”

Director Xu was afraid of angering He Xuyan and said, “President Su, why dont you see him another day Director He is very busy today.”

“Itll just be a brief meeting.

Ill be out soon.” Su Bei had long wanted to see her brother.

She was naturally unwilling to let go of such a good opportunity.

Director Xu couldnt stop her and could only watch helplessly as Su Bei went in.

He beat his chest and stomped his feet.

“What kind of big shots are they Theyre out for my life!”

The makeup artist looked at him sympathetically and then at Su Beis back.

It was really difficult to coordinate such a show.

All of them were real big shots.

They could not afford to offend any of them!

He Xuyan scratched his head in the mirror.

He didnt like this hairstyle.

As he grabbed his hair, he suddenly saw a person in the mirror.

It was President Su whom he had seen last time.

It was all thanks to him that he completed the mission his parents gave him.

Hence, his expression softened when he saw her.

“Director He, have you thought about giving me resources” Su Bei walked over and patted his shoulder.

He Xuyans face darkened.

What resources When did he agree to that

“Didnt you accept my painting last time Have you forgotten our agreement so quickly” Su Bei asked again.

At this moment, not only was He Xuyans face dark, but it was also a little stiff.

What did she say when she gave the painting to him It was free.

Did she understand the meaning of these words

He said coldly, “Ill pay you.”

“I dont want money.

I just want resources.”

“President Su, this isnt how you scam someone.” He Xuyans tone became even colder.

“Director He, dont be so angry.

I even brought another painting over to show you today.

You can decide how much its worth…”

He Xuyan was so angry that he left.

“Brother, Brother!” Su Bei quickly grabbed his arm and hugged it.

He Xuyan was stunned.

He had already felt that there was something familiar about President Su.

Hearing this familiar term of address, he suddenly turned around.

Su Beis eyes curved into crescents as she smiled a cheeky smile that he was familiar with.

She pursed her red lips and said, “Brother, I was just joking.

I wont tease you anymore.”

It was a soft female voice, not the calm male voice from before.

“Su Bei” He Xuyan finally came back to his senses.

However, since she had disguised herself as Lu Bei before, He Xuyan could accept it.

“Did you just recognize me” Su Bei smiled brightly again.

He Xuyan couldnt help but laugh.

“How could it be you What are you playing at now”

Su Bei briefly explained that Lu Weijian had gone to the Huo family and she had no choice but to help him manage his company.

“You!” He Xuyans eyes were filled with indulgence and affection.

“You didnt say anything when Mom went to see your art exhibition”

“I didnt have the chance to tell her.

There were a lot of reporters that day, and with my identity as Su Lu, Mom didnt recognize me.”

“If it were any other time, she might have recognized you.

But if there are paintings around, all her attention will be on them.

Paintings are more important to her than her own son.”

Su Bei couldnt help but laugh again.

“Are they really that important Then when you gave the painting to Mom, were you a complimentary gift”

He Xuyan was so angry that he smacked her forehead.

However, immediately after seeing that she was in pain, he stretched out his long fingers to rub her forehead.

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