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Before Xu Zhiqin retired, she was a famous actress.

After that, she became a manager who did many things for him.

She was not inferior to him in terms of talent.

That was how she managed to push him to a higher position.

She did all his publicity work for him and gave him all the resources she had fought for with others, which raised his popularity.

Now, it was probably very easy for her to make Mu Kai popular.

For some reason, at the thought of this, Pan Hongsen felt a little frustrated.

He took out a cigarette and took a few puffs before suppressing himself.

Brother Mark said, “Xu Zhiqin isnt the only one in the world.

Are you regretting it now”

“Regret what” Pan Hongsen gave a relaxed smile.

“I never regret anything!”

Xu Zhiqin had turned the tables this time.

The official Weibo account of Cassan also made a post to thank her for her successful plan.

Manager Liu felt as if he had been stepped on.

Due to Xu Zhiqins good performance this time, her reputation rose slightly.

[I didnt expect this manager to be so capable.]


Its impressive to be able to revive Cassan.]

[I just dont know if its a new method to attract Hongsens attention.

I hope this lady will be kind enough not to involve others in her own mess!]

[Thats right.

Stay away from our ship! But I admit that shes capable.]

Mu Kais fans spoke up for her.

[She doesnt have anything to do with you guys, right Besides, Ive seen the TV shows this young lady starred in.

Theyre actually really good!]

[F*ck, this manager actually debuted as an artist]

[Im shocked! Just how talented is she]

Su Bei empathized with Xu Zhiqin and called her to the office.

“Zhiqin, do you plan to continue being a manager or…”

“Do I have any other choice” Xu Zhiqin had given up on herself for too long.

She could not believe that she could do anything else.

“You successfully made Pan Hongsen famous.

Its a very simple matter for you to support another artiste.

Or if you want to come back to film a movie, Ill support you too.

Perhaps you wish to do both” Su Bei asked her.

Xu Zhiqin hesitated for a moment.

She didnt even dare to think about enjoying her summer vacation.

Previously, when Pan Hongsen abandoned her, the original company naturally blamed her.

The outside world was also full of criticism for her.

She had long thought that her life would come to an end.

Su Bei smiled.

“Actually, Ive experienced all the things youve experienced.

Not only did others take your people away from you, but they also took away everyones trust in you.

Basically, they want to drain you of everything you have.

That way, it wont be long before you finally collapse.”

Xu Zhiqin raised her head and looked at President Su.

It turned out that the shrewd and capable President Su had also experienced these things.

In an instant, the distance between her and Su Bei was closed.

“President Su, what did you do then”

“I got up from where I fell.

Only when youre so powerful that they cant defeat you will you succeed,” Su Bei said softly, but her voice was firm and powerful.

“President Su, I think I can do both.

I can promote another newcomer.

Actually, I can get back many of the opportunities from before.

After that, I want to make a comeback in the entertainment industry!” Xu Zhiqin stood up!

If she hadnt changed careers back then, she would have filmed countless works long ago instead of hiding here and being scolded by countless fans while bearing the groundless stigma.

Su Bei looked at her.


Then youll be under Brother Yue Ze first.

Ill arrange an assistant for you.”

An Qi got someone to send a few watches over, including couples watches.

He smiled and said, “President Su, give these to your girlfriend.

Theyre just a small token of appreciation.”

Su Bei accepted the gifts with a smile.

When she got home, she handed one of the watches to Lu Heting and showed it to him.

“It seems to be quite suitable.”

“Is this for me” Lu Heting lowered his eyes and smiled.

“I was planning on giving it to you, but if I give it to you, Ill have to wear the womens design.

Therefore, I plan to choose two mens designs.” Su Bei looked around and finally found two suitable ones.

Although Cassan was a good brand in the country, the value of their watches was not high.

Su Bei tried it on for Lu Heting and said, “This is the one.

In the future, you can still wear your original watch during business hours.

You can wear this when youre outside of work.

Otherwise, people will talk about why youre wearing such a cheap wristwatch.”

“Its good.” Lu Heting looked at it.

“Ill wear this tomorrow.”

“Lu Heting, please dont.” Su Bei didnt want to be stared at by Lu Hang.

“My wife finally gave me something.

How can I not wear it”

Su Bei sat up.

“Do you think I havent given you anything in a long time”

“I wouldnt dare.” Lu Heting smiled.

“Actually, this wristwatch isnt worth much, but its quite meaningful.” She told him about Xu Zhiqin.

“Especially to her.

It means shell rise again.”

Lu Heting understood what she was thinking.

Xu Zhiqins experience was very similar to her experience back then.

He reached out and gave her a kiss.

“Youve already mentioned Xu Zhiqin 44 times tonight.

If I hear this name again, Ill punish you.”

Before he could punish her, Su Bei raised her head and bit his lip.

“Is this the punishment, Mr.


Lu Hetings eyes darkened as he pulled her into his arms.

“As you wish.”

The next day, he really kept his word and wore the watch to work.

Lu Hang and the higher-ups of Lu Group were already used to Lu Hetings current situation.

Sometimes, he wore cheap watches, drove cheap cars, and wore cheap clothes.

As long as Lu Heting did not deal with Lu Group cheaply, everyone would turn a blind eye.

After all, he was the big shot of Lu Group.

What else could they do They could only let him do as he wished!

When Xu Zhiqin announced her official comeback, there was an uproar on Weibo.

The ones who objected the most were the fans of Hongsen and Yali.

[Is she thinking of a new way to attract our Hongsens attention Everyone, pay attention.

When you see this woman in the future, give her a bad review! Protect our Hongsen!]

[Everyone has already noticed that this mistress wannabe is starting to covet Yalis man again.

Such people are too shameless!]

[I object! Ill spit in her face if I ever see her!]

Due to the fact that Xu Zhiqins negative image had been deeply rooted in peoples hearts for so many years, only Mu Kais fans expressed their support for her and welcome.

However, in order not to attract too much attention to Mu Kai, they could not make too much fanfare.

Su Bei was the first to use Su Lus account to congratulate her.

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