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An Qi smiled and said, “Yes, thats unnecessary.

As for you, work hard and try to pay off the loan for your house with your bonus!”

The secretary went to work happily.

For a moment, those who had looked down on An Qi just now came over to congratulate him.

“President An, when are you free Will you do me the honor of having a meal with me”

“Thats right, An Qi.

Your father and I are old friends.

Its been a long time since we last met.

Do me a favor and lets have dinner together”

“Im sorry, but Ive been very busy recently, so I wont be eating with you guys.

Lets meet again next time,” An Qi refused.

No one took offense.

Wasnt it only right for An Qi to be busy Everyone had heard the speech just now.

“Well meet again next time,” everyone replied happily.

An Qi walked up to Su Bei and said with a smile, “President Su, do me the honor of having dinner with me tonight.

Dont reject me.

Give me a chance.”

Everyone: “…”

This slap in the face was really painful!

During the meal, An Qi raised his glass and said, “President Su, I really have to thank you.

Our company has finally been revived! Those who bought our wristwatches have acknowledged our quality and service.

Recent statistics show that there are a lot of new and repeat customers.

Youve really helped me a lot this time!”

“President An, your watches quality is the key to all this,” Su Bei said with a smile and picked up her glass.

Xu Zhiqin stopped her.

“President Su doesnt drink much.

Ill drink for him, President An.

Ill drink more!”

Although she did not know why Su Bei did not drink, Yue Ze had specially instructed her to pay attention to Su Beis situation when she followed Su Bei out.

She remembered everything.

When Su Bei heard her words, she knew that it was Yue Zes idea.

Her stomach illness was already much better now.

Why did they think that she was still sick

An Qi naturally wouldnt have complaints over such a small matter.

He smiled and said, “Since you cant drink, lets just drink a little.

Miss Xu, you dont have to force yourself to drink too much.”

Xu Zhiqin quickly thanked him.

“Our products quality is just one reason.

President Su, youve helped us a lot this time.

By the way, I also want to meet the planner of this project and the one who solidified Cassans new image.

I dont mean anything else by it.

I just want to thank them.

Please sign a contract with me so that we can work together again in the future,” An Qi said solemnly.

Su Bei smiled at Xu Zhiqin and said, “Zhiqin was in charge of it.”

“It was Miss Xu Youre really talented!” An Qi quickly toasted her.

The company had naturally done some research.

The success of Mu Kais endorsement this time was because of the design of the brands image.

The planner contributed greatly.

He had heard of Xu Zhiqins reputation before and was surprised by the simple yet complicated gossip surrounding her.

Su Bei smiled and said, “President An, it can be seen that many things outside cant be trusted, right Then I wish our future cooperation will all go smoothly.”

President An was a straightforward person.

When her heard that this was Xu Zhiqins work, he immediately asked his secretary to give her a large red packet.

“Miss Xu, I hope we can work together more from now on.”

After this loss, Pan Hongsen and Brother Mark were also looking for the project planner.

They wanted to find them and poach them to their company to make plans for their future artistes.

They had heard some news and found out that this unknown planner was having dinner here tonight, so they came together.

However, they did not know the other partys phone number or name.

They could only wait.

It was drizzling outside, so Pan Hongsen and Brother Mark had to return to the car and wait.

After a while, someone walked out of the restaurant.

Brother Mark said, “Ill go out first.

Hongsen, you stay here.

I think its that person.”

He got out of the car and walked quickly to the person.

He couldnt help but be surprised.

“Xu Zhiqin, what are you doing here Dont tell me you heard that Pan Hongsen was here and specially followed him Dont you know the concept of parting on good terms”

Xu Zhiqin sneered.

“So, you also know the concept of parting on good terms I thought you didnt.

When you poached me and framed me, you werent like this.

I followed him here Do you really believe your own lies”

Brother Mark was speechless.

“Forget it.

I cant be bothered to argue with you.

Im not here to see you.

I hope youre not here to see me either.”

“Of course, I dont want to see you.

Back then when you poached Pan Hongsen, we formed a grudge that cant ever be resolved.”

Of course, what she hated more was not Brother Marks act of poaching but Pan Hongsens betrayal!

Brother Mark said calmly, “I cant be bothered to talk to you.”

“Are you here to see the project planner” Xu Zhiqin asked.

“How do you know that” Brother Mark asked.

Then, he came to his senses and looked at Xu Zhiqin.

“Y-You were the one who made the proposal for Cassan”

The proposal that was now regarded as golden material by the industry was actually written by Xu Zhiqin

“Why Is it difficult to believe Do you think that without me, Pan Hongsen would have been able to get to where he is today” Xu Zhiqin asked.

Brother Mark sneered.

“Whats the use of bringing up those old matters Do you really want to poach Pan Hongsen back”

“Im sorry, but for that kind of trash… Ill leave it to you to pick up,” Xu Zhiqin said coldly and turned around to leave.

She had been resentful for so long and had endured it for all these years.

This time, she was finally not at a disadvantage in front of the enemy!

She returned to Su Beis side with gratified eyes.

She clenched her fists and said, “Mr.

Su, thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Ever since Pan Hongsen was poached and her reputation was ruined, many people looked down on her even though she was a manager.

From the time she took care of Pan Hongsen to when Nirvana Entertainment was still unknown, she had given up on herself countless times.

This time, President Su directly used her proposal to let her experience the feeling of tearing those scumbags apart!

Su Bei smiled.

“You were the one who gave yourself all the opportunities.

Lets see how youll seize them in the future.”

Xu Zhiqin was shocked.

She knew that President Su was encouraging her to continue charging forward.

She immediately nodded, feeling extremely confident.

Pan Hongsen looked at Brother Mark and asked, “Brother Mark, how was it What did the planner say”

“Theres nothing to say.

We can forget about inviting that planner to join the company.”

“Why” Pan Hongsen was confused.

“Its Xu Zhiqin.

Do you think you can invite her” Brother Mark asked.

Pan Hongsen was speechless.

It was Xu Zhiqin

Then, he fell silent.

Actually, he shouldnt be surprised.

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