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“Hahahaha, of course.

Boss An was a talent that everyone respected back then.

Hes one of the best among all of us! Its just that hes too powerful, so it looks like hes putting a lot of pressure on his son.

Such wisdom is a double-edged sword!” That person was obviously looking down on An Qi.

Although he was flattering Boss An, he was also taking the opportunity to belittle Boss An for having no capable successor.

An Qi listened to these words and pretended not to understand anything.

Her expression was calm.

When others saw this, they thought that he was just pretending to be calm.

They all sighed in their hearts.

Other families raised capable children.

Only the An family was like this.

“Manager Liu, the education of this child really needs to be done well.

Itll be bad if the father is powerful but when it comes to his son, everything goes downhill from there.

Education must be implemented well.”

Manager Liu agreed.

“Of course.

Thats why we really have to start from a young age.

An Qi, long time no see.

Hows your fathers health”

After this conversation, if An Qi completely failed this time, he would have to place his ego on the ground for others to step on.

After a while, Su Bei, Xu Zhiqin, and Mu Kai also entered the venue.

The reporters surrounded the popular Pan Hongsen, and no one paid attention to Mu Kai.

The people around them pointed at Xu Zhiqin and snorted.

“Is that Xu Zhiqin Did she specially come because she knew that Pan Hongsen was appearing tonight”

“Its really disgusting for a manager to be like her.”

“This kind of sexual harassment can be reported to the police, right”

“Why call the police Pan Hongsen is too gentlemanly, and Xu Zhiqin is too shameless.

If she bites back, wont his career be ruined”

Xu Zhiqins expression was a little ugly.

Su Bei said softly, “Youve been a manager for so long.

What havent you seen”

Xu Zhiqin quickly put on a straight face.

Yes, she had seen everything.

However, she could not let go of this matter.

Every time she woke up in the middle of the night, she would feel both dejected and regretful.

She wanted to tear the scumbag and sl*t apart with her bare hands, but she was helpless.

Su Bei walked to An Qis side and greeted, “President An.”

“President Su.” An Qis expression was completely different from the day they met.

From a hedonistic-looking young man, he had become so calm and sharp.

The two of them chatted for a while before Manager Liu looked at Su Bei.

“President Su, how have you been”

“Manager Liu,” Su Bei said calmly.

Manager Liu remembered what she said last time.

He didnt think he would regret it, so he smiled and said, “President Su, I dont regret it yet.”

Su Bei didnt say much.

“Thats good.”

Not far away, a large provincial-level dealer walked quickly to An Qi and said, “President An, Ive gone through a lot to look for you! Look at you, youve been so busy that you dont even have time to answer your calls.

I finally got to see you today! When will you agree to give me the batch of wristwatches I asked for”

The others were stunned when they heard this.

Even Manager Liu was quite surprised.

This provincial-level big dealer specialized in wristwatches from various brands.

He had always been a powerful figure and was everyones big customer.

Everyone would beg him for business, but it hardly ever worked out.

He had never heard of this big dealer working with An Qi before.

An Qi said awkwardly, “Mr.

Zhou, Im really sorry.

Recently, the supply of goods has really exceeded the demand.

I have to first ensure that the flagship store and our past dealers get enough goods.

My hands are tied.”

“President An, lets talk things out.

As long as you give me the goods, we can talk about our profits,” Mr.

Zhou said as he held An Qis hand.

The people around them felt that they were experiencing something magical.

Why was Mr.

Zhou treating An Qi like this

Manager Liu was also completely surprised.


Zhou, do you lack wristwatches now”

“Im not lacking wristwatches; Im lacking Cassans wristwatches! Cassans sales are exploding now, completely crushing the others.

If I dont stock up on some goods, Ill be torn apart by customers.”

“What…” Manager Liu said, “Today doesnt seem to be April Fools Day…”

“Who has the time to joke with you Lets not talk about it anymore.

I have to talk to President An.” Mr.

Zhou ignored Manager Liu.

Manager Liu felt a little flustered.

The host on the stage happened to mention An Qis name.

“As the saying goes, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.


An has such a capable son like An Qi.

Its really enviable.

According to statistics, Cassan is far ahead of all the other brands in the sales of wristwatches this quarter.

The supply cant meet the demand! And Cassans social value and brand image have also been unanimously recognized by consumers.

President An, congratulations.

I heard that your share price has also risen, right”

“Thank you for your kindness.

It has risen by 200%.

In addition, please dont be anxious.

Were already working overtime.

We dont have enough stock for the time being because we want to ensure quality and not let down everyones trust.” An Qis face was still calm, but his palms were trembling with excitement.

He finally did it! He did it!

He had not let his father down, and he would not be looked down upon by others.

Manager Liu was stunned.

He asked the secretary beside him, “Is what they said true”

The secretary had just returned from asking around.

“Its true, Manager Liu.

Weve just received a research report on Cassan and Nirvana Entertainment.

This quarter, Cassans wristwatches that are high quality and represent kinship and love have caused a huge fanfare.

Now, theres a shortage of supply.

And with Mu Kai developing overseas, Cassan has also started to enter the overseas market.”

“Why are you only telling me this now” It wasnt that Manager Liu hadnt seen Mu Kais Weibo post before, but he didnt expect it to be so influential.

The secretary stammered, “Previously, you were busy reading the reports Brother Mark gave us.

Cassan had also blocked their news from us, so…”

Manager Lius face turned red.

Although Cassan had blocked the news from them, there must have been market research on Brother Marks side.

He had hidden it from him!

“Contact the planner of this project! Immediately!” Manager Liu was very experienced and could naturally tell at a glance that Mu Kais endorsement was secondary.

Most importantly, the planner had perfectly combined Mu Kais image and Cassans wristwatch to create a new brand!

“Ill contact them right away!” the secretary said.

An Qi walked down from the stage.

At this moment, everyone looked at him differently.

Their gazes were complicated, and they did not dare to meet An Qis gaze.

His secretary ran over and said, “President An, you dont have to rent a house now, right”

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