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[I agree.]

[I agree.]

[What about my boyfriend Does anyone have any recommendations]

[A Cassan watch, of course.]

[I dont want my boyfriend to be my father.

Are you sure youre not lying to me]

[Who would have the time to lie to you Didnt you see that when Mu Kais mother was young, she gave him a mechanical watch Now, Mu Kais parents are still very close.

To be honest, I even want to go to a Cassan shop to look for a future marriage partner.]

[Please bring me along!]

[Take me with you!]

[Dont go first! Take me with you!]

[May I ask if its okay to ask for a son]

[Pfft, why the hell is the person above asking for a child Hahahahaha, Im laughing so hard that my stomach hurts.]

[Hahahahaha, what kind of stupid post is that Ill ask for a child too.]

[Its okay to ask for a child, hahahahaha.

This is the best joke Ive heard all day!]

As everyone laughed and spread the topic, Cassans image gradually became deeply ingrained in peoples hearts.

For a moment, there was a buying frenzy.

Some people bought the watches for their parents, while others bought them for their lovers.

With Mu Kais words, Cassan was successfully linked to kinship, love, and even filial piety.

The sales of Cassans wristwatches, which were originally slow, soared all of a sudden.

The supply could not meet the demand!

This was even before Mu Kais advertisements were officially released.

It was foreseeable that when the marketing strategy was in place, the sales would continue to increase.

Pan Hongsen and Yali did not take this seriously at all.

After all, their company had also put up such illusions a few times before.

As for the real sales figures, only the brand would know.

Manager Liu was not in a hurry.

He had always believed in Pan Hongsens influence.

Besides, the sales of their watches were still alright.

There was no reason for them to feel inferior to Cassan.

While Su Bei was painting with Gun Gun at home, she received a call from the finance department.

“President Su, President An has already transferred five million yuan as Mu Kais endorsement fee, as well as the interest.”

“Okay, just remember to enter it in the records,” Su Bei said.

Lu Heting was playing games with Da Bao.

When he heard this, he looked up at Su Bei.


Lu, your business has been doing well recently.”

“Thank you for your kind words.

Things are indeed going well.” Su Bei looked at him with a smile.

“I think Im quite talented as a boss.

Im not inferior to when Im an artiste.”

Gun Gun immediately raised his little face and said, “As expected of Bei Bei.

She does everything well! I want to announce that Bei Bei is the cutest girl in the world!”

Su Bei pursed her lips and smiled.

She pinched the tip of his nose and said, “Alright, Ill announce that your announcement is valid from the moment its announced!”

Da Bao looked up at the two childish people with a bright smile on his face.

Su Bei, Mu Kai, and Xu Zhiqin were invited to the wristwatch fair in S Country.

Naturally, Pan Hongsen, Yali, and their manager, Brother Mark, were also invited to attend.

This was not only a grand event but also a form of publicity for each brand.

After promoting Tianya Watch, their sales increased by 20%.

At the moment, Manager Liu was very satisfied.

Brother Mark was raising his glass to Manager Liu.

“Congratulations, Manager Liu!”

“Congratulations!” Manager Lius face lit up.

A 20% increase in sales was indeed a good performance in the industry.

This time, it was thanks to Pan Hongsens popular TV drama that the women who watched the drama recognized the watch.

The purchasing power of the fans was also ignited.

“Manager Liu, when are we signing the contract with Hongsen next year” Brother Mark asked while the iron was hot.

Nowadays, traffic was rising very quickly.

If they didnt lock partnerships early, the opportunities might go to someone else at some point.

Manager Liu was in a good mood and said, “Of course, we have to sign it now.

Brother Mark, I still have guests to receive now.

After the fair, well find a place to have a good drink.

By the way, dont forget to let Pan Hongsen be interviewed by the reporters later.”

“Okay, Ill arrange things with the reporters!” Brother Mark was confident.

As soon as Manager Liu walked into the venue, he was surrounded by everyone.

“Congratulations, Manager Liu! The sales of Tianya Watch are really beyond our reach!”

“Everyone, youre flattering me!” Manager Liu cupped his hands at everyone and said with a smile, unable to hide his joy.

“Manager Liu, you have good taste.

You chose such a good brand ambassador.

His drama is very popular and is trending every day.

Even Tianya Watch has appeared in everyones sight.”

Manager Liu also agreed with his own judgment.

“Pan Hongsen is indeed a promising talent.

His drama is still being broadcasted.

Please show him your support!”

“Of course, of course!”

“Manager Liu, you have a unique taste.

Back then, we were supposed to shoot with Mu Kai, but he hasnt been walking on the runway recently.

I dont know what hes busy with.

Compared to Pan Hongsen, Mu Kai still has a long way to go.”

“Mu Kai He said that hell participate in a fashion show overseas next.

Its not that I want to make negative comments, but the entire worlds economy depends on the situation in S Country.

Only those who idolize foreign countries would keep thinking of going overseas to develop.

Its really disappointing.”

An Qi was about to enter the venue when he heard this.

He immediately said, “Thats not the case.

There are precious opportunities overseas and domestically.

Its not embarrassing to learn advanced methods from other countries for your own use.

The ones who should be embarrassed are those who hold on to their inherent ideals.”

When others saw that it was An Qi who entered the venue, they could not help but secretly shake their heads.

The previous president of Cassan was so high-spirited and the companys performance was great.

However, the entire Cassan gradually declined under An Qis hands, causing it to be unknown until now.

How could such a young man have the cheek to say something like that

“President An, how have you been” someone immediately said.

“I wonder how the sales of Cassans watches have been recently”

This wave of marketing on the internet was indeed very strong, but some people who did not go online did not know what was going on.

“Theyre alright,” An Qi said humbly.

They were not just alright.

There were people working in the factory through the night.

This cooperation with Nirvana Entertainment was not a loss at all!

“Haha, not bad” the other party said.

“Theres probably still a gap from when the former president was running the company, right”

“My father founded the company, so, of course, I cant compare to him,” An Qi said.

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