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An Qi said, “Ill be able to gather a million yuan, but I really cant cough up anything more.”

There was too big of a gap from Mu Kais current net worth.

If they accepted this offer, it would definitely affect Mu Kais other collaborations.

Naturally, An Qi did not have much hope.

The secretary stood at the side and felt that this was a waste of time.

If they could sign Mu Kai as their brand ambassador with one million yuan, Cassan would not have gone through so much trouble back then.

President Su must be joking.

Business was not done like this.

As far as the secretary knew, the price offered by Tianya Watch should be around 6.5 million yuan.

It was not as if Cassan could not afford it… But now, their money had all been invested in quality.

Hence, they were suddenly short of money now.

It was really worrying.

“President An, one million yuan will be the down payment.

Youll give us the remaining five million yuan in installments.

At the same time, youll also pay us five million yuan in interest.

If youre agreeable to the conditions, Mu Kai will be your spokesperson.

What do you think” Su Bei said as her gaze landed on An Qi.

An Qi had just thought that this young man had an ordinary appearance and there was nothing special about him.

Now that he heard his words, he realized that his eyes were especially bright and spirited.

Moreover, his suggestion would not harm either party!

However, the premise was that… Cassan had to make great profits this time!

“President Su, do you trust me that much” An Qi asked.

“Firstly, the quality of your wristwatch is good.

I believe that therell come a day when it catches the masses attention.

Secondly, Tianya Watch went overboard this time in order to please Pan Hongsen.

I dont want to let them be.

The current situation is a win-win for us!” Su Beis eyes lit up.

Only now did she feel that it was actually quite satisfying to not be an artiste.

The feeling of negotiating with others was actually not bad.

Encouraged by her gaze, An Qi said, “Okay, Ill arrange for someone to transfer one million yuan to you immediately.

Mu Kai, go shoot the endorsement!”

Xu Zhiqin immediately said, “Ill bring Mu Kai over.”

When Cassan announced Mu Kais endorsement, many people were shocked!

Currently, the sales and performance of Cassans wristwatch were not good.

It was known to everyone.

Especially their companys share price, which had already fallen drastically.

Compared to Tinaya Watch, Cassan was really not presentable.

Pan Hongsens and Yalis fans naturally wanted to mock Xu Zhiqin.

At the moment, even Mu Kais fans were very dissatisfied with Xu Zhiqin.

[Wheres Yue Ze Why did Nirvana Entertainment hire such a manager for Darling Kai Kai The reputation that hes painstakingly built is about to be ruined by Nirvana Entertainment!]

[Xu Zhiqin, get out of Nirvana Entertainment! Please replace Darling Kai Kais manager!]

[I think Xu Zhiqin must be crazy.

She thinks that she can vent her anger or attract Pan Hongsens attention by having her artiste endorse a competing brand.

But in fact, this is the greatest harm to Mu Kai! Everyone knows that this brand wont be able to make it.

Itll fall into a third-rate brand in the country.

Its seriously inconsistent with Mu Kais reputation.]

[Its a tragedy for artistes to have such an emotional manager! I wonder what President Su of Nirvana Entertainment is thinking.

Hes such a smart person, but he put a b*tch like Xu Zhiqin in an important position!]

[I object to Kai Kai taking on this endorsement.]

Yali saw the comments on the internet and sneered.

“Xu Zhiqin has never given up.

At a time like this, shes still trying to attract Hongsens attention, thinking that hell take a second look at her.”

Her manager said, “Its normal for her to be indignant.

However, Im afraid her little tricks wont be able to light up any sparks.”

“Thats true.

How can the light of a firefly compete with the sun and moon”

Yali immediately called Pan Hongsen.

Pan Hongsen was indeed a little annoyed by Xu Zhiqin.

Her lukewarm attitude gave him a headache.

Besides, her existence was no longer of much use to his career.

However, the fact that the entire internet knew that a woman was pursuing him and she had even made mistakes at work because of him still satisfied his vanity.

“Yali, how could I be attracted by such a stupid move Dont worry, even if Xu Zhiqin were to strip naked and stand in front of me, I wouldnt look at her.”

“If she asks to see you, will you want to see her”

“Why would I want to see her” Pan Hongsen said.

“If I see her, Ill definitely spit on her.”

“Good boy, I knew you were the best!” Yali said.

At this moment, Mu Kai posted a photo of himself and his father on Weibo.

[When I was young, my mother saved up a lot of money and bought a mechanical watch for my father.

She secretly gave it to my father as a birthday gift.

Ive always remembered my fathers smile at that time.

I didnt expect that when I went back this time, the watch would still be moving quite smoothly.

At that moment, I only hoped that my fathers smile would be the same as this watch.

Time is passing by, but some things will never change.]

The sharp-eyed fans quickly realized that Mu Kais father indeed had a mechanical watch on his wrist.

These words stirred up many memories.

Many people remembered that the watch they saw the most when they were young was from Cassan.

20 to 30 years ago, it was considered amazing to have a watch like that.

At that time, many families relied on that watch when looking at the time.

Now that time had passed, many people did not need to look at their watches to know the time.

However, the happy times back then would forever linger in their hearts.

[I remember now.

I also have this mechanical watch that Mu Kais father wears at home.]

[I have it at home too.

I remember that I would manually wind it up before I went to bed every night.

Otherwise, the needle would stop the next day.]

[Yeah! This really evoked my memories.

Young people nowadays definitely dont know what a mechanical watch is, right]

[Indeed, Ive never seen one before.

Please take a photo of it!]

For a moment, many people showed off their old Cassan watches and recalled their stories with their elders.

In the end, showing off ones Cassan watch quickly became a national sport.

Mu Kais fans also participated happily.

They actually stopped pursuing Xu Zhiqins matter!

The reputation of Cassans wristwatches actually improved drastically in just a moment.

This was something that many industry insiders did not expect at all.

[Its Fathers Day.

I have no idea what to buy for my dad.

Do you have any recommendations]

[A Cassan watch! The older generation is used to looking at the time through their watches.

Cassans watches are of good quality and have novel designs.

A Cassan watch is perfect for fathers.]

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