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Xu Zhiqin looked aggrieved.

“President Su, apart from being a little impatient with the person in charge of the shoot today, I didnt do anything wrong.

I cant say for sure, but I think Pan Hongsen is deliberately suppressing me.

Even so, I wont say that Im completely in the clear.”

Her words reminded Su Bei of her long-forgotten experience.

She could always empathize with such things.

“In that case, you dont have to blame yourself.

Ill understand the details of the matter first before I give you an explanation,” Su Bei said.

Xu Zhiqin was surprised.

“Wont you punish me”

“If someone is just deliberately using you to fight for resources and attack us, why should I punish you” Su Bei asked curiously.

Xu Zhiqins resentment gradually turned into something else.

She nodded gently at Su Bei and left.

Su Bei asked Qiao Mei about the authenticity of this matter.

Qiao Mei said, “Xu Zhiqin I really know a little about it.

Its similar to what she said.

Back then, when Pan Hongsen wasnt famous, the two of them rented an apartment together in the suburbs.

The two of them were indeed in a relationship.”

“I understand.” Su Bei hung up.

Su Bei called the person in charge of Tianya Watch.

“Manager Liu, are you sure you wont give us an explanation regarding the cancellation of Mu Kais endorsement”

“Xu Zhiqin caused trouble, which caused Mu Kai to lose his endorsement.

You cant come after our brand for this, right Do you expect to pay for your relationship conflicts” Manager Liu said in a strong but weak voice.

Actually, he had also gone to investigate.

Xu Zhiqin did not enter the venue at all today.

She did not even see Pan Hongsen, but Pan Hongsens manager stepped forward to intercept the endorsement.

Naturally, Tianya Watch decided to go for the more popular celebrity.

He was not ashamed at all.

Perhaps Xu Zhiqin had offended Pan Hongsen in private.

Anyway, this matter had nothing to do with him!

Su Bei sneered.

“Since youve determined the whole story, I have nothing else to say.

I hope you wont regret it when the time comes.”

Manager Liu hung up the phone.

Su Bei walked out and saw Xu Zhiqin apologizing to Mu Kai in the direction of the pantry.

“Im sorry, Mu Kai.

You were implicated by me.”

“The people outside dont understand the situation at all.

I can see it with my own eyes.

When you arrived at the scene today, you didnt see or speak to Pan Hongsen at all.

What right do they have to say that you harassed him and caused my advertisement to be canceled” Mu Kai said.

“You dont have to apologize.”

When Su Bei heard Mu Kais words, it was exactly the same as her investigation results.

She now understood the situation very well.

She quickly called Xu Zhiqin and Mu Kai in.

She said, “Theres a similar watch brand here.

They approached us before, but because the price was too low, I rejected them on behalf of Mu Kai.

Now, lets go meet their people.”

“But President Su, the price is so low.

If we give this job to Mu Kai, will it affect his future opportunities” Xu Zhiqin asked worriedly.

Mu Kai said, “It doesnt matter.”

“Lets go.

Well talk about it when we get there,” Su Bei said.

Seeing that she was confident, both of them regained their confidence.

This wristwatch brand was actually an old brand called Cassan.

In the past 20 years, it was definitely one of the best among domestic brands.

However, in the past few years, because the president of the company was sick, the leader position was given to his young son.

The expansion was too radical, and business went downhill instead.

Especially recently, under the strong competitive pressure of Tianya Watch, Cassan was already at the end of its rope.

As of current, the company had produced a very beautiful wristwatch that used high-tech technology.

However, the money was all spent on quality and they no longer had the money to market it.

Previously, they had approached Mu Kai because they wanted to use a low price to get him to endorse their brand and salvage their reputation.

Who knew that Mu Kais value would soar He was not someone they could afford to hire now.

They had no choice but to settle for the next best thing and find another male model to shoot the advertisement.

The young president was called An Qi.

He personally came to the filming location to watch.

The male model today was not very capable.

After all, they had gotten him at a low price.

Even the photographer was not satisfied with the photos, let alone An Qi.

“President An, the test shoot is over.

Should we sign this model or not” the secretary asked An Qi.

An Qi frowned and did not want to sign him at all.

The secretary reminded him, “If we choose not to proceed and we fail to find any other suitable brand ambassadors, our batch of high-quality wristwatches will be placed in isolated corners of those malls.

Not only will our watches be unable to enter everyones sight, but customers might not even know about our brand at all.”

An Qi wanted to find a better spokesperson, but they did not have much budget now.

He had even bought a house recently.

If he did not produce results soon, he would have to rent a house instead.

But he didnt like the model in front of him…

The secretary received a call and rushed over.

“President An, President Su of Nirvana Entertainment wants to see you.

She said that shes willing to consider Mu Kai accepting our endorsement.”

“Lets go and meet him.

Im not signing this one,” An Qi stood up and said.

The secretary wanted to remind An Qi again that if he didnt sign this model, there wouldnt be a famous artist who would accept their rate.

Although this male model had a good reputation, his skills were lacking.

He had fallen several times in a row during the shoot.

An artist like Mu Kai was not someone Cassan could afford to sign on!

After a moment in the meeting room, An Qi appeared in front of them.

He was a young man, but he was also a pragmatic person.

Su Bei had actually seen his new wristwatch in her Jingbei Mall.

The quality was indeed top-notch.

“President An, Im here today to talk to you about Mu Kais endorsement.”

An Qi looked at the ordinary-looking young man in front of her and said, “I remember that you rejected our cooperation a long time ago.

Why did you suddenly come over this time”

“Previously, we rejected you because of the low price.

Mu Kais endorsements have always had a fixed price.

If we worked with you for a low price, we wouldnt be able to explain it to our other partners.

I hope you can understand.”

An Qi smiled bitterly.

“Then do you think I can afford Mu Kai now Im not afraid of losing face.

Previously, you asked for six million yuan in endorsement fees.

Its not that I dont want to pay you that amount, but I cant even afford a million yuan now.”

“Then how much can President An offer us” Su Bei asked directly.

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