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“Im sorry, this was a decision made by the company.” Manager Liu did not give a detailed reply.

However, he knew that it was because Pan Hongsens manager had called to reopen the discussion.

He even gave their brand a good rating.

In addition, Pan Hongsen had a popular drama that was currently being broadcasted.

With his popularity rising and a discount on the rate, it was naturally a better choice for the brand to hire him alone rather than have him be joined by Mu Kai.

Moreover, this time, Pan Hongsen had also decided to stick a faux beard on and cooperate with the shoot in order to present an elite image better.

However, he could not tell Xu Zhiqin this.

Xu Zhiqin was stunned.

Su Bei first received an apology call from Tianya Watch.

The other party said a series of things about the companys decision after extensive research and told her that the contract with Mu Kai would be canceled.

Of course, there were also some hints that said, “Miss Xu Zhiqin also embarrassed herself in front of the studio.”

Then, Su Bei received a call from Xu Zhiqin.

“Come back first,” Su Bei said.

Xu Zhiqin felt very guilty when she brought Mu Kai back.

The people in the company had also heard the news and looked at her differently.

Nirvana Entertainment had already promoted and announced Mu Kais participation in Tianya Watchs commercial today.

Now that Tianya Watch had suddenly terminated their contract with Mu Kai and decided to go with Pan Hongsen alone, it naturally caused a heated discussion.

Some insiders had already started to expose the news.

[There were supposed to be two brand ambassadors for Tianya Watch One was Pan Hongsen, and the other was Mu Kai.

In the end, Xu Zhiqin took the initiative to take Mu Kai to the shoot using her identity as a manager.

What was her motive It must be for Pan Hongsen! Of course, he was unwilling.

Even Tianya Watch felt that the scandal back then was demeaning.

In order not to affect their work, they replaced Mu Kai! Xu Zhiqin went for wool but came home shorn!]

[Xu Zhiqin is getting more and more shameless.

In the past, she secretly seduced Pan Hongsen.

Now, shes using her work to do the same thing.

Who can stand this]

The comments also criticized Xu Zhiqin.

[Where does this put Yali]

[Thats right.

My heart aches for Yali!]

[I also feel sorry for Pan Hongsen.

Is harassing a man not called harassment]

[How can that b*tch still be active in the entertainment industry No wonder this industry is getting more and more chaotic!]

[I heard that shes currently in Nirvana Entertainment and hasnt achieved any results.

The moment she appeared, she ruined Mu Kais work opportunity.]

[Who did Mu Kai offend Hes being wronged!]

[My heart aches for Mu Kai! Please dont let such a manager take care of Mu Kai anymore! Where did Yue Ze go]

[Please come back, Yue Ze!]

Xu Zhiqin was in low spirits when she arrived at Su Beis office.

Su Bei had already asked others to comfort Mu Kai.

He was not in a good mood after losing his opportunity for no reason.

“Zhiqin, what happened this time” Su Bei asked with a frown.

She had seen many rumors on the internet but only wanted to hear it from Xu Zhiqins own mouth.

“Im sorry, President Su.

I messed up.

The person in charge of todays shoot kept delaying our shoot, and my tone got a little bad…”

Su Bei nodded.

“Youre usually not a bad-tempered person.

Why were you like that today Did something affect you”

“I…” Xu Zhiqin hesitated.

“Just tell me.

If I dont know what problem youre facing, how can I help you solve it”

Looking into Su Beis honest eyes, Xu Zhiqin could not bring herself to talk about her private matters.

“Zhiqin, Tianya Watch hinted to me today that Mu Kai was replaced because of you and Pan Hongsen.

If you dont tell me the truth, I really wont know how to help you,” Su Bei said as she stared into her eyes.

Xu Zhiqin lowered her head and finally looked up.

“Okay, Ill tell you.


Su, this was what happened…”

Five years ago, Xu Zhiqin and Pan Hongsen were a couple when they were students at an art school.

They met and fell in love.

The two of them then entered the entertainment industry together and signed a contract with the same management company.

Xu Zhiqin acted in a movie and was nominated for the Best Female Lead Award back then.

She was quite famous and quickly made a name for herself.

Pan Hongsen also began to appear in front of TV screens.

However, it was not easy to become famous in the entertainment industry.

Even if one had some achievements, it might not be easy to get more opportunities.

Their popularity fluctuated a bit.

Xu Zhiqin relied on her first movie and kept receiving invitations to work on new productions.

However, Pan Hongsens luck was a little bad and he did not receive any good opportunities.

Although Xu Zhiqin also tried her best to help Pan Hongsen, as a fledgling young artiste, she could not help much.

Pan Hongsen was in dire straits.

Because he did not have any work, he drank wine every day to drown his sorrows.

Xu Zhiqin saw it and was anxious.

In the end, Xu Zhiqin saw the potential of being a manager.

For Pan Hongsens sake, she gritted her teeth and gave up her smooth-sailing career.

She changed careers without hesitation and started to look for opportunities for Pan Hongsen.

After that, Pan Hongsen became famous, and she became the woman behind him.

Initially, she thought that this was the turning point in their fates.

However, there was a scandal between Pan Hongsen and Yali.

Xu Zhiqin told him that it was inevitable for such news to spread in this industry.

But later on, things got more and more out of control…

Pan Hongsen left with Yalis manager.

The two celebrities worked together and announced their relationship, winning many blessings.

As for her, the manager who had single-handedly made Pan Hongsen famous, she became thewoman who would do anything to harass Pan Hongsen that Yali mentioned.

Yali even said in public, “Actually, Hongsen has always been very hardworking, but in the workplace, its inevitable for him to encounter some forms of harassment, especially from the people closest to him who arrange jobs for him.

Its caused him a lot of trouble.

Later, he had no choice but to jump ship.

This way, he wont hurt the other partys face and feelings, but hell also be protecting himself to the greatest extent.”

The person Yali was referring to was Xu Zhiqin.

Just like that, Pan Hongsen attributed the termination of his contract to Xu Zhiqin.

He also dealt with the claims saying he was ungrateful to his former company by blaming everything on Xu Zhiqins sexual harassment!

Not long after Xu Zhiqin became an actress, she became a manager.

Naturally, she did not have many fans, and not many people spoke up for her.

At that time, Xu Zhiqin finally realized things.

All these years, as the person closest to him, she had been busy getting resources for him.

She had endured countless grievances and hardships.

In the end, she was not even left with a single photo of the two of them together.

As for the photos from long ago, they had all been deleted and were difficult to find.

It was only then that she remembered that he had always refused to take a photo with her or go out on a date with her.

In fact, he had already laid the foundation for his betrayal.

They were clearly once lovers, but he had made her out to be an annoying pest.

From then on, Pan Hongsen and Yali received a lot of sympathy.

Their fans sent abuse hurling her way while the couple shared a sweet relationship.

From then on, the couple gained a lot of fans.

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