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Su Bei didnt need to name a price as the paintings were to be given to her mother.

She was just teasing He Xuyan.

“How about this Why dont I give you the market price” He Xuyan took the initiative to negotiate.

“Then you might as well give me some resources.” Su Bei continued to tease him.

He Xuyans face darkened.

As a director, he had always been very demanding and was famous for being harsh.

He cherished his reputation very much.

Of course, he was unwilling to give up resources for paintings.

However, if he could not get the paintings, he would not be able to explain it to his parents when he returned.

That would also be a headache.

He Xuyans face darkened.

“Cant you just name a price I dont want to involve anything else.

President Su, the price is negotiable.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Sure, but my manager wont agree.

After all, everyone else will want to buy my paintings if they heard that Ive sold some to you.

What should we do when all the paintings in my art exhibition are sold But if you offer up resources in exchange for them, others wont make requests when they cant afford the price.

Director He, dont you think so”

​ Although these words made sense, they were too shameless.

He Xuyan had thought that she was easy to talk to just now, but now he felt that she was too unscrupulous.

He Xuyan stood up and said, “In that case, forget it.”

“Then Im really sorry,” Su Bei said.

He Xuyan turned around and left.

Su Bei touched her forehead.

Her brother could usually negotiate things calmly, but when it came to his movies, he wouldnt have any hesitation.

Seeing that He Xuyan had really left, Su Bei quickly took out a painting from the drawer and followed him.

He Xuyan was walking out when he received a call from his mother.

“How did it go Was Su Lu willing to see you Did you manage to get a painting”

“Mom, I—”

“Were you put in a difficult position That young man is talented, so its inevitable for him to be a little arrogant.

If he puts you in a tough spot, just say more nice things.” Lin Xiruos gentle voice interrupted him.

“Its not something that can be resolved with kind words.” He Xuyan frowned.

Lin Xiruos phone was snatched away by He Jiang.

He said to him, “Cant you handle such a small matter that your mother instructed you to do Why dont you just come back and inherit the family business, then! Youre just a director now.

Whats the big deal about being a director!”

He Xuyan was most afraid of going back to inherit the family business.

When he heard this, he was about to explode.

“Su Lu promised me that hed consider it.

Ill bring a painting back to Mom soon!”

“Thats more like it!” He Jiang said with satisfaction.

“Remember, your mother prefers landscape paintings.

She wants landscape paintings, not character paintings.”

He Xuyan: “…”

He hung up the phone and leaned against his car door.

His expression showed that he was troubled, and his dark eyes were filled with coldness.

A person like Su Lu was probably not interested in money.

The only resource Su Lu wanted was not something he wanted to give…

As he was thinking, He Xuyan saw the calm-looking young man running out of the elevator.

He rushed over and said, “Forget it, forget it.

Ill give you this painting.

I dont want the resources anymore.

I was just teasing you.”

Who knew that her brother would run away so quickly

Her mother was the one who wanted her painting.

Would she be so stingy that she would refuse to give it to her

He Xuyan was stunned.

Su Bei was about to tell him her true identity when Xu Zhiqin got out of the car.

When she saw them, she greeted, “President Su, Director He.”

“Thank you.” In an instant, He Xuyan had already taken the painting.

He got into the car and drove away.

Su Bei was not in a hurry.

Anyway, there were still many opportunities.

She could just tell him next time.

Xu Zhiqin was a little embarrassed.

She felt that she had disturbed Su Bei.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Its nothing.

Lets go upstairs together.

I havent thanked you for your reminder last time.”

“I didnt expect the incident with Vice President Hu to be so big.

Fortunately, you and the company were fine in the end,” Xu Zhiqin said with lingering fear.

“Its okay.

Everyone will just have to pay more attention in the future,” Su Bei said.

Xu Zhiqin followed behind her and admired Su Bei from the bottom of her heart.

She did not know how Su Bei resolved Vice President Hus matter, but it was resolved very quickly and neatly.

Xu Zhiqin was even a little envious of her.

After finishing her work at the company, Su Bei had some free time.

She made an appointment with Lu Heting to go to the Huo family to see how Lu Weijian was doing.

The two of them did not want to cause a big fanfare, so they arrived at Huo Corporation in disguises.

When they arrived downstairs, the receptionist stopped them.

“May I ask who youre looking for Do you have an appointment”

Lu Heting came to see Lu Weijian on a whim, so he didnt make an appointment.

Seeing that he didnt answer, the receptionist immediately said, “Im sorry.

You cant go in without an appointment.”

Lu Heting took off his mask, and Su Bei winked at her.

When the receptionist saw Lu Heting and Su Bei, she was dumbfounded.

“Y-You guys…”

Lu Heting said calmly, “I want to go to Lu Weijians office to take a look.

Dont let him know.”

“Oh, okay, okay.” No matter how inexperienced the receptionist was, she knew the relationship between Lu Heting and Lu Weijian.

She also knew where Lu Heting wanted to go.

She had no right to stop him.

Lu Heting held Su Beis hand and walked forward.

Seeing that the receptionist was still looking at them blankly, Su Bei smiled at her.

The womans face instantly turned red.

After Su Bei left, the receptionist patted her head in frustration and said, “Ahhhh, I forgot to ask Su Bei for her autograph! Boo-hoo!”

Without alerting anyone, the two of them went straight to Lu Weijians office.

At the door of the office, Lu Weijians assistant, Hong Jie, had just come out with a large pile of documents.

When he saw Lu Heting and Su Bei, he said in surprise, “Mr.

Lu, Young Madam! Ill inform Mr.

Weijian about your arrival now!”

“No need.” Lu Heting stopped him.

“Hows Weijian”

“Everything is going well with Mr.

Weijians work,” Hong Jie quickly said.

“Then go ahead with your work.

Su Bei and I will go see him ourselves.”

Hong Jie quickly opened the door for them before turning to leave.

In the bright office, Lu Weijian was lying on his desk, reading some documents.

At times, he would frown.

At other times, he would fall into deep thought.

Lu Heting knocked on the door.

Lu Weijian looked up and saw Lu Heting and Su Bei.

His eyes lit up.

He threw away the documents and ran over.

“Brother, Sister Bei Bei, youre here!” Lu Weijians eyes lit up.

“Why are you two so free to come and see me Come in, come in! Ill get someone to bring you drinks! Hong Jie, make two cups of my best tea!”

Su Bei glanced at his office.

It was imposing and bright.

It looked good.

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