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Chapter 147: Chapter147 A Little Bit of Love

Su Bei understood Lu Hetings sentiments.

No wonder he said just now that he didnt like the Liao family, and he didnt want Gun Gun to get in touch with them.

Indeed, what Liao Qing did was disappointing.

Lu Heting continued in a low voice, “But as Gun Gun grows up, the members of the Liao family dont want to give him up.

Besides, he is the only connection between the Liao family and the Lu family.

Liao Xintong often comes to see Gun Gun.

And since Gun Gun really wants to get some information about his mother from her, I cant deprive him of this right, so I agreed.

But my condition is that they can only see each other once a month at most.

This is the second time that she has come to see him this month.”

So Lu Heting was very angry that Liao Xintong and Gun Gun met without his permission.

And it also made him feel sorry for Su Bei.

She loved and treated Gun Gun like her own son.

But they took him away without permission.

They didnt show respect to her at all.

It was only then that Su Bei realized how Gun Gun came to the Lu family.

Gun Gun and Lu Heting were both victims here.

The two of them were not given any chance to choose.

They were arranged for each others life.

But since Liao Qing had already passed away, there was no use dredging up the past.

“Im sorry, Su Bei.

This is all my fault.

Due to my oversight, Liao Qing had gotten the opportunity to give birth to Gun Gun.” This matter had always made Lu Hetings heart in knots.

He felt that it was too unfair for Su Bei to let her raise Gun Gun.

In the past five years, he didnt look for her.

Although it was because she had sent him the divorce agreement, there was one more reason.

Gun Guns sudden appearance also disrupted his plans.

“Dont think too much, Heting.

I dont think theres anything wrong with it.

I like Gun Gun so much.” Su Bei then poured a glass of milk for him.

“Here, drink some milk, so you can sleep well.

I know you will be fine after a good sleep.”

“Su Bei…” Lu Heting took the glass but didnt catch her hand.

“Im sorry.

As your husband, I shouldnt have had contact with the Liao family.

But I still went to their villa tonight.”

“Its okay.

You only went there to pick up Gun Gun.

For me, its fine if they want to see Gun Gun.

Its not a big deal as long as they really love him.” Su Bei smiled sweetly.

There was no trace of jealousy in her eyes but only love.

On the contrary, Lu Heting hoped to see her displeased.

He wanted her to lose her temper and tell him that she was not happy with what he did.

But none of these emotions appeared on her face at all.

It seemed that she really didnt care much about it.

Lu Hetings heart sank slightly, and his eyes darkened.

Su Bei smiled unperturbedly.

“Go to bed early after drinking the milk.

You have to go to work tomorrow, so dont think too much.”

“What if I tell you that Liao Xintong likes me” Lu Heting and Liao Xintong had never crossed paths before.

And every time he picked Gun Gun up, he tried his best to avoid her.

But he knew that Liao Xintong liked him.

As a matter of fact, she had asked Gun Gun to bring him gifts several times.

It was just that he refused to accept all of them.

Lu Heting didnt take this matter to heart.

But seeing the unconcerned look on Su Beis face, he couldnt help asking her the question.

He wanted to know if she cared for him or not.

Even a little bit of love from her could make a difference.

Upon hearing Lu Hetings words, the bright smile on Su Beis face faded a little.

She felt empty and depressed when she heard that someone else liked him.

How could this be possible She didnt have feelings for him, right


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