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Lu Heting was unmoved.

Lu Hang continued to persuade him, “When the time comes, Old Master and Old Madam will know that Young Madam is helping Mr.

Weijian manage the company.

At that time, Mr.

Weijians legs will be broken.”

“So be it.

Cant you accept it” Lu Hetings face darkened.

“But you have to think about Young Madam.

She has enough scandals.

If she gets into another one now, what will the outside world think of her Besides, arent things good with her disguising as Su Lu now An ordinary guy wont be criticized and he can do what he likes in peace.

As Su Lu, Young Madam could even hold an art exhibition.

How good is that Its rare for her to live so freely.

Also, Ive already arranged for someone to go to the police station.

No one will touch a single strand of Young Madams hair!” Lu Hang promised as he spoke.

When the elevator reached the first floor, Lu Heting paused before pressing the button for the top floor again.


Lu, are you not going anymore” Lu Hang quickly asked.

“Isnt there a document that I have to sign”

Lu Hang heaved a sigh of relief.

He knew that bringing up the possibility of Lu Weijians legs being broken wouldnt be convincing enough.

He still had to bring up Young Madams name to ensure that Mr.

Lu kept his reason.

“Okay, Mr.


Ill prepare the documents immediately!”

“Lu Hang, be sure to update me about Su Beis situation!”

Lu Hang quickly walked out and took a call.

Then, he smiled and said, “Mr.

Lu, Young Madam has already returned to the company.

Other than Hu Bing, no one else in the company is affected.”

Lu Heting pursed his thin lips tightly before letting the matter go and saying, “Give me the documents.”

When Su Bei walked out of the police station, Yue Ze came to pick her up.

Yue Ze knew her true identity, so he was not too worried that the company would be affected.

He was just afraid that it would be difficult for her to deal with things if she came to such a place.

“Are you okay, Su Bei” Yue Ze opened the car door for her and asked her to get in.

“Its fine now.

Lets go give everyone an explanation,” Su Bei said.

“Since Hu Bing refuses to turn back, this outcome is what he deserves.”

Yue Ze said, “I really didnt expect him to use such methods to compete in the workplace.

You did the right thing.

Otherwise, I wonder what hell do in the future.”

“Hows everyone doing in the company”

“Ive comforted them and warned them,” Yue Ze said.

A few days later, the results of the urine test that all the employees took were out.

Everyones results were normal.

It could be concluded that no one else in the entire company was involved in this matter.

Seeing this result, Su Bei was completely relieved.

She had been worried that Vice President Hu would drag others down with him.

Now, it seemed that he was not that crazy.

“Brother Yue Ze, pay more attention to this matter in the company in the future.

No one must be ruined by such a thing.”

Yue Ze agreed.

“Ill definitely pay more attention to it.

By the way, Su Bei, Director He wants to see you.

Do you want to see him”

“He wants to see me” Su Bei found it strange.

If he wanted to see her, he didnt need to make a trip to the company personally.

On second thought, He Xuyan did not know her identity now.

She asked, “What did Director He say”

“He said he wants to ask for a painting of yours.

I thought that it would be good if we could build a good relationship with a big director like him, so I agreed for the time being.

If you dont want to see him, I can see him on your behalf.”

Su Bei recalled that Yue Ze still did not know that He Xuyan was her brother.

He Xuyan did not know that Su Lu was her, so there were many blind spots in this situation.

She smiled.

“Lets meet him.

Even if Director He isnt a big director, hes a good person.

I have no reason not to meet him.”

“Okay, Ill make the arrangements.”

He Xuyan actually did not want to see Su Lu.

However, since his mother had spoken, his father would go against him if he did not fulfill his mothers request.

He was placed in a very tough spot.

Lin Xiruo liked Su Lu very much and planned to buy a painting of his to collect.

However, Qian Gouhua refused to sell a single piece.

Lin Xiruo had no choice but to have He Xuyan step in.

Of course, she could handle this situation herself.

However, as a big shot in the painting world, her influence was very great.

Moreover, it would not be appropriate for her to request a young painter for one of his paintings.

He Jiang also refused to let his wife experience these types of grievances.

The heavy responsibility naturally fell on He Xuyan.

He Xuyan was really troubled.

When he arrived at Su Lus office, the ordinary-looking young man opposite him gave him a familiar feeling.

He had a good impression of this young man.

“President Su, I took the liberty to come here today to ask you for a painting.”

“You can contact my agent, Qian Gouhua, if you wish to ask for a painting.

Hes in charge of my work.” Su Bei couldnt help but be surprised.

Did her brother like her painting too

Was it because her artistic standards were passable, or was it because they were related by blood, which was why he saw everything related to her through rose-tinted lenses

He Xuyan smiled and said, “To be honest, Ive already contacted Mr.

Qian, but Mr.

Qian said that your paintings are not for sale for the time being.”

Su Bei smiled.

Qian Gouhua knew that rare goods could be bought.

Ever since the last art exhibition, there had been many people who wanted to buy her paintings, but he did not sell any of them.

He even said that they would be more valuable when she became more popular, so there was no hurry.

Su Bei asked, “Do you like my paintings”

“Ahem.” He Xuyan coughed.


As he was not good at lying, He Xuyan stuttered when he responded.

He couldnt say that Lin Xiruo was the one who wanted her painting, right

Su Bei could tell that it was her mother who wanted her painting.

She just took a long detour and got things done this way.

However, her brother truly had no rights or status at home.

He clearly didnt like her paintings, but he still came here and pretended.

“Then Ill prepare whatever you like.” Su Bei smiled at him.

“Anything is fine,” He Xuyan replied immediately.

President Su was quite straightforward.

He was in a good mood.

“Then do you plan to keep it or hang it at home Or do you have any style you like” Su Bei asked again.

He Xuyan coughed lightly.

“Anything is fine.

As long as its your masterpiece, anything is fine.”

Su Bei frowned and said, “That wont do.

Your conditions are too vague.

I wont be able to choose a suitable one for you.”

“Its okay.

I dont mind.”

After teasing her brother enough, Su Bei reluctantly said, “Alright, Ill choose two paintings for you in a few days.

You can come and get them then.”

“What about the price” He Xuyan naturally wouldnt take them for free.

As long as it was reasonable, it was fine.

Su Bei seemed to be in a dilemma.

“Actually, I dont know how to name the price.”

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