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“By the way, dont spread this news outside.

It was done by Hu Bing alone and has nothing to do with any of us.

If the rumors spread like wildfire, outsiders will slander all of us as well!” Gao Fan said again.

After hearing these words, everyone knew the companys stance on this.

They also knew that this matter would not affect them.

As for spreading the news Everyone was naturally not that stupid.

After the meeting, Gao Ban leaned over to Yue Ze and said, “Brother Yue Ze, are you sure President Su can handle this”

To be honest, he was really unsure.

“What hasnt President Su handled before” Yue Ze asked.

“Thats true.”

With that, Gao Ban calmed down.

Xu Zhiqin walked over quickly and asked, “Brother Yue Ze, did you really know about it from the beginning”

“I did hear some rumors.

This time, someone reported Vice President Hu, and it was a good opportunity to get rid of a problematic figure in the company.

Zhiqin, contact the media.

This matter cant be leaked.

Although it was Vice President Hu who did it, it wont be good for the company if word gets out.”

“Understood.” Xu Zhiqin immediately nodded and went to contact the media.

At the police station…

Vice President Hu felt as if he had fallen into the deepest depths of hell.

He never expected such a situation.

He was someone that Mr.

Weijian had personally poached to the company.

He was experienced and more than qualified to be the vice president of Nirvana Entertainment.

After Su Bei stole the limelight, he schemed to eliminate her.

In terms of work, Su Bei very quickly gained a foothold and carried a strong reputation.

He did not know where to start.

That was why he got some drugs from his friends and planted them last night.

In order not to leave any evidence behind, he chose to do it himself.

In order not to be caught by the surveillance cameras, he even turned off the power switch in the company.

He sneaked into Su Beis office in the dark and placed the drugs in a hidden corner.

Then, he anonymously reported Su Bei for hiding drugs in the office.

This morning, he specially went to Su Beis office to report on his work.

When he looked at the spot where he hid the drugs, he saw that there were no signs of the drugs ever being moved.

However, the police dogs did not find anything at all.

Instead, they found the drugs in his office!

The number of drugs was exactly as he had received.

Such an outcome made him wonder if he had entered the wrong office last night!

Now that the evidence was conclusive, he really could not defend himself.

Su Bei had already cooperated with the police and recorded her statement.

She also did a urine test and an examination.

Seeing that her attitude was quite good and she spoke gently, coupled with the fact that she had nothing to do with the matter, the police treated her quite well.

Before Su Bei left, she came to see Vice President Hu.

When Vice President Hu saw her come over, he wished he could drag her over and question her.

However, the officers on both sides hurriedly pressed him back!

“Vice President Hu, I really cant believe that you would do such a thing!” Su Beis face was filled with heartache.

“There are rules in the company that needs to be maintained.

Ive always been worried that some young artistes would go astray and the consequences would be difficult to deal with! But I never expected that the one who made a mistake was not those youngsters but an experienced person like you, Vice President Hu! It really makes me feel regretful and shocked!”

Her words were sincere as if she really felt sorry for him.

The policeman beside her could not help but be influenced by her.

He said, “Hu Bing, why arent you telling the truth! Look at the people in your company.

Even youngsters have such an awareness.

What about you You made a mistake, yet you still want to quibble!”

“I really didnt do it…” Vice President Hu subconsciously opened his mouth, but he immediately choked.

How could he continue to defend himself

It was impossible for him to say that he bought those drugs to frame Su Bei but his plan ultimately failed.

Just the fact that he bought drugs alone was enough for him to be charged with a heavy crime.

Coupled with the fact that he had even tried to frame someone, the consequences he had to face would only grow more severe.

Besides, he didnt even have evidence.

Su Bei sighed and said, “Vice President Hu, youd better be honest.

I cant protect you from such a matter.

Dont blame the company for not giving you a chance.

Youve violated the law of the country, so you can only be handed over to the country to deal with.

I can only remove your position in the company according to the rules.

Im really sorry.

I hope youll take care of yourself, Vice President Hu!”

“Su Lu, how dare you fire me!” Vice President Hu shouted angrily.

“I have no choice, Vice President Hu.

Dont you see that Im being put in a tough spot” Su Bei said.

“Cooperate with the investigation.

If you can prove your innocence, the company will take back the decision.


Vice President Hu was instantly discouraged.

He was the one who bought those drugs.

Now that the drugs were found in his office, how was he going to prove his innocence

But how did all of this develop into this

“Su Lu! Youre too sinister!” Vice President Hus facial features were distorted as he shouted at her.

Su Bei couldnt be bothered to listen to him.

She got up and walked out.

He was calling her sinister She had only chosen to protect herself!

She and Vice President Hu did not get along, and Vice President Hu was not convinced by her ability.

She originally thought that he would resign and leave after a while.

If he caused trouble, she would use it as a reason to dismiss him.

It wouldve been best if they could part on good terms.

A person like Vice President Hu had all the right qualifications and experience.

Hed be able to find a good job in any company.

Unexpectedly, he was too sinister.

During this period of time, he had been obediently waiting for an opportunity to destroy Su Bei and completely eliminate his competitor.

As for Su Bei, she had just given him a taste of his own medicine.

At this moment, Lu Heting was also paying attention to this matter in his office.

Usually, he did not interfere in the small matters in Su Beis work.

He just let her be.

However, Hu Bings actions were too serious this time.

From the moment he found out, he had not kept his mind off the matter.

Especially today when Su Bei went to the police station.

He immediately got up and went to the police station as soon as he found out.


Lu, where are you going” Lu Hang followed behind him and asked.

Lu Heting didnt say anything.

He pursed his thin lips and pressed the elevator button.

He had already told the other party that they couldnt bring Su Bei to the police station.

Now that he knew that she had gone over herself, his aura was cold and oppressive.

Lu Hang hurriedly followed and rushed into the elevator.

He said, “Mr.

Lu, if you go over with such fanfare, wont others know that President Su Lu and Young Madam Su Bei are the same person”

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