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Moreover, they were conducting such a big search.

If they really found something, not to mention the artistes who were hiding drugs but even the entire company would be finished!

Gao Ban quickly looked at Su Bei and saw that the calm-looking young man was sitting calmly in his seat as if he was not worried at all.

Gao Ban could not help but feel even angrier!

‘President Su, youre too young to know the importance of this matter!

If they were charged with this crime, they wouldnt be able to escape.

How could he still sit back and do nothing

What about the employees What about the company What about President Su himself

Su Bei stood up and said with a smile, “Since youre going to investigate, lets do it properly.

Such actions are against the law of the country and harm our own interests.

Naturally, we have to find the black sheep to give everyone an explanation!”

Vice President Hu hurriedly said, “Yes, yes.

President Su is right.

We have to investigate! We have to investigate it properly!”

The police started searching with the help of the dogs.

Outside the door, the other staff members were also very worried.

Especially Xu Zhiqin.

She had vaguely sensed that Vice President Hu was probably going to deal with President Su, so she specially reminded him.

But President Su didnt seem to care at all.

As a manager, she knew that the people in Nirvana Entertainment were quite obedient.

No one would hide drugs.

If the police really found something in the company, it would probably have something to do with Vice President Hu.

However, at this moment, she couldnt enter President Sus office and give him a reminder.

Besides, everyone was asked not to use their phones.

She couldnt even send a message to President Su.

“Brother Yue Ze, will President Su be okay” Xu Zhiqin asked worriedly.

“Nothing will happen.

I trust him.

He wouldnt have done such a thing.”

Seeing that he was calm and not worried at all, Xu Zhiqin said, “He definitely wouldnt have, but its hard to guarantee that others wouldnt.”

“Dont worry, just wait and see,” Yue Ze said.

Xu Zhiqin knew that it was useless to worry.

In private, she admired President Su a lot, especially his talent in painting.

She liked his work very much and didnt want anything to happen to him.

But this situation was complicated.

Soon, the police gathered.

“The entire company has been searched, but we didnt find anything.

All the employees have also been arranged to undergo a urine test.

We only have to search Su Lu and Hu Bings offices now.”

Vice President Hu still had a calm expression.

Soon, Su Beis office was searched.

“Nothing here.”

When Gao Ban heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Since the entire company and President Sus office were fine, there was no problem.

He immediately went to see Vice President Hu.

Vice President Hu looked surprised.

It was obvious that he was shocked by something.

“Vice President Hu, what are you thinking about” Gao Ban asked hurriedly.

“No whispering!” The police pointed at them.

Gao Ban quickly shut up.

Vice President Hus face darkened even more.

Throughout the whole process, Su Bei would occasionally glance at Vice President Hus expression.

Now that she saw his expression, she knew what to do.

She sneered in her heart.

Did he really think she was a rookie

After experiencing so many things, Vice President Hus tricks were nothing in her eyes.

Soon, the drug dogs entered Vice President Hus office.

Then, a noisy voice came from the other side.

“We found something!”

“We found something!”

Vice President Hu was shocked!

The flesh on his face trembled a few times, and he looked extremely ugly.

Then, the situation developed in a direction that Vice President Hu could not have imagined.

“Hu Bing, youre found to be guilty of drug possession.

You have to come with us! Su Lu, as the person in charge of the company, you have to come with us too!”

Vice President Hu was shocked.

“I didnt do it.

I dont know anything about drug possession!”

“We found the drugs in your office.

Are you still denying it”

“Im being framed! Im being framed!” Vice President Hu shouted.

Su Bei stepped forward and talked to the police for a while, asking them not to escalate the matter and let the other unrelated employees return to work for the time being.

The police agreed.

After all, there were also higher-level officers at the station who told the officers to try their best not to affect the companys work.

Vice President Hu was taken away, and Su Bei followed him.

Gao Ban was stunned.

He had been so worried about his artistes, but it turned out to be Vice President Hu, whom he never considered to be the culprit at all.

When the group of people walked away, he still could not get back to his senses.

Xu Zhiqin was also stunned.

She was worried about President Su being too young and him getting framed by Vice President Hu.

Who knew that the person in trouble now was Vice President Hu

Yue Ze quickly gathered all the employees and held a meeting.

“Everyone saw what happened today.

It has nothing to do with President Su or anyone else.

The drugs were found in Vice President Hus office.

He definitely cant escape responsibility this time.”

“What about us” The artistes and managers were worried.

How could the company remain after such a thing happened

“You dont have to worry.

I knew earlier on that someone had reported Vice President Hu.

Hes been in possession of drugs for a long time.

President Su will definitely give everyone an explanation and settle Vice President Hus matter,” Yue Ze said.

Hearing Yue Ze say that he already knew about this, everyone was finally relieved.

Moreover, things did not seem to be that complicated.

If the company was really implicated, it would be impossible for everyone to sit here peacefully.

Yue Ze continued, “President Su has also asked me to speak for everyone.

Let me make things clear first.

No matter who it is, you cant touch these forbidden items.

If you lay a finger on these things, your lives will be ruined! No matter what method you use or what your motive is, you cant have anything to do with drugs! If youre discovered, your contracts will be terminated, youll be banned, and the police will punish you severely!”

His words were very serious, which showed how determined President Su was.

Everyone hurriedly nodded with lingering fear.

No one dared to touch such substances.

They all knew that if they touched it, their careers would be ruined!

Gao Ban did not care that Yue Ze had gone past him and was taking on an authoritative role to talk to everyone now.

He nodded repeatedly and said, “Brother Yue Ze is right.

Whoever gets involved in drugs will be kicked out of the company! Remember this! Dont blame me for being ruthless when the time comes!”

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