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Su Bei used Su Lus Weibo account to quickly refute the rumors.

[Mu Kai has never caused trouble when drunk, let alone taken the initiative to hurt anyone.

That night, someone deliberately provoked him.

In order to protect himself and his friends, it was unfortunate he ended up injuring a group of people.

If you dont believe me, you can look at the police records and the surveillance footage at that time.

In addition, these injured people have also admitted that they were instructed by someone to hurt Mu Kai so that he couldnt go on stage.

As for who did it, the police are investigating it now.

I believe the law will definitely give everyone justice.]

Yue Ze and Nirvana Entertainment immediately reposted that Weibo post.

Mu Kai used to be an unknown figure in Sheng Tang Entertainment.

After such an incident happen, who would listen to him

Therefore, it was normal for him to be anxious.

Besides, his foundation was unstable now, and his fans were easily swayed.

Naturally, he would attract criticism.

However, everything was different now.

Su Beis statement to refute the rumors was firm and resolute.

She quickly gathered Mu Kais true fans.

Besides, there were also police records and surveillance videos.

These were the best evidence.

These were things that Jia Chen did not know about at all.

[We support you, Mu Kai! Using your fists against bad people to protect yourself isnt called resorting to violence.

Its called self-defense!]

[Yes, my Kai Kai is the best!]

[This boxing technique is really cool.

I only knew that Kai Kai had a strong physique, but now I know that he has really good techniques too!]

[Hes so handsome that my ovaries are exploding!]

According to the clues posted on Su Beis Weibo, many fans seemed to understand something.

[I guess the person who got those people to provoke must be Mu Kais competitor! They cant openly go against Mu Kai, so they resorted to such despicable methods.

Its really disgusting!]

[I hope the police will arrest this piece of trash as soon as possible!]

[Who could have done such a thing]

[Could it be Jia Chen Mu Kais only competitor is Jia Chen!]

[I thought so!]

It had to be said that the netizens judgment was very accurate.

They immediately determined the correct answer.

However, it was impossible for the police to judge a case like the netizens.

There had to be evidence.

At this moment, Jia Chen was already in a constant state of panic.

He never expected that Nirvana Entertainment would have already resolved this matter without him knowing.

Now, the video and the statement given by the police could prove Mu Kais innocence.

Not only was Mu Kai unaffected, but he also solidified his image.

On the contrary, many people began to suspect him.

Huang Liming called him to his office.

“Jia Chen, Sister Wen Wen wont be walking with you on the next fashion show.

Youll walk alone.”

“Why” Jia Chen was stunned.

Without Sister Wen Wen, the attention on him would definitely be greatly reduced!

Huang Liming held his cigarette and blew out a smoke ring.

He said, “Why do you think so Your reputation hasnt even risen, but youre already embroiled in scandals.

Sister Wen Wen doesnt want to have anything to do with you! Reflect on this carefully! When youre qualified, youll have the chance to work with Sister Wen Wen again!”

Jia Chen walked out dejectedly.

Ever since Yue Ze left, no, ever since the incident with Nirvana Entertainment, his path seemed to have gone downhill.

There was no end to the downhill path.

He recalled that back then, Yue Ze had risked his life to prevent him and Li Xinxin from getting involved in the bad habits of certain managers.

He did not allow them to drink with those people.

Yue Ze was never once willing to compromise.

When Yue Ze left, Jia Chen patted his chest and promised that he would go with Yue Ze to reassure him.

However, in the blink of an eye, he was convinced by Huang Liming to stay at Sheng Tang for better resources and a brighter future.

But now, everything was gone.

On the other hand, Mu Kai, who was suppressed by him and went unappreciated, got such good opportunities.

Was he really wrong

Maybe he really was wrong!

After Mu Kais image was fixed, his work and resources stabilized.

However, Su Bei still had some unfinished business.

That was Vice President Hus matter.

The words that Xu Zhiqin told Su Bei the last time were still ringing in her ears.

Su Bei was on guard.

When Su Bei came to work that day, the cleaners were still busy cleaning the place up.

“Im sorry, Mr.


There was a power outage last night and there was ice in the fridge.

Itll take some time to clean up the office today,” the cleaners apologized.

“Got it.” Su Bei sat down and looked out the window with a calm expression.

Gao Ban and Vice President Hu came in early to report on their work.

“President Su, I went to the film academy with the managers yesterday and spotted several good talents.

Ive noted all their names down.

If we nurture them well, theyll definitely rise in the future.” Gao Ban handed over the information excitedly.

Vice President Hu was uncharacteristically quiet and looked calm.

Su Bei looked at the information for a while and said, “This is not bad.

If you can sign them, do it and nurture them well.”

Gao Ban was very convinced by Su Bei now.

Seeing that Su Bei had approved his list of talents, he said happily, “Okay, Ill do as you say.”

Su Bei was in the midst of giving him instructions when there was a loud knock on the door.

Vice President Hus expression changed.

He ran to open the door and saw a few police officers standing outside with police dogs.

Gao Bans expression changed.

“Police officers, why are you here”

“Dont try to pull strings.

We received a report that someone here is storing drugs, so we came to search.”

The other party said in a very dignified manner.

Gao Ban was so scared that his legs went weak.

“W-W-What… Do you have the necessary paperwork ready”

“Are you questioning our ability”

Gao Ban was so frightened that he wanted to leave, but he was stopped.

“Sit down and stay in your seats.

No one is allowed to leave the building.”

Gao Ban complained in his heart.

Could this be the work of an artiste who was courting death and brought something they shouldnt have brought to the company

He had already repeatedly ordered that all artistes were not allowed to indulge in these.

They were not allowed to touch or bring any drugs into the company.

Otherwise, they would be banned!

Someone was courting death by bringing drugs here!

Gao Ban was so anxious that he scratched his ears and cheeks.

He wished he could call all the managers over and deal with all the artistes one by one!

But at this point, there was nothing he could do.

The police were standing right in front of him.

It was too late to say anything.

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