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The reporters quickly asked, “Someone said that you came back this time to compare yourself to Sister Wen Wen.

Is that right”

“I dont want to compare myself to anyone.

I also hope that nobody will compare themselves to anyone.

We only need to focus on bettering ourselves.

As long as we surpass ourselves, well definitely be better!”

“Seeing that you suddenly walked on the runway again, is it as the outside world says Is there an issue with your marriage” a reporter asked sharply.

Su Bei stared into his eyes.

The reporter gulped.

“I didnt say it.

Someone outside said it.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Hubby, theyre saying that there are rumors of our discord outside.”

This sentence was obviously directed at the camera, and it was directed at Lu Heting.

The reporters were all amused by this response.

From the looks of it, there were no issues with their marriage.

The couple had a good relationship.

At this moment, Lu Heting was dealing with some matters in the company.

Knowing that Su Bei had an event tonight, he habitually clicked on some videos about her.

He happened to hear this sentence and frowned slightly.

Then, he saw the bright and relieved smile on the womans face and smiled too.

His gaze seemed to meet the womans in the video.

The reporters had already gotten what they wanted, and Yue Ze saw them out.

Peace was restored backstage.

Li Xinxin clenched her fists.

Were these reporters leaving just like that

No one came to interview her and Jia Chen!

Was no one going to interview Sister Wen Wen either

Yue Ze glanced at her and wanted to tell her that real popularity was not something that could be hyped up by herself or self-proclaimed.

Sister Wen Wen was indeed good, but she was still far from being comparable to Su Bei.

Once Su Bei appeared, who could compete with her

Sister Wen Wen came out from backstage angrily.

“Sister Wen Wen, Sister Wen Wen!” Li Xinxin followed Sister Wen Wen.

Jia Chen glared at Yue Ze with an ugly expression, then followed the two women out.

Only then did Mu Kai retract his gaze and look at Su Bei.

He said, “Senior Su, its really you.

Can you give me an autograph”

“Dont call me that.

Youre making me sound old,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Give me the pen.”

She quickly signed an autograph for Mu Kai.

“Su Bei, I really didnt expect you to be my partner today!” Mu Kai came back to his senses.

When he saw the signature, he finally believed that it was really Su Bei.

“Also, thank you for thinking so highly of me.”

“Its because youre worthy of being looked after,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Do a good job with Brother Yue Ze.”

“I will!” Mu Kai had already made up his mind.

He would follow Yue Ze and press forward.

This time, Yue Ze helped him get Su Bei to be his partner.

He would be even more loyal to Yue Ze.

Yue Ze said, “Alright, its getting late.

Ill send Su Bei back.

You should return early too.

At the same time, your success this time is also thanks to President Su.”

President Su Mu Kai immediately understood that President Su must have helped him a lot this time.

On the internet…

Sister Wenwen had originally bought herself a spot on the list of trending topics so that she could compare herself to Su Bei.

However, with Su Beis appearance tonight, such a comparison was meaningless.

In terms of professionalism, Su Bei completely crushed her.

As for guiding the younger generation… Su Beis partner, Mu Kai, seemed to have completely crushed Jia Chen and Li Xinxin, who were under Sister Wen Wens care.

Although he only walked for a short while and could not compare to Jia Chen and Li Xinxins performance time, Mu Kais performance was much more stable.

Moreover, his excellence had been verified.

He even walked with Su Bei, and this attracted a lot of attention.

On the internet, his reputation far exceeded the other two.

That night, the hot searches were all focused on Su Bei.

Su Bei became the top trending topic.

At this moment, Lu Groups official Weibo account published a post.

There were only two photos.

In one of the photos, there was a photo of a pair of swans with their necks forming a love shape.

The second was a pair of an elderly couple.

When a dignified companys official Weibo account posted such content, everyone immediately thought of the reporters question about Su Beis marriage today.

Su Bei did not respond directly when she was asked the question.

However, Lu Groups response was timely and serious.

Su Beis fans immediately reposted it.

[What are you thinking about Cant you see that nothing has happened between the couple]

[Is there a problem with Su Bei going on stage]

[The ship will live forever!]

Jia Chens face turned green with anger.

The glory that should have belonged to him was all snatched away by Mu Kai and Su Bei.

Li Xinxin did not know what to say.

The two of them had spent a lot of effort and obtained top-notch resources, but this was the outcome.

Huang Liming was already showing an impatient attitude toward them.

With a few big resources, one should be able to make a name for oneself even if there was not too big of an impact.

However, Jia Chen and Li Xinxin failed completely.

“No, if this continues, well be in danger,” Jia Chen said.

“Since we couldnt do any damage to Mu Kai even after sending people to beat him up last time, lets have the public be the judge of this!”

Li Xinxin said worriedly, “Are you crazy Youre the one behind that incident.

If you do this, wont you be exposing yourself”

“Who can prove that I did it” Jia Chen asked.

Just as Mu Kai was in the limelight, a piece of news about him getting drunk and hurting a group of people suddenly appeared on the internet.

In the accompanying photos, he was seen punching and kicking fiercely.

He knocked a few ordinary people to the ground.

Such news naturally ignited the entertainment world.

[He looks so gentlemanly on the outside, but theres such a violent side to him.

Its so scary! I used to be a fan of his!]

[How terrifying! Will such a person engage in domestic violence in the future]

[So everything was just a persona.

His gentlemanly and elite image was fake!]

[Why isnt he in jail]

These comments were a devastating blow to Mu Kai, who had just stabilized his career.

Senus also called to ask about the situation.

Su Bei handled things with Senus and sent the surveillance footage she had already obtained to him, telling him that the problem would be resolved soon.

Mu Kai sat in Yue Zes office, feeling hurt.

The matter that he thought had been successfully resolved was now being hyped up like this.

The outside world was scolding him, making him feel terrible.

Su Bei walked in and said, “You cant stand it”

“No, President Su, I…”

“There are still many things that you have to face in this industry.

You dared to fight back before, but cant you do it now” Su Bei said.

Mu Kais eyes lit up, then they dimmed.

“No one has found the mastermind.

Will anyone believe what I say”

“Why wont they” Su Bei asked.

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