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When the people backstage at the international fashion show heard that there would be a mysterious guest tonight, everyone was looking forward to it and tried guessing the guests identity.

“Could it be Austine from the United States”

“Isnt Austine pregnant Im guessing its Sister A.

Sister A likes S Countrys culture very much.

She previously expressed that she wanted to come.”

“You dont know that Sister A went to Australia, right Theres a conflict in her schedule.

It definitely isnt her!”

“Who could it be”

No one would have thought that at this moment, Su Bei was preparing backstage.

No one guessed her.

It was not that they felt that she could not compare to Austine or Sister A.

It was purely because she was already a movie queen and had never walked on a runway for a long time.

Naturally, no one would expect her to go on stage again.

“Anyway, this mystery guest is even more famous than Sister Wen Wen.

Shes a legendary existence.

Shes definitely not someone to be underestimated.

Im really looking forward to it!”

“Im looking forward to it! Actually, I can learn a lot from watching big shots walk on the runway!”

“Those big shots are really admirable.”

At this moment, Jia Chen and Li Xinxin went on stage.

It immediately caused a small commotion, causing the fans below the stage to be extremely excited.

Some fans were extremely happy to see such a scene.

It was foreseeable that after this fashion show, both of them would occupy the trending searches and their status would be greatly elevated.

When it was Sister Wen Wens turn to walk on stage, she brought Jia Chen and Li Xinxin out again.

They walked behind Sister Wen Wen on both sides.

This scene made things even more exciting.

This time, Sister Wen Wen displayed a very good performance.

It was probably the best performance in her entire career

“Thank you, Sister Wen Wen!” As soon as she got off the stage, Li Xinxin quickly thanked her.

“Sister Wen Wen, shall we drink tonight to celebrate”

Sister Wen Wen nodded.

“Of course, we have to celebrate.

Its my treat.”

In the future, she would be a respected senior in the supermodel world.

She would spot talents and guide them.

She would be incomparable to Su Bei.

Sister Wen Wen had already paid for the articles.

She wanted to compete with Su Bei and secretly point out that no matter how successful Su Bei was, she was very selfish as she had never helped any juniors.

However, it was different for her.

Not only did she improve herself, but she also guided her juniors.

In fact, there was nothing to compare.

If Sister Wen Wen had the ability to be a match for Su Bei, why would she feel a need to compare herself to her

However, many people did not have much ability to distinguish between the marketing gimmicks of marketing accounts and real news.

As time passed, the content imposed on them by others would be deeply ingrained in their minds.

After Sister Wen Wen walked the runway, the fashion show was about to end.

The audience below the stage also began to lose interest.

“Everyone, weve invited a mysterious guest tonight! Shes a supermodel and a movie queen.

Lets welcome Su Bei!”

The audience below the stage was immediately interested.

Su Bei had stopped walking on the runway a long time ago.

Besides, other than when there were publicity events for her movies, she rarely stepped out into public.

During this time when she was filming Split, other than coming out to deal with a few scandals, she did not appear at any other times.

Many fans missed Su Bei so much.

Many of these fans were below the stage.

When they heard Su Beis name, they stood up in surprise.

As the lights turned on and the music started, Su Bei appeared.

She was still the same as before.

She was the undisputed queen of the runway.

As soon as she appeared, everyones eyes were fixed on her.

Some people were here for Sister Wen Wen, while others were here for Jia Chen and Li Xinxin.

However, at this moment, they could not help but be attracted to Su Bei.

When Su Bei walked out, everyone noticed that she was accompanied by another supermodel.

It was Mu Kai.

The people below the stage were all attracted by them and kept taking photos.

“Su Bei is indeed Su Bei.

She hasnt been on stage for a long time, but she still has it!”

“How stunning! I didnt believe it when others praised her to the heavens before.

Now that Im lucky enough to see Su Bei on stage, I finally know why she reached the top of the worlds top fashion shows.”

After Su Bei and Mu Kai were done, they went straight backstage.

At this moment, there was already a clamor outside.

The audience was shouting for Su Bei to come back.

Sister Wen Wen, Jia Chen, and Li Xinxin were all forgotten by the audience.

The reporters rushed backstage.

At this moment, Li Xinxin did not know that the mystery guest tonight was Su Bei.

When she saw everyone rushing over, she smiled and said, “Sister Wen Wen is still changing her clothes.

Everyone, you can wait for a while before coming back for the interviews.

Well definitely give everyone enough time.”

“Were here to interview Su Bei! Wheres Su Bei”

Sister Wen Wen was changing her clothes backstage.

She had planned to wait a little longer before coming out for the interviews.

Hearing that the reporters were looking for Su Bei, her face immediately darkened.

“Thats right.

Wheres Su Bei Can we interview her”

“Of course!” A clear and elegant voice came from backstage.

Her slender figure appeared in front of everyone, and her long legs were like halos.

Her originally cold face on stage was now filled with a smile as she stood in front of the reporters.

“Su Bei!”

“Su Bei!”

Su Bei walked over with Mu Kai beside her.

He was still in a daze.

He never expected that the person who would appear with him today would be Su Bei.

When he saw Su Bei just now, his mind was blank.

It was not until Su Bei reminded him before they went on stage that he came back to his senses and followed her.

At this moment, he was sighing in his heart.

Su Bei was truly extraordinary.

She was really a supermodel who deserved all her titles.

“Su Bei, may I ask what opportunity made you suddenly appear on the runway As far as we know, you havent been on the runway for a long time and have been busy filming movies.

Do you have any plans to return to the runway”

Su Bei had a bright smile on her face.

Her trademark chestnut curly hair made her palm-sized face even more radiant.

“I wont be officially returning to the industry.

Its just that this fashion show gave me a chance to get to know many people in this industry for the first time.

Its also a place where Ive always dreamed of setting sail, so as long as theres a suitable opportunity, Ill return.

For the event this time, I was invited by my former manager, Yue Ze, to be a special guest.

“As for Mu Kai, hes a promising young man.

Now that hes under Yue Zes guidance, I believe hell definitely be able to showcase his strength and reach the top of the world!”

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