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Even the director, Gao Ban, only had eyes for Su Bei now and would follow her whenever he was free.

Su Bei knew that this person was cunning, but he was not a bad person, so she would give him some work to do.

Vice President Hu was low profile to begin with, and he would soon lose any real power in his hands.

Between him and Su Bei, it was clear to all who was the more capable one when it came to resolving Mrs.

Caos matter.

However, while others were convinced by Su Bei, he was not!

He had connections and ability, which was why Lu Weijian had personally poached him.

He couldnt bow down to a young man like Su Lu!

He called Lu Weijian, and Lu Weijian answered.


Weijian, now that Su Lu is in charge of Nirvana Entertainment, Im afraid that there wont be a place for you when you come back.”

Lu Weijian was busy.

The Huo familys matters were not any easier to deal with than the matters of Nirvana Entertainment, especially with Huo Zhong around.

He said perfunctorily, “So what if theres no place for me”

Vice President Hu: “…”

He said, “But Su Lu is acting as though he owns the company! This is intolerable!”

“Then so be it.

What can you do about it” His sister-in-law had to be pampered even if it meant he had to kneel to her!

Vice President Hu was completely speechless.

Since Lu Weijian didnt care, he would handle the problem himself.

This was when the news of Mu Kais accident came about.

When Yue Ze received the call, he was shocked.

“What A fight Are you injured Ill be right there!”

Now, Mu Kai was his trump card and the leading star of Nirvana Entertainment.

If something happened to Mu Kai, it would definitely be a big problem.

Su Bei received his message and replied: [Go ahead.

Ill be right there.]

Yue Ze drove the car to the hospital in fear.

When he walked in and saw Mu Kai, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked like he had only suffered a small injury and was fine.

His mind was still working well, and he didnt have many wounds on his body.

But a few others were injured, and someone had called the police.

“What happened” Yue Ze asked immediately.

“I was drinking with a few friends outside.

Who knew that these people would provoke us and deliberately cause trouble” Mu Kai said.

“Then they started a fight with us.

Fortunately, Ive been practicing boxing recently.

These people are no match for me at all, so I didnt get injured.

On the contrary, theyre the ones who got hurt.”

Mu Kais physique was not just for show.

When he fought, he was not weak at all.

It was just that his leg was slightly injured with a few small wounds.

Fortunately, he was a male model.

These small wounds would not affect things.

The injured people were still shouting, “You injured us, yet you want to let the matter slide just like that I want you to go to jail and compensate us!”

Mu Kai said in a low voice, “Compensate Go to jail Youre the ones who deliberately provoked me! Even if someone has to go to jail and compensate, its you guys!”

“Alright, theres no need to talk to them anymore.

The most important thing now is not to escalate the situation,” Yue Ze said.

“Ive already gotten someone to get the surveillance footage at the bar.

There must be an explanation for all of this.

Well know whos right and whos wrong soon.”

When those people heard that they were going to check the surveillance footage, they immediately felt a little guilty.

A moment later, Su Bei came over.

After hearing the whole story, she said, “Ive brought a lawyer over to deal with it.

This lawyer will take full responsibility for Mu Kais matter.”

Those people were even more terrified now.

They did not expect things to turn out like this.

Su Bei knew what kind of person Mu Kai was.

After working with him for a while, she realized that Mu Kai cherished this rare opportunity more than others.

Besides, he did not have any bad drinking habits.

When he was drunk, he would only fall asleep and not mess around.

Therefore, these people must have a motive.

It was obvious from their guilty expressions.

“Um… We were just drunk, so we hit him.

Its not a big deal…” the leader of the group of people said.

“Why dont we just let this matter go”

The lawyers behind Su Bei were all dressed in suits and leather shoes.

They looked serious and scary.

These people were just paid to cause trouble for Mu Kai.

They only had to injure him and run away.

No one was supposed to catch them.

Unexpectedly, Mu Kais boxing practice recently was quite effective.

Things got out of hand.

Now that Nirvana Entertainment was taking action, the leader of the other party begged Su Bei, “Mr.

Su, lets talk things out.”

“Okay, then tell me whats going on,” Su Bei asked.

“Someone gave me a little money and said that they want to cause trouble for Mu Kai.

It would be best if we injured him so badly that he couldnt go on stage, but we couldnt cause too much trouble.

Therefore, the few of us agreed.

When we think of artistes, we wouldnt think theyd have any combat strength, but who knew things would end up this way” The person smiled bitterly.

“Who was it” Su Beis tone was a little cold.

“We dont know either.

No one will reveal their identities in such a situation.”

Looking at that persons expression, Su Bei figured he really did not know the identity of the person.

However, she already knew what was going on.

Mu Kais background was very simple.

There was nothing outstanding about him.

Su Bei knew all his friends who drank with him.

They were all new artistes signed by Nirvana Entertainment.

If anyone really had a grudge against him, it would be Jia Chen and Li Xinxin!

The reason was very simple.

Mu Kais sudden rise had blocked Jia Chens path.

Soon, there would be an international fashion show in the country.

This was the best time for Jia Chen to surpass Mu Kai.

Unfortunately, Jia Chen was not skilled enough.

He wanted to surpass Mu Kai, and he could only use such an opportunity.

Su Bei left the matter to the lawyers and left the hospital with Yue Ze and Mu Kai.

Yue Ze said, “President Su, I think this matter has something to do with Jia Chen and Li Xinxin.”

“I think so too.

This international fashion show is very important.

If Mu Kai does well, his career as a supermodel will be stabilized from here on.

Jia Chen and Li Xinxin also want to rely on this chance to lay their foundation,” Su Bei said.

“Theyre dreaming! It seems that we cant let them be this time.”

Her tone was calm, and her expression looked ordinary.

However, Yue Ze and Mu Kai could hear the murderous intent in Su Beis words.

Su Bei looked at Mu Kai and said, “Mu Kai, we cant give them any chance this time.

Can you do it”

“I can!” Mu Kai said loudly.

Jia Chen actually used such a method to deal with him.

It made him feel bitterly disappointed and humiliated.

Fortunately, Su Bei and Yue Ze would not give Jia Chen such a chance!

This battle was for the company and himself!

He would not let his guard down!

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