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“Its actually Lin Xiruo! That talented painter! Ive been dreaming of seeing her.

I really didnt expect to see her here.”

“Its her.

Its true! Time really favors her.

It didnt leave much of a mark on her.”

“And shes so gentle.

Im envious.”

Most of the people present liked paintings, so it was not strange for them to recognize Lin Xiruo.

Su Bei found it strange.

Who was so big-mouthed that they told her mother she was holding an art exhibition

It was supposed to be a small art exhibition, but even her mother was alerted about it.

Su Bei was a little embarrassed.

However, since she was already here, she could only welcome her.

Today, there were still many reporters outside.

Many of them were attracted by the headlines posted by those marketing accounts.

They all wanted to report more on this news.

Unexpectedly, after waiting for an entire day, the people who came were just painting enthusiasts.

The reporters were already a little bored and were about to return home.

They did not expect to see this big shot in the painting world.

It was different from the last time she was photographed by reporters in the movie theater.

At that time, Lin Xiruo did not wear any makeup at all and her mental state was extremely bad.

She looked like a passerby.

After returning to the country, she could only be referred to as He Xuyans mother.

Today was different.

She was in high spirits and had put on simple and suitable light makeup.

Her facial features were gentle, making her look like a spring breeze.

The reporters were excited and immediately started filming.

“Lin Xiruo, look over here! Over here!”

“Lin Xiruo, may I ask why youre here today” a reporter immediately asked.

Lin Xiruo smiled.

“This young mans paintings have piqued my interest, so I came to take a look.

I didnt expect to meet reporters here.

Please focus more on the paintings and dont steal the limelight.

Ill excuse myself now.”

With that, she entered the exhibition with her assistant.

Su Bei went forward.

Lin Xiruo glanced at her and nodded politely and distantly.

Then, she passed by her.

From her expression, it was as if she did not know her at all.

So… her mother didnt come to support her Was it purely because she admired her paintings

Su Bei was stunned.

This was really… unimaginable.

Just now, it was Xu Zhiqin.

Now, it was her mother.

It turned out that her paintings were really popular.

Su Bei sent a message to He Xuyan.

[Do you know the painter, Su Lu]

[I dont.]

[Did you know that Mom came to see his art exhibition]

[Mom likes going to art exhibitions very much.

As long as its something she likes, shell go.

However, over the years, as her ability gradually improves, there are very few painters who can make her take the initiative to go to their art exhibitions.

If Mom has gone for the exhibition, then that painter must have some merits.]

Su Bei nodded gently.

It turned out that she really had some redeeming qualities.

He Xuyan sent another message.

[Whats wrong Is there a problem]

Su Bei replied: [No, I just saw Mom appear at Su Lus art exhibition.

I was just asking.]

She walked in and saw her mother stopping in front of every painting.

She had a serious expression and would occasionally chat with her assistant.

Qian Gouhua came over and pulled Su Bei.

“Su Lu, look! My taste is accurate, right! Youve obtained the recognition of a great painter! I didnt expect Lin Xiruo to come to your art exhibition! Its your honor and mine!”

Su Bei carefully took a photo of Lin Xiruo gazing at her painting and sent it to Lu Heting.


Lu, Ive gained the recognition of a great painter!]

Lu Heting replied: [Your painting skills were first recognized by the head of Lu Group.]

[So Im really awesome.] Su Bei smiled.

[Thats undeniable.] This time, Lu Hetings mellow message was intoxicating.

Su Bei pursed her lips.

As Lin Xiruo had come to Su Beis art exhibition, the reporters naturally did not leave out the information in their reports.

As a result, they were also willing to shoot Su Beis paintings, unlike before when they only cared about getting news on Nirvana Entertainment.

This time, there were fewer doubts.

After all, both praise and criticisms cost money.

This wave of news surged discussions.

Su Bei became famous again as a painter.

Su Bei had tested Lin Xiruo before.

Lin Xiruo really did not know that she was Su Lu.

After a few days, Su Bei gave a simple interview before returning home.

Filming, managing the company, and painting… During this period of time, Su Bei had been working hard.

After sending Da Bao and Gun Gun to their room, she sat on the sofa and dealt with some work.

When she closed her eyes, she instantly fell asleep.

When Lu Heting returned home, he saw the woman on the sofa.

A smile appeared on his lips, but his eyes were filled with heartache.

When she was asleep, her expression relaxed, and there was a calm smile on her lips.

Doing what she liked made her tired but happy.

When Su Bei was in a daze, she felt that there was someone in front of her.

When she opened her eyes, she could feel his breath.

The smile on her lips widened as she smiled.

“Youre back”

“Mhm.” Lu Heting put down his coat, rolled up his sleeves, and massaged her shoulders.

Su Bei snorted in comfort, and Lu Heting laughed.

“Are you feeling better now”

“I feel much better now.” Su Bei smiled softly.

“This is for you.” He took out a bottle of Coke from somewhere.

Su Beis eyes lit up.

“For me I havent drunk it in a long time.

Hubby, youre the best.”

Although it was just a small bottle, it was enough.

“Yes, you still have to go easy on your stomach, so you can only take a small bottle.” Lu Hetings eyes were filled with indulgence.

She raised her head and took two sips.

Then she sighed softly and handed it to him.

“Do you want it”

“Im not thirsty,” Lu Heting said.

She hadnt drunk it in a long time, so it was fine to let her have a small bottle.

Su Bei took it back and sipped it again.

“By the way, I also left you sweet and sour pork ribs.

I made them myself! Gun Gun ate three big bowls of rice at dinner! Ill get the food out for you.” Su Bei put on her slippers and rushed into the kitchen.

Lu Heting followed her and leaned against the kitchen door.

Looking at her back, his eyes were filled with joy.

Su Lus identity was too popular in Nirvana Entertainment, and it was convincing enough.

The rest of the work would be much easier from now on.

The training plan for newbies was also progressing smoothly.

The company entered a normal orbit.

Yue Ze was also placed in an important position.

However, under these circumstances, Vice President Hus life was not easy.

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