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Su Bei was speechless.

Lu Weijian had already grabbed Huo Zhong.

“Huo Zhong, tell me the truth.

Did you deliberately send flower stands to Sister Bei Bei You clearly know that Sister Bei Beis identity as Su Lu cant be exposed now.

What do you think youre doing by sending the flower stands”

“Whats wrong with it Im just expressing my admiration for Su Bei and Da Bao.

Whats wrong with my admiration for Su Bei and Da Bao”

“Youre shameless!” Lu Weijian said angrily, “Thats my Sister Bei Bei.

What does she have to do with you She doesnt need your admiration! Take it back!”

Su Bei heard the two people fighting again.

They did not look like the people in charge of the Huo family at all.

She sighed and hung up the phone, cutting off the demonic voices on the other end.

However, after Huo Zhongs commotion, the outside world knew that President Su Lu of Nirvana Entertainment was holding an art exhibition.

Of course, the outside world had mixed opinions about such things.

[Art exhibition Isnt he just relying on Nirvana Entertainments reputation to flatter himself]

[I dont see anything good in those paintings.]

Jia Chen and Li Xinxin had suffered at Su Beis hands.

They used their alternate accounts to fan the flames and criticize Su Bei.

They said that the things she drew were ignorant and she had no talent at all.

She just wanted to use this as an excuse to earn money.

However, there were also people who praised Su Beis paintings.

They were beautiful and displayed high elegance.

They were not gaudy or pretentious.

Among the differing comments, Su Beis art exhibition caught the attention of everyone as soon as it started.

It was really popular.

At night, Su Bei decided to go over and take a look.

She had changed into a white T-shirt and black trousers.

She was still dressed like an ordinary young man.

As soon as Qian Gouhua saw her, he held her hand and said, “Su Lu, youre really a talent.

No wonder your artistes will all become popular in the entertainment industry.

With all the hype, the number of people who came today is much higher than I expected.

Moreover, everyone is discussing your work now.

This art exhibition is really very successful!”

Su Bei really wanted to say that she didnt hype anything up at all.

Who knew that Huo Zhong would find out about this exhibition and things would end up like this

However, she knew that Qian Gouhua would not believe her even if she said it, so she could not be bothered to explain.

“There are a lot of reporters over there.

But I havent arranged any interviews for you yet.

Its the pursuit of us cultural and art creators to maintain a little mystery,” Qian Gouhua said.

There were also many people from Nirvana Entertainment, and Su Bei could tell that they were all here to give their superior face.

Su Bei had to entertain them for a while.

On the second day of the exhibition, there was finally time to relax.

The people who came were basically true enthusiasts, not people who wanted to join in the fun.

However, the news from the day before also came out.

It pointed out that all of Su Beis actions were just hype.

Moreover, the people who attended the art exhibition were all from Nirvana Entertainment.

There were even photos.

Sure enough, the photos were filled with managers and artistes of Nirvana Entertainment, as well as various staff members.

Since Jia Chen and Li Xinxin had seized this opportunity, they naturally had to see it to the end.

Huang Liming immediately paid a marketing account to post on Su Beis exhibition.

[The president of Nirvana Entertainment opened an art exhibition.

Everyone is supporting him.]

[Paintings are a tool for some rich people to pretend to be elegant]

Qian Gouhua slammed the table angrily.

“Nonsense! These people dont know what real art is at all! Anyone can paint.

But whether they paint well or not has nothing to do with the identity of the person who paints it! These people are simply uncultured and have no taste!”

Su Bei smiled and advised him, “Forget it.

Brother Gouhua, dont be angry with these people.

Its not worth it to be angry.”

“Hmph, what do those people know How dare they evaluate you like that They should be nailed to the pillar of shame in the arts!”

“Brother Gouhua, in your professional opinion, how are my results this time”

“Of course, theyre top-notch!” Qian Gouhua was all smiles.

“Firstly, there are people of all ages here.

Secondly, they have a good evaluation of your painting.

As long as the media doesnt say anything bad about you, everything will be fine.”

Su Bei nodded.

“There are still two days left until our art exhibition.

The media will only be lively for a while before the news passes.

Theyll also need to fork out money to defame me unless theyre willing to disregard the cost.”

“That makes sense!” Qian Gouhua nodded.

“But Im going out to take a look.

I have to be on guard against thieves and pickpockets.”

“There are such people at an art exhibition”

At the mention of this, Qian Gouhua beat his chest and stomped his feet.

“You dont know this, but a good painting was stolen from an art exhibition I held previously.

It wouldve been fine even if I had lost everything, but the most important thing is that the painting was the apple of my eye.

These days, anything can happen.”

Su Bei walked out and looked around the scene.

She bumped into a sneaky woman wearing a mask.

She grabbed the other partys wrist and asked, “What are you doing”

“I-I wasnt doing anything.

Im sorry, Mr.


I didnt mean to dress like this…” The woman took off her mask, revealing a palm-sized face.

It was Xu Zhiqin, a manager from the company.

Su Bei frowned.

“Why are you dressed like this”

“President Su, I like your paintings very much, but Im afraid that if I just come over to take a look, the media will write some nonsense about it.

Im dressed like this because I dont want to cause you trouble.”

When Su Bei came to Nirvana Entertainment, she learned about Xu Zhiqin.

She was originally an actress.

Back then, many directors thought highly of her and she won the Best Newcomer Award.

However, she suddenly quit and became a manager.

Apart from some emotional regard, there was nothing bad about her.

Su Bei let go of her.

“Its okay.

Since youre here, attend it openly.

You shouldnt be afraid of what the people outside will say.”

“The people outside have gone too far,” Xu Zhiqin said.

“They can say whatever they want.” Actually, Su Bei did not mind.

The evaluation given by the people who came to the art exhibition was what was true.

Most of the comments she heard were praises.

Even when they pointed out shortcomings, they were reasonable.

Xu Zhiqin nodded and said, “Mr.

Su, Ill continue to look at the paintings.”

After saying that, she turned around and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Youre really amazing.

Thats what Im saying as an enthusiast.”

With that, she joined the crowd.

Su Bei pursed her lips and smiled.

As she was thinking, she heard someone outside say, “Oh my God, am I seeing things Is this true”

“I also want to know if its true!”

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