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“President Su, does Nirvana Entertainment know about the gossip on the internet Has Mu Kai ever accompanied a rich woman or even a rich big shot”

Su Bei smiled at him.

“Do you have any evidence for such scandals If you dont have any photos or evidence, can I accuse you of brainless slander”

The reporter was a little scared.

“Were just verifying it based on what we saw on the internet.

This isnt our own speculation.”

“In that case, let me tell you that its nonsense.

Previously, the celebrities who were supposed to be dealt with in Sheng Tang Entertainments mistress incident were handed lawyers letters and are currently being punished by the law.

The agents who participated had all been handed over by Sheng Tang Entertainment as well.

“Previously, some people from Sheng Tang Entertainment did mess around, but it has nothing to do with Nirvana Entertainment.

Yue Ze and Mu Kai got a new lease on life by coming to Nirvana Entertainment.

If anyone thinks that theyve done something, please submit a lawyers letter and sue them! If not, please remember that those things had never been done by people from Nirvana Entertainment!”

On the one hand, Su Bei was helping Mu Kai and Yue Ze out of their predicament.

On the other hand, she was secretly helping Sheng Tang Entertainment.

No one could find any evidence against her.

After all, what she said was the truth.

She also said that it was only some people from Sheng Tang Entertainment who did those things and did not blame the entire company.

Moreover, she cleverly compared Sheng Tang Entertainment to Nirvana Entertainment.

It was all done implicitly, but it hurt Sheng Tang Entertainments reputation and image.

It was not easy for them to calm things down, and no one was allowed to talk about it anymore.

With Su Beis words, however, there was another wave of discussion.

Gossip kept adding to the gossip.

The label ofprostitution den that Sheng Tang Entertainment was finally about to rid themselves was once again stuck tightly on them.

Fu Yujia lost her temper during the meeting.

Huang Liming was furious.

In the end, he spent money to delete all the posts.

Jia Chen and Li Xinxin immediately shrank back like quails, not daring to cause trouble again.

At this moment, the reputation of Nirvana Entertainment gradually improved.

Su Bei asked Yue Ze to add fitness and boxing courses for Mu Kai.

Since he wanted to take this path, they had to make him more glorious.

At night, Su Bei sorted out the paintings she had drawn at home.

Da Bao and Gun Gun helped her.

Lu Heting came back to help as well.

There were many paintings of all sizes.

Su Bei counted and said with a sense of accomplishment, “I didnt expect to have painted so many just by casually painting with Gun Gun.”

“Its obvious that you spend a lot of time with your son,” Lu Heting said with heartache.

“Of course, I have to accompany my own son.”

Gun Gun raised his little face.

“Thats right.

Im still a little kid.

I need Bei Bei to accompany me.”

Lu Heting picked him up and walked toward the childrens room.

“Little boy, go to bed early tonight.

Its not healthy to stay up late.”

Gun Gun kicked his short legs.

“I still want to play with Bei Bei.”

Lu Heting didnt give him a chance.

He threw him back to his room.

Gun Gun was angry.

Da Bao walked in and said, “Alright, go to bed.”

“Its good to have Brother Da Bao accompany me.” Gun Gun made a face at Lu Hetings back.

After Su Bei sorted out the paintings, she gave them to Qian Gouhua.

Qian Gouhuas art exhibition was almost ready.

He was just waiting to hang up the paintings.

When he received Su Beis paintings, his eyes behind his lenses lit up.

“Not bad, Su Lu! These paintings of yours arent inferior to the ones I saw before.

This exhibition will definitely be a success.”

“Brother Gouhua.” Su Bei was familiar with him now and no longer called himMr.


“This is almost all of them.

Use them as you see fit.

I might not have much time to paint after this.

Ill be taking it easy.”

“I know, I know.

Youre the big boss of Nirvana Entertainment now.

You must be busy,” Qian Gouhua said.

“Ill make the proper arrangements.”

A few days later, Su Beis art exhibition was held as scheduled.

Qian Gouhua had a lot of experience in this line of work and was familiar with the process.

He had already done some publicity work on the internet.

After Su Beis representative works were posted on the internet, they attracted the attention of many professionals and painting enthusiasts.

On the day of the exhibition, Su Bei was still busy dealing with documents at Nirvana Entertainment.

Not long after, Yue Ze walked in and said, “Su Bei, I dont know who sent you so many flower stands.

The entire company is almost full of them.”

Coincidentally, Qian Gouhua also took a photo and sent it over.

[Su Lu, youre really something.

This art exhibition has just started, but so many people are already sending their congratulations.]

Su Bei walked out of the office and frowned at the many flower baskets.

On each flower stand was written: [Congratulations to Su Lus exhibition!]

There was also the name of the art exhibition, the address, and so on.

Looking at the penmanship, it was impossible for Lu Heting to have done it.

It was mainly because he was not that bored and would not give her such lame things.

Besides, Su Beis art exhibition this time was just a small attempt.

She did not plan to announce it to the world with great fanfare.

Lu Heting also knew she wanted to keep a low profile.

When Su Lu walked out, the employees outside congratulated him with smiles.

“President Su, congratulations!”

“President Su, youre so talented! Congratulations! Well go and support you when we have time!”

Su Bei could only smile.

“Thank you, everyone.

Go ahead with your work.

Theres no need to pay too much attention to this.”

Yue Ze, Chen Ce, and Lin Tong immediately ordered a flower stand and sent it over as well.

Mu Kai excitedly went to buy a large bouquet of flowers.

They had agreed not to make a big deal out of it, but almost everyone knew about it now.

Su Bei thought of Lu Weijian and gritted her teeth.

Coincidentally, Lu Weijian called.

The first thing he said was, “Congratulations, Sister Bei Bei.

Sister Bei Bei, youre really good at the zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

You know everything! Sister Bei Bei is the best! Long live Sister Bei Bei!”

“Lu Weijian!” Su Bei touched her forehead.

“I told you not to make a scene.

Are you afraid that people wont know enough about me Youre afraid that your legs wont be broken, huh”

“Whats wrong Cant I even make a call” Lu Weijian said aggrievedly.

“Just a call Nirvana Entertainment is packed with flower stands now! Can you get someone to take some away first”

Lu Weijian felt even more aggrieved.

“It really isnt me! Big Brother told me to keep a low profile, and I did! I didnt do anything! I know, it must be Huo Zhong.

That kid did it.

He wants to frame me! He wants you to expose your identity so that Grandpa and Grandma will break my legs!”

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