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It seemed that Sheng Tang Entertainment had suffered a blow from all aspects recently, so in order to stabilize peoples hearts, they were fighting for resources.

Whether the artistes were a suitable match for the brand or not was not in their considerations.

After Jia Chen left the stage, he was full of confidence.

He immediately called Huang Liming.

Huang Liming was also full of confidence.

“No problem.

Dont worry.

Ive already communicated with the fashion leader, Senus.

As long as theres no big problem with your opening, youll be the spokesperson for the brand.”

“Thank you, Director Huang.”

Li Xinxin also walked over and hugged Jia Chen.

“Congratulations, my dear.

Youre Feelings new brand ambassador.”

“Thank you, Miss Ambassador.” Jia Chen smiled.

They celebrated with each other and poured themselves some red wine.

Their faces were brimming with happiness.

Looking at the models who appeared later, Jia Chen knew that they were all uncompetitive.

Only the model who was the closing act could compete with him.

All the big shows would use the most important models as the opening and closing acts.

Sometimes, the one closing the show was even more important than the opening it.

Seeing his expression, Li Xinxin knew what he was worried about.

She said, “Mr.

Ambassador, dont think too much.

Didnt Director Huang say that the model closing the show today is a European model Feeling is going to expand their market in S Country.

Their brand ambassador cant be European or American.

It has to be a native of S Country.

Theres no need to worry about that.”

Jia Chen finished his glass of red wine and smiled.

“Im not worried.

Im just thinking about where well enjoy ourselves when we become top supermodels.”

Li Xinxin smiled and threw herself into his arms.

However, they soon heard some bad news.

Mu Kai was the model for the closing!

“How could it be that person” Only then did Jia Chen remember that his colleagues name was Mu Kai.

In his impression, Mu Kai did not have much of a presence, and his facial features were even worse.

When he was in Sheng Tang Entertainment, he was completely at the bottom.

Li Xinxin frowned and said, “Yue Ze really held himself back.

He never fought for you in the past, but now hes given Mu Kai such a precious opportunity!”

Jia Chen sneered.

“So what if its Mu Kai With his figure and appearance, hes dreaming of competing with me”

He had seen Mu Kai with Li Xinxin just now, but he did not recognize him at all.

The current Mu Kai was no longer the same as before.

Then, they saw Mu Kai go on stage.

There was a burst of applause outside.

However, this did not affect Jia Chens confidence.

After all, it was normal for there to be applause when the event was coming to an end.

This was the most basic etiquette of the audience.

He calmly returned to the stage with the other models.

The fashion leader, Senus, appeared with all the models.

Then, Senus took the microphone from the host and said, “I want to thank the people of S Country for their love and recognition of our brand.

Today, I also want to take this opportunity to announce Feelings first brand ambassador in S Country.”

Jia Chen was full of confidence.

He looked at Yue Ze and Su Bei in the front row, completely disregarding them.

As soon as Senus announced his name, he would immediately step forward and bow to the audience.

“Our brand ambassador is—

“Mu Kai!”

When Senus said these two words, Jia Chen had already taken half a step forward.

When he retracted his leg, his face turned red and he felt dizzy.

He looked at Yue Ze and Su Bei.

The two of them were talking softly with calm expressions.

In his opinion, the two of them were mocking him.

The reporters had already started interviewing Senus.

“Were establishing a business elite style this time.

Its a mature and gentlemanly style.


Mu Kais appearance and temperament are quite compatible with us.”

The reporters began to take photos, impressed by Mu Kais appearance.

The aesthetics of the people of S Country were more childish.

Even among models, young hunks were more popular.

There were relatively few who had beards, so they were a rare sight.

On the other hand, Mu Kai was compatible with the brand in all aspects.

Naturally, the reporters would not be stingy with the film.

That night, Mu Kais photos were also released to the public.

He had broad shoulders, long legs, and a gentlemanly demeanor.

His muscles were well-defined, making fans who had not seen such models in the market for a long time very excited.

Mu Kai became famous overnight.

As for Jia Chen, although he was not bad, he was reduced to cannon fodder.

Jia Chen angrily looked for Huang Liming, who spread out his hands.

“Im also very angry that Senus changed his mind at the last minute.

Its not like you dont know that foreigners are difficult to deal with.

I spent a lot of effort this time.

Who knew that Mu Kai would intercept me”

Huang Limings ability to shirk responsibility was top-notch.

Finally, he comforted him.

“Soon, soon.

Theres going to be an international show soon.

Ill fight for a chance for you.

Then, Ill hype up you and Li Xinxin as a good-looking couple.

At that time, wont it be easy to defeat Mu Kai”

Jia Chen could only believe his words.

However, he was unwilling to let the matter go just like this.

He took out his phone and contacted a marketing account.

Mu Kais popularity boosted everyones confidence in Nirvana Entertainments prospects.

Yue Ze also gained a foothold in Nirvana Entertainment.

And Su Beis reputation grew as well.

Everyone was convinced by the decisions she made now.

However, as soon as Mu Kai became famous, the internet began to criticize him.

People brought up the fact that Mu Kai was from Sheng Tang Entertainment.

They wondered if he was involved in the mistress incident.

Perhaps he was a fox who also destroyed others families.

They even said that Yue Ze might be the manager who caused the mistress incident back then.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have left Sheng Tang Entertainment so quickly.

In fact, not many people believed in such brainless people.

However, there were people who reposted those comments without any doubt.

It was quite a headache, and it did not have a good impact on Nirvana Entertainment.

Yue Ze was so angry that he laughed.

“Maybe they can only slander me and Mu Kai like this.

After all, they cant find any other dirt on us.”

“Redness comes from being in the dark,” Su Bei said.

“Since the reporters want to respond so much, Ill respond to them when the time comes.”

Sure enough, when they got off work that day, Su Bei and Yue Ze were surrounded by reporters at the entrance of the company.

Logically speaking, these reporters could not stay here for long.

It was Su Bei who specially asked the security guards not to chase them away.

“President Su, can you tell me what happened to Yue Ze and Mu Kai recently Were they involved in the mistress incident or did they do anything else to exchange their bodies for remuneration Did they leave behind any dirt”

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