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What he did not know was that the reason why Su Bei asked Yue Ze to help arrange this small show for him was that Su Bei had found out that a fashion leader who would be attending the international fashion show two days later would also be watching some small shows to look for talents.

This fashion leader was in his 60s, but he was very active.

He had never stopped poaching newcomers, and brands were happy to use his newcomers.

Whether or not Mu Kai could take on such a heavy responsibility required him to prove himself during this small show.

Whether he could seize the opportunity or not was his own matter.

During the fashion show that day, Mu Kai really gave it his 100%.

This was his first time on stage after changing his appearance.

His beard made him look like a yuppie and a gentleman, but it also covered his facial features.

Facing the camera, he felt more confident.

After leaving the stage, Yue Ze nodded at him.

“Not bad.

President Su plans to bring you to meet Senus.”

“The fashion leader, Senus” Mu Kai was surprised.

“Thats right.

Your performance today was not bad and Senus agreed to meet you.

This is why you should take every show seriously.

Every time you go on stage, countless pairs of eyes will be looking at you, and theres no lack of people who will give you a new opportunity if they find you good,” Yue Ze said.

“Perhaps performing well once or twice wont bring you anything, but your efforts will eventually be recognized.”

Mu Kai nodded.

He was glad that he had always been very serious about his work.

That night, Su Bei accompanied Yue Ze and Mu Kai to meet Senus as Su Lu.

Mu Kai originally came to Nirvana Entertainment for Yue Ze.

His impression of Su Bei was average, and he did not think that she would bring him anything.

However, after hearing her conversation with Senus, he knew that Su Bei was definitely not ordinary.

Her understanding of the fashion industry and her knowledge of the modeling industry were no lower than anyone elses.

What was even rarer was her fluent English.

It was shocking and surprising.

Yue Ze looked at Mu Kai and saw that he was shocked.

He couldnt help but laugh.

The person in front of them was Su Bei, a legend in the modeling industry.

When she took a step back from the industry, she made many find it regretful.

It was a piece of cake for her to help a model rise… And this was before she used her real identity.

If she used her real identity, Mu Kai would not even need to walk on the runway tonight to see Senus.

However, Su Bei did not want Mu Kais success to come too easily.

Sometimes, it was a good thing for young people to be more polished.

After saying goodbye to Senus, Mu Kai looked at Su Bei with admiration.

“President Su, your English is very fluent.”

“You can do it too.

When the time comes, Brother Yue Ze will arrange a special English teacher for you.

Youll find the skill handy when you go on the international runway in the future,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Mu Kai immediately fell into deep thought.

He imagined himself on the international runway and speaking in English in front of the entire world… Just thinking about it made him very excited.

Two days later, the Feeling International Fashion Show was held in Jingdu City as scheduled.

This matter concerned Yue Ze and Mu Kais first opportunity, so Su Bei personally accompanied them.

As soon as she arrived, she saw Jia Chen and Li Xinxin all dressed up.

When Jia Chen saw Yue Ze, he was obviously stunned.

It was obvious that he did not expect his artiste to enter such an international fashion show so quickly.

However, he immediately became arrogant and greeted with a smile, “Hello, Brother Yue.

Are you here today to watch the show”

“Im working,” Yue Ze replied simply.

“Oh, I almost forgot.

That person, Li Kai, no, thats not right.

Zhang Kai Or something else He followed you here.” Jia Chen seemed to be thinking hard, but he didnt say the correct name.

He spread his hands apologetically.

“Im really sorry.

I was too busy to ever remember that colleagues name.”

Standing at the side, Mu Kais face was extremely tense.

Yue Ze said unhurriedly, “Its normal for noble people to forget things.

However, youll remember it in the future.”

“Brother Yue Ze, are you threatening me” Jia Chen made a scared expression.

“Im very scared.”

However, Li Xinxin smiled.

“Jia Chen, stop fooling around.

Youre the opening today.

You have to cherish the opportunity that Director Huang has fought for you.

Its really a rare opportunity to open and close for an international fashion show like Feeling.

Dont waste your time on these unimportant people.

Anyway, some people are worse than dogs after leaving Sheng Tang.”

Mu Kai clenched his fists.

Yue Ze quickly stopped him and said, “Dont be rash.”

Jia Chen raised his eyebrows evilly and said, “Brother Yue Ze, I have to go and prepare.

You know as well that the preparations for being the opener will take a long time.”

Seeing that Yue Ze did not respond, he and Li Xinxin left smugly.

Li Xinxin said, “Next time you see them, dont say too much.

Its simply a waste of life to waste time with such people.”

“How can we not let Yue Ze see our success Hes always thought highly of himself, but he didnt push us to be top models.

Does he really think that we cant live without him Now that I can be the opener of Feeling, how can I not slap this achievement in his face”

Li Xinxin smiled and said, “Itll be a slap in his face when you get the endorsement.”

“Im determined to win this endorsement,” Jia Chen said confidently.

Huang Liming had already told him that as long as he successfully opened the show, he would be the brand ambassador.

This was a good opportunity to make himself famous in the entire S Country.

It was also a good opportunity for him to enter the ranks of top models.

Li Xinxin knew that her boyfriend would be fine.

He was tall, thin, and charming.

One look from him could make people scream.

Once he gained a foothold, his value would rise.

This was something that Yue Ze could not provide.

How stupid.

Yue Ze actually went to Nirvana Entertainment.

And that person named Kai something was also stupid enough to go to that kind of company.

The show was about to begin.

Yue Ze and Su Bei were relieved after talking with Mu Kai.

Thinking about his usual performance, there was nothing to worry about.

“Just perform as usual,” Yue Ze said.

Backstage, Yue Ze was accompanying Mu Kai.

Su Bei went to the main venue.

Upon entering the venue, she felt relaxed and happy.

The lights on the stage suddenly lit up, and the first model walked on stage.

It was Jia Chen.

It had to be said that he was indeed qualified.

His long legs and height matched the ratio that was expected of supermodels.

However, his thin figure was not suitable for this brand.

This brand reflected a mature business elite.

A mature man would rarely be very thin.

Instead, he should look healthy and strong.

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