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As for who gave them such confidence… It was probably those two elders who had never accepted her.

Su Bei glanced at the two elders and greeted them with a smile.

As Lu Hetings wife, she would definitely do her best.

After exchanging greetings, Fu Yujias gaze fell on Su Bei.

She had watched Su Beis movies and seen Su Beis performance on stage.

She originally thought that her peerless beauty was only displayed on stage because of the director and her styling.

However, Su Bei was simply standing here without any makeup now.

It was as if there was a halo around her that made people unable to take their eyes off her.

She was dazzling, and her beauty was really shocking.

Fu Yujia bit her lip and subconsciously raised her head and puffed out her chest.

This kind of beauty that required her to go all out was really lethal.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu did not see Da Bao and Gun Gun beside Lu Heting and Su Bei.

They could not help but look disappointed.

They said in a low voice, “Heting, why didnt you bring the children along”

“There are guests here today.

Its inconvenient to bring the children along.

Next time, Ill bring them to see you two when youre alone,” Lu Heting said calmly.

There was no flaw in this reason.

Madam Fu smiled and said, “Hetings words make sense.

Children are afraid of strangers.

Its inevitable that they wont be able to relax when there are too many people around.

They wont be able to have fun.

This must be Hetings new wife, right Shes really beautiful and generous.

Im envious.”

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu indeed knew that Su Bei was a capable woman.

They did not hate her in their hearts, but they had always been dissatisfied with her profession.

Old Master Lu chuckled and said, “Youre too kind.

Heting has good taste.”

In front of outsiders, Old Master Lu still gave his family enough face.

“I heard that Su Bei is a movie queen.

Shes indeed talented and beautiful,” Madam Fu said with a smile.

“Shes really good-looking.”

Although Madam Fu knew that Old Master Lu and Old Master Lu didnt like the profession of an artiste, she still deliberately mentioned that Su Bei was a movie queen.

Although her tone was full of admiration and didnt seem to have any selfish motives, her intentions still made Lu Heting raise his eyebrows.

He looked at Madam Fu and said, “Madam Fu.”

He addressed her as Madam Fu, not Aunt Fu.

Madam Fu subconsciously tensed up and looked at Lu Heting.

Lu Heting tidied up his sleeves that were not wrinkled at all.

He held Su Beis hand and sat down naturally on the sofa.

Then, he slowly said, “I heard that many things have happened to Fu Yujias Sheng Tang Entertainment recently.

The rumors outside are quite radical.

If you need any help, Madam Fu, please feel free to ask Grandpa and Grandma.

Our two families have been friends for many years.

Im sure the elders wont stand by and do nothing.”

As soon as he said this, the entire living room suddenly fell silent.

The matter with Sheng Tang Entertainment was naturally about the mistress incident.

This matter had blown up, and the rumors outside were not that good.

Although Fu Yujia had pushed everything to Tang Yue and she let Mrs.

Cao punish a few agents, it was impossible for Fu Yujia to stay out of this mess.

This was probably the last thing Madam Fu wanted to talk about.

Hearing Lu Hetings words, the expressions of the family changed.

Even Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu felt embarrassed.

However, there was nothing wrong with Lu Hetings words.

They were simply the most dignified words on social occasions.

Lu Heting handed the gift in his hand to the two elders.

“Su Bei bought this for you, Grandpa and Grandma.

Please accept it.”

Madam Fu finally stopped.

She didnt dare to casually touch any topic about Su Bei anymore.

No matter what she said, she had to look at Lu Hetings expression before she spoke.

Even after dinner, Madam Fu did not dare to say anything to sow discord.

After Lu Heting and Su Bei left, Madam Fu heaved a sigh of relief.

Fu Yujia loosened her grip slightly.

Tonight, from the moment Lu Heting entered the door until he left, his gaze had been on Su Bei.

He would only look at her when she spoke to him.

However, his gaze was completely different from when he looked at Su Bei.

“Grandpa Lu, Grandma Lu, Ill visit the two of you next time.” Fu Yujia looked disappointed and lost in thought.

Old Master Lu looked at her and smiled.

“Alright, next time, Ill help you find a good husband.

You cant reject me.”

Hearing this, Fu Yujias heart turned cold, but she didnt show it on her face.

She smiled and said, “Grandpa Lu, you really like to joke.

You know that Im still young.”

After getting into the car, Lu Heting tilted his head and looked at Su Bei.

“Arent you going to ask me about Fu Yujia”

“Ive already asked others.

Its normal for there to be women who grew up with you.

The Lu family has many friends, so many people mustve grown up with you.

Did you think Id take it to heart” Su Bei smiled brightly.

Lu Heting pondered for a moment.

“So youre not worried that Ill be snatched away”

“What can be snatched away doesnt belong to me.” Su Bei smiled.

Feeling the mans aura deepen, she quickly tried to salvage the situation.

“Of course, I cant let others snatch away such a good man like my husband.”

Lu Hetings expression seemed to say,That was more like it.

Su Bei told him about the current situation of Nirvana Entertainment and said, “Ill be a little busy recently.

After all, this is Mr.

Weijians company.

I dont want his dowry to keep getting smaller and smaller.

Otherwise, he wont have the confidence to pursue her.”

The word dowry made Lu Heting chuckle.

“Now that Brother Yue Ze is here, hell bring a few newcomers out.

Everything will be fine once theyre on the right track.” Su Bei was very confident.

“You cant be too tired.

Otherwise, Ill ask Lu Weijian to come back immediately.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Yes, Hubby.”

In the past few days, Mu Kai had indeed developed a lot of muscles.

He had a good foundation, and professional coaches were arranged in advance according to the artistes activities so that the artistes would be in their ideal state.

According to Su Beis request, Yue Ze asked Mu Kai to participate in a local fashion show.

It was a very simple show.

Generally speaking, only newcomers would participate in it.

Afraid that Mu Kai would overthink, Yue Ze even specially talked to him.

“Brother Yue Ze, I dont have any psychological burden.

Anyway, whats the difference between me and a newcomer now” Mu Kai said magnanimously.

“Thats good.

Although its a small show, I hope you can give it your 100%,” Yue Ze said.

Mu Kai nodded.

“I got it.”

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