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Zhao Sixiu knew what she meant.

Before Xu Huiru came, Sister Yang had made it clear that if they broke up and he worked hard, this matter could be written off.

In the future, Sister Yang would not arrange for anyone to cause trouble for Xu Huiru.

If Zhao Sixiu continued to be with Xu Huiru, Sister Yang would pursue the matter to the end and ruin Zhao Sixius life.

Su Bei walked over and sat down in front of Sister Yang.

“Then lets have a good talk.”

“I dont mean anything else.

The company has spent a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources to nurture Zhao Sixiu.

Now that his private life is in chaos, it has brought a huge hidden danger to his future development and the companys development.

Therefore, I request that he purges his private life for conveniences sake.

Do you have any objections” Sister Yang said.

She tossed out a letter of commitment.

“As long as he signs this, breaks up with Xu Huiru, and works in peace as the company requires, I can let this matter go.”

Su Bei lowered her eyes to take a look.

This commitment letter was already prepared.

She was just waiting for Zhao Sixiu to sign it.

“As far as I know, Zhao Sixiu and Xu Huiru are a couple.

Which companys code is bigger than the law If the law doesnt forbid it, does the company have the right to forbid it” Su Bei glanced at the commitment letter and knew that nothing on it was legal.

Sister Yang laughed dryly.

“Su Bei, you have a big backer, so, of course, you dont know the distress of other small celebrities.

If they make the slightest mistake, theyll be reduced to ashes.

Those brainless fans will even want to skin them alive.

Anyway, this is the only solution for this matter.

It doesnt matter if you agree or not.

Xu Huiru, you have to think about it yourself.

Do you want to break up peacefully or do you want Zhao Sixiu to go to jail Choose one!”

Xu Hui stood to one side, biting her lip slightly.

Her face was full of reluctance, but there was nothing she could do.

Seeing that Xu Huiru was worried about him and had suffered enough by his side, Zhao Sixiu gritted his teeth and said, “Dont make things difficult for them.

Ill sign it.”

“Sixiu…” Xu Huis expression changed.

“Huiru, Im sorry.” Zhao Sixiu had nothing to say.

How could a small celebrity fight against their agent from a big company like Sister Yang

He couldnt even hire a lawyer!

He looked at Xu Huiru and could not hide the heartache in his eyes.

“In the future, you have to live well by yourself.

You have to stay away from such people so that you wont be implicated by my matters.”

Xu Huiru bit her lip.

She knew he was doing it for her and was afraid that Sister Yang would continue to humiliate her.

Sister Yang was smiling.

“If you guys had known it wouldve come to this, you shouldve been obedient earlier.”

The commitment letter was placed in front of Zhao Sixiu, and the pen was slapped on the paper.

“Wait!” Su Bei stopped Zhao Sixiu.

Zhao Sixiu stopped his movement of signing and looked at her in confusion.

At this moment, Su Bei was dressed in mens clothes.

She had not changed her clothes since she left the set.

She was dazzlingly handsome and had a decisive determination.

She said, “Zhao Sixiu, since youre not even afraid of suffering a few more years of humiliation in such a company, are you afraid of going to jail”

“Im not.” He wasnt afraid of going to jail.


He looked at Xu Huiru.

If he went to jail, he would be cutting off Sister Yangs income.

How could Sister Yang not continue causing trouble for Xu Huiru

How could he protect her when he was in jail

“Since youre not afraid, this matter isnt a big deal.

Lets just call the police!” Su Bei took out her phone.

Sis Yangs expression changed.

“What are you doing”

“Ill call the police! A certain someone wants to violate the law and settle this matter in private, but we should go through the legal procedures!” Su Bei had a smile on her face, looking relaxed and carefree.

“You… This is the police station.

Why are you calling the police” Sister Yang gave the people around her a look.

They surrounded Su Bei, obviously wanting to snatch her phone and stop her from calling the police.

Su Bei took the initiative and threw the phone on the table.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot.

I already called the police before I came here.”

Sister Yangs expression turned extremely ugly.

“What do you mean”

“I should be the one asking you the question! Its illegal to get people to pretend to be state public officials.

Its illegal to use this means to imprison and control Zhao Sixiu.

Also, its even more illegal to modify an office and decorate it as a police station.

Sister Yang, did you do this yourself or did your company authorize you to do this” Su Bei smiled brightly, but what she said made Sister Yang shiver.

Zhao Sixiu was shocked.

So all of this was fake… When he had a conflict with Sister Yang previously, he was too agitated.

After seeing the law enforcement officers, he did not resist or suspect anything.

So this was just a way for Sister Yang to intimidate him.

Seeing the corners of Sister Yangs lips twitch, Su Bei said, “I know what youre thinking.

When the police come over later, youll quibble and say that youre filming here and didnt do anything illegal.

Everyone dressed up like this just to cooperate with the filming.

Did I guess correctly”

“If you know that, why are you saying so much” Sister Yang asked angrily.

“But what about the filming procedures Has the paperwork been approved Especially for night filming, the approval measures are even stricter.

May I ask what your filming permission is Its illegal to shoot without permission, right” Su Bei asked.

In other words, Su Bei had already thought of an argument to counter Sister Yangs excuse later.

Sister Yangs face was ashen.

“The police will arrive in 10 minutes.

Sister Yang, I hope you can discuss with the company to set Zhao Sixiu free, terminate his contract, and pay him for the work he has done over the years.

If you do that, I can consider telling the police it was a false alarm.

Otherwise…” Su Bei didnt finish her threat.

But Sister Yang already knew what he meant.

Over the years, she had used this method to threaten artistes.

The company she was in was not clean at all.

If the matter of impersonating state officials was exposed, the entire company would have to bear the consequences.

It would be fine if Su Bei was an ordinary artiste, but now, who dared to underestimate the person standing behind her

Sister Yang did not dare to delay.

She immediately called the company and told them about Su Beis request.

In the face of the loud questions and recriminations from the senior executives of the company, Sister Yang could only endure it all.

After all, the injury to her head was not as serious as she had claimed.

Everything they were doing was unreasonable.

A moment later, an alarm sounded outside the building.

A moment later, sinister footsteps sounded from outside the door.

From the sound of it, it was obvious that the visitors were all well-trained.

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