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That was Su Beis theory.

She knew her theory was bold but logical.

Xu Huirui was stunned for a moment.

She had to admit that Su Beis guess made sense.

“If youre in a hurry to do something, youll fall into Sister Yangs trap.

She can use this to drive a wedge between you and Zhao Sixiu.

It can also prove that a simple girlfriend like you can only be a burden to him.” Su Beis rational analysis convinced Xu Huiru.

She pursed her lips.

“So what do I do now Even if I dont fall out with Sister Yang, Sixiu and I cant afford to pay the penalty.

Hes been working hard to make money all these years, but what he gets is less than a tenth of his entire income.

The rest is taken by Sister Yang and the company.

In addition to day-to-day expenses, he cant save much of what he earns.”

“Go and prepare a video that contains Zhao Sixius works over the years.

Ill pass it on to Lu Weijian, the current person in charge of Di Xing Media Company.

If he wins this opportunity, it wont be a problem for him to move to Di Xing Media Company.”

When Xu Huiru heard this, she was overjoyed.

The hope within her was growing exponentially.

She was grateful.

“I have it.

Hes always been passionate about acting.

He always focuses on figuring out the characters he plays.

Not only do I have his works, but I also have a lot of videos of me working with him on the script when Im helping him prepare.

I have all of it.

Before the matter with my father happened, I was the one who managed his career.”

She quickly searched for the related content on her phone.

Su Bei said, “Then send it to me and Ill forward it to Lu Weijian.”

“Okay, Ill get it done and send it to you now.” Although Xu Huirus personality was a little soft, she was meticulous in doing things.

Soon, she sent Zhao Sixius highlight reel, makeup photos, and resume to Su Beis email.

Su Bei forwarded them to Lu Weijian and said to Xu Huiru, “Mr.

Weijian might not need an artiste like him.

If you guys cant join Di Xing Media Company, youll have to rely on yourselves in the future.”

She was no longer talking about Zhao Sixiu, but about Xu Huiru too.

This meant that Su Bei had also recommended Xu Huiru because she could tell that Xu Huiru was also a good talent.

She was meticulous and considerate, but she had no opportunity and lacked professional nurturing.

“Im prepared for that.” Xu Huiru nodded immediately.

“Sixiu was forced to sign with Sister Yangs company.

If we have the chance to be free, even if it means well have to do hard work, well be fine with it.”

“Now, call Sister Yang and tell her that you agree to leave Zhao Sixiu.

Shell definitely let you go over.

Lets…” Su Bei told her in detail.

Xu Huiru was now obedient to Su Bei.

She looked at her admiringly and nodded vigorously.

She pulled out her phone and called Sister Yang.

Sister Yang sounded very angry.

“You still have the cheek to call me Did you encourage Zhao Sixiu to hit me Xu Huiru, do you remember who paid off your fathers debt back then! The two of you sure know how to be grateful.

He has even hit me now! Let me tell you, Zhao Sixiu will be going to jail this time.

I wont forgive him so easily for hitting me!”

“Sister Yang, I know I was wrong.

I promise you, if you let me see Sixiu one last time, Ill leave him.

From now on, no matter how he develops his career, it has nothing to do with me.” Xu Huirus voice trembled with fear.

When Sister Yang heard this, she was very satisfied.

“Then come over now.

Its best if you can convince Zhao Sixiu to split with you.

An artiste like him whos on the rise shouldnt be in a relationship.”

“Im on my way.

Please send me the address.”

Sister Yang slammed down the phone.

Xu Hui was a little uneasy, but a moment later, Sister Yang sent her the address.

“Su Bei, Sister Yang sent us the address.

Lets go over.”

Su Bei nodded and asked her driver to come over and drive her and Xu Huiru to the address given by Sister Yang.

The closer they got to the location, the more certain she was that her judgment was right.

Zhao Sixiu had not been arrested by the police at all.

Sister Yang still had to use him to make money, so how could she leave him with a criminal record

Xu Huiru also sensed this, and her heart gradually calmed.

When they arrived and knocked on the door, Sister Yang was a little unhappy to see Su Bei and Xu Huiru coming over together.

However, she still smiled and said, “Su Bei, why are you here This is an internal matter of our company.

Im sorry to have embarrassed myself in front of you.

However, internal scandals cant be publicized.

Why dont…”

What she meant was that she wanted Su Bei to leave quickly.

Su Bei looked at Sister Yang and saw that her head was still wrapped in gauze and her face was a little bruised.

It was obvious that it was Zhao Sixius work.

She smiled and said, “Huiru and I are friends.

Since this is a matter pertaining to her, I want to come and take a look.

Sister Yang, I know this is an internal matter of your company, but my friendship with her has to count for something.

Do you mind”

Before Sister Yang could refuse, Su Bei was already holding the door open forcefully, determined to go in and take a look.

Sister Yang had no choice but to let them in.

Inside, Zhao Sixiu was locked in a small room.

Everything here was decorated to look like a police station.

It was specially designed to scare Zhao Sixiu.

When Zhao Sixiu entered, he was blindfolded, so he naturally did not know where he was.

Actually, if Su Bei had not specifically told Xu Huiru that this was Sister Yangs fake plan, Xu Huiru would have been shocked by this place.

The people in uniforms and all kinds of special decorations made the place seem like it was real.

Ordinary people would eventually feel some fear and dread when they came to these places.

Such places would fill them up with a strong sense of fear.

Especially since Zhao Sixiu had beaten Sister Yang up so badly.

Zhao Sixiu and Xu Huiru would naturally not think too much about it.

They would just think that Sister Yang had really called the police.

Itd be the onlooker who saw the bigger picture.

“Sixiu, are you okay” Xu Hui ran over anxiously when she saw that Zhao Sixiu was locked up and his hands were still cuffed.

“Su Bei accompanied me here.

I came to see you.

I was really worried.” Xu Huirus eyes were filled with anxiety.

Although Su Bei was there, Xu Huiru was still worried when she saw what was happening.

Sister Yang wanted to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

She said, “Alright, you guys know what to do about this matter.

My good face has been ruined by Zhao Sixiu.

Now that Ive handed this case over to the police to be dealt with, Zhao Sixiu will have to take responsibility no matter what.

But on the account that were colleagues, I dont want Zhao Sixiu to go to jail and cause everyone to suffer.

So, lets sit down and discuss it.”

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