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Lu Weijian was now very ambitious and had invested a lot of money and manpower in Di Xing Media Company.

Su Bei thought that she should help him keep an eye on some suitable candidates as a token of her appreciation as his sister-in-law.

Except she hadnt expected the opportunity to come so soon.

Two days later, after she finished filming, she was sitting and scrolling through her phone when a call suddenly came in.

It was from Xu Huiru, Zhao Sixius innocent-looking girlfriend.

When Su Bei helped her leave the production team that day, she saw that it was getting late, so she gave her her number.

Su Bei picked it up.

Xu Huirus voice was very anxious.

“Su Bei, can you help Sixiu is too impulsive now.

Im really afraid that something will happen…”

“Where are you” Su Bei stood up and looked around.

Zhao Sixiu didnt have any scenes today, so he didnt come to the set.

For a moment she was not sure what had happened.

“Im outside the set,” she said in a pleading tone.

“Can you come out Please help.”

“Wait a moment.

Ill be right out.” Su Bei hung up the phone and told Director Jiang that she wanted to take a leave of absence.

Recently, the filming had been going very smoothly, and progress was much faster than expected.

In addition to the matter between Su Bei and Lu Bei, the movie had already made a name for itself before filming was even completed.

Director Jiang was in a good mood and waved his hand.

“Go! Be careful outside.”

Su Bei quickly walked out of the set and saw Xu Huiru outside.

Xu Huiru looked very young and plain.

Other than Zhao Sixiu, she had nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

Her small face was exceptionally plain and simple, but her facial features were quite good.

Su Bei walked toward her.

When she heard footsteps, she ran over anxiously and cried, “Su Bei!”

“Sixiu was arrested by the police.

We still dont know what the situation is.

Hes an actor.

If anything really happens, his future will be ruined.”

Su Bei frowned.

“Tell me everything in detail.”

Only then did Xu Huiru calm down and say, “Sixius manager and company have always hoped that he would be able to take the idol route and make quick money for the company.

However, Sixiu has always been unwilling to do so.

Sister Yang came to me a few days ago and hoped that I could take the initiative to break up with him and not interfere with his career and future.

“However, how can I break up with him Originally, he signed a contract with Sister Yangs company because of me.

Back then, my father owed a huge loan shark due to gambling.

Sister Yangs company helped me pay it off, but the premise was that Sixiu had to stay in their company and sign an unjust contract.

‘Sixiu is very good to me, and I owe him a lot, so its impossible for me to break up with him.

In the end, I didnt expect Sister Yang to get someone to sexually harass me in order to achieve her goal.

She tried to make me retreat and break up with him.”

Su Bei was surprised.

She did not expect there to be so much entanglement between them.

She also did not expect that Sister Yang would disregard her reputation for the sake of benefits.

“Sixiu didnt have time to come and see me today.

I told him about someone touching me and told him about taking a break from our relationship.

Im well aware that he has done a lot for me.

I wanted him to have some room to breathe as well.

But I didnt expect that Sixiu would be so angry that he would go straight to Sister Yang and punch her in the face…” Xu Huiru cried in a suppressed manner.

“Sister Yang called the police and they took him away.

I had no choice but to come to you.

Su Bei, I dont know anyone else in the entertainment industry, and I dont dare go to the media for fear that everything about Sixiu will be ruined if word gets out.

I know Im in no position to beg you, but please help me.

No matter what you want me to do in the future, Ill agree to it…”

Su Bei raised her eyebrows and looked at her.

“Are you planning to leave after Zhao Sixiu is fine”

“H-How did you know” Xu Huiru looked at Su Bei in surprise.

“Sister Yang forced you to this extent.

If you want to help Zhao Sixiu, youll definitely take this path.”

Xu Huiru was even more surprised.

“Su Bei, even if I leave, Ill do my best to help you.

Ill help you whenever you need me.”

“I wont require your help.

Im Su Bei.

I have everything I want.

Do I need anyones help”

Xu Huiru was extremely embarrassed.

Yes, Su Bei had everything.

How could she need anything in return She was asking Su Bei to get into so much trouble.

Did she really have the position to ask her for help

She blushed and took a few steps back, remembering that she was being too abrupt.

Not to mention that she had nothing to do with Su Bei.

Even Zhao Sixiu had said that his relationship with Su Bei was not deep.

It was really difficult to ask Su Bei for such a big favor.

She bit her lip.

“Im really sorry,” she whispered.

“I was rude.

Im sorry.”

While talking, she tried her best to hold back her tears.

She was embarrassed by her desperation and her rashness.

“Xu Huiru, where do you plan to go How do you plan on helping Zhao Sixiu”

She shook her head mechanically.

“I dont know.

I have to beg Sister Yang.

Maybe Im still useful.

I know she might need someone to socialize with some big shots…”

She spoke the words mechanically, appearing passive and resigned.

“Did I say I wouldnt help you” Su Bei asked.

At that moment, she was dressed in mens clothes.

She was standing under the light of the evening, and she was enveloped with a light yellow glow.

“Youll help me” Xu Huiru asked, suddenly hopeful.

“Its not me helping you but you helping yourself.

Since you and Zhao Sixiu are helping each other and cant leave each other, I also hope that you wont say anything about leaving in the future.

Only by being together can you help each other.

If you leave, youll really be wasting each others efforts.”

Xu Huiru seemed to understand those words, and her heart jolted.

In her eyes, Su Bei was a ray of light, a star.

The things she shone on were completely illuminated.

“I wont leave! Ill always be there for him! Ill try to sort this out! But hes at the station now.

If word of this gets out, his career will be in jeopardy.”

“‘Hes not at the station.”

“How do you know” Xu Huiru looked at her anxiously.

“Zhao Sixiu is still useful to Sister Yang.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have kept a tight grip on you.

They wont directly ruin Zhao Sixiu because of this.

Most likely, shes just scaring you.”

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