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“We cant be sure whether sons will be like their mothers or daughters will be like their fathers.” Su Bei smiled at him.

“The matter of deciding whether we want another child or not is very important.

Perhaps we wont be able to come to a decision for now, but whether we want another child or not, we already have two sons.

Theyre our most precious assets.”

“Yeah.” Lu Heting agreed with her and planted a kiss on her lips.

When they returned home, Da Bao and Gun Gun had already finished their homework.

Seeing the two of them return, Gun Gun rushed over and hugged Su Beis legs.

He had grown taller and gained a lot of weight.

Su Bei reached out to hug him, but she didnt manage to.

Lu Heting laughed and reached out to pick him up.

While holding Da Baos hand, Su Bei asked him about school.

Gun Gun came to report first.

“Wei Jiss mommy actually gave birth to a sister for him! Sister! Hes the first person in our class to have a sister!”

“Thats why all of us are so envious of him.

I want a little sister, too,” Gun Gun said.

“He says a little sister will grow up to be good and obedient.

Shell follow her brother around like shes his tail.”

Su Bei looked at Lu Heting and smiled.

Their minds were really in sync today.

Unknowingly, the entire family had mentioned a sister or a daughter.

It was as if they had telepathy.

“But youre Big Brother Da Baos tail yourself.” Su Bei touched the tip of his nose.

“Thats true.” Gun Gun brightened at the thought.

“Wei Jia is the first to have a sister, but Im the first to have a brother.”

“Thats right,” Su Bei replied.

“Others will envy you too.”

“This is true! Many people are envious that I have Big Brother Da Bao.

That day, even our teacher came to ask me if Big Brother Da Bao was really in junior high school.

My teacher also said that Big Brother Da Bao is really amazing.”

A suspicious blush flashed across Da Baos face.

He seemed a little uncomfortable.

As cold as he was, he was not used to such direct praise.

However, it felt good to be praised by those he liked.

Su Bei bent down and leaned against Da Baos forehead.

“Your teacher is right.

Our Da Bao is especially powerful! Its natural for others to be envious of him!”

Da Baos smile gradually brightened.

Lu Heting reached out and patted his shoulder.

“As expected of my son.”

Gun Gun changed the topic again.

“Will we have a sister in the future How can we have a sister My classmates said that boys and girls will have babies if they kiss, right”

“Uh…” Su Bei smiled at Lu Heting when she heard his childish words.

“Hubby, Ill leave the responsibility of enlightening children to you.”

Lu Heting pinched the space between his eyebrows.

This was indeed a grand and very important topic.

However, even he had to read some professional books first before he could talk to the kids about it.

“Does that mean Ill have a sister when Im enlightened” Gun Gun was still curious.

Lu Heting tapped the tip of his nose and said, “You need to have Dad and Mom agree with having a sister first.

Besides, we can only make it happen if we have time.

Do you understand Because a sister, like you and Big Brother Da Bao, will come from Mommys stomach.

Mommy has to be pregnant for 10 months before she can give birth to a child.

Mommy will suffer a lot during that time.”

“Like the pregnant aunt we saw last time”

“Yes, being a mommy is especially hard.

Think about it.

Its very hard for you to carry something very heavy on your stomach every day, isnt it”


Then lets forget about it and not have a sister.” Gun Gun thought for a while and said, “Anyway, I have Big Brother Da Bao, and Big Brother Da Bao has Gun Gun.”

He ran to Su Bei and rubbed his head against her stomach.

He said gently, “Its been hard on you, Bei Bei.”

Su Beis eyes sparkled as she hugged Gun Gun.

“With Da Bao and Gun Gun, its not hard for me at all.”

Da Bao walked over and threw himself into Su Beis arms like Gun Gun.

Although they hadnt decided if they wanted another child, Lu Hetings body proved that he could cooperate with her on this matter.

Su Bei held her waist and wondered regretfully who had started this topic yesterday!

When they arrived at the set, it was fortunate that they were filming two emotional scenes today.

There were no fighting scenes, but such emotional scenes were also filled with hidden torrents.

They were a test of ones skills.

After filming, Zhao Sixiu sat over and said, “Thank you for yesterday.”

Su Bei knew what he was talking about.

Yesterday, Zhao Sixiu had secretly met a very innocent-looking young girl.

When Sister Yang came over, Zhao Sixiu hid the girl.

Su Bei later ran out with the girl.

Sister Yang did not discover anything.

Although she was puzzled, she did not say anything and left.

During her time on set, Su Bei also knew Sister Yangs personality.

She valued fame and fortune and had a loud voice.

She was more or less bossy to her artistes.

If she really saw Zhao Sixiu secretly meeting that girl, she would probably lose her temper and make the scene awkward.

“Its nothing.

That girl is quite sensible,” Su Bei replied with a smile.

“But I dont even have the chance to meet her openly.” Perhaps because he was familiar with Su Bei, Zhao Sixiu actually talked about his private life in front of her.

Su Bei looked at him.

“I know that many managers are controlling over the artistes they manage, but theyre all idols.

Brother Zhao, youre such a capable actor.

Are you afraid that being in a relationship will affect your future”

“Sister Yang hopes that Ill become an idol.” There was a hint of helplessness in Zhao Sixius smile.

Su Bei nodded.

This was the difference between every company and an agent.

Having an agent was also a double-edged sword.

If an agent was too strong-headed, they would interfere with the artistes own choice.

If an agent was too weak, they would not be able to take on too much work.

The two of them werent that familiar with each other yet, so they didnt continue the conversation.

However, Su Bei felt that Sister Yang was indeed a little too eager to succeed using Zhao Sixiu.

The image of a beautiful man in the entertainment industry was popular now, but it did not mean that everyone would not like a tough guy like Zhao Sixiu.

His image was rare.

If he developed well and found a suitable route, his future would not be any worse than forcing him to take up the image of a beautiful man.

Su Bei couldnt say these words directly, but she remembered Zhao Sixius matter.

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