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The directors assistant and Kekes mother were stunned.

Then, they looked at the ceiling, especially Kekes mother.

As a loyal fan of Su Bei, although she was a little jealous that Lu Heting could make Su Bei his woman, she knew she couldnt give Su Bei these things herself.

She was happy to see Su Bei happy.

Lu Heting covered Kekes eyes and kissed Su Bei on the lips.

Although this action was common, in front of so many people and Little Keke… Su Beis face still turned red.

Lu Heting let go of her and the hand covering Kekes eyes.

“Im leaving.”

Su Bei nodded gently and watched his handsome back disappear before her eyes.

Keke, on the other hand, looked a little confused.

‘What did that uncle do just now What happened She leaned against Su Bei, her eyes moving about.

She was particularly cute.

Su Bei burst out laughing and tapped the tip of her nose.

“Little cutie, you have to perform well later.”

Her interactions with Keke were good, and they did very well in the shoot.

Scenes with children were very difficult to film.

Usually, they had to keep trying to express what the director wanted.

However, Keke performed very well.

Director Jiang praised her several times.

After the scene ended, Kekes mother specially carried Keke to thank Su Bei.

“Miss Su, thank you so much for your help today.”

“Youre welcome.

Its getting late.

You and Keke should go home early.” Su Bei patted Kekes face.

Children couldnt compare to adults.

After filming here for so long, Kekes face clearly showed her exhaustion.

She looked so haggard that it made ones heart ache.

After Keke left, Su Bei packed her things and left.

Just as she picked up her bag, Lu Heting appeared in her line of sight.

Ever since he announced his relationship with Su Bei, he would openly appear and make up for all the things he had done secretly in the past.

As he walked over under everyones gaze, he picked up Su Beis bag and walked out with her.

Once again, they received a lot of envious gazes.

When they went out, they were surrounded by reporters again.

However, with the bodyguards around, these reporters did not dare to get too close.

Su Bei was getting so much attention, which made Sister Yang envious.

She turned to Zhao Sixiu and said earnestly, “Sixiu, its fine if you dont break up with your girlfriend, but its best not to get photographed.

Otherwise, your value will be greatly reduced.

After this, Ill seek a chance for you to act in an idol drama.”

Zhao Sixiu frowned.

He was not very interested in establishing a strong fan club, but in order to make as much money as possible, his company and Sister Yang had given him a plan to attract more female fans.

This model was currently the best way to make money.

However, it was obvious that this method would also impact his ability to put out good work.

“Actually, Su Bei is able to enjoy her current situation all because Mr.

Lu is backing her up.

Thats why she can be so willful and do whatever she wants.

Its better not to think about other artistes, especially you…”

Zhao Sixiu lowered his head slightly and clenched his fists.

It was true that he had no right to be willful.

However, he really did not dare to agree with Sister Yang.

After Su Bei and Lu Heting got into the car, the reporters were isolated.

Seeing that Lu Heting was slightly tired, she said, “The reporters are still very curious about us and find our relationship very novel, so theyve been following us.

Theyll forget about us after some time.”

“It doesnt matter.

Its good to let everyone know about our relationship.

Im mentally prepared to accept everyones curiosity.” Lu Hetings fatigue was quickly replaced by satisfaction.

He was able to stand beside her as her husband.

For this, he was not afraid of this privacy being violated.

“But youre not a public figure.” Su Bei still felt sorry for him.

She stretched out her fingers, raised them, and gently massaged his temples.

Lu Heting sighed softly and approached her comfortably.

After a moment, he reached out with his palm and closed his fingers around hers.

“Do you like daughters a lot”

“Thats right.

Girls are obedient and cute.

How can I not like them You saw Keke today, right Shes so cute.

Although Da Bao and Gun Gun are cute too, I cant braid their hair or buy them many beautiful floral dresses.

I can finally understand why people say that parents must have at least one daughter in their lives.

Dont you think so” Su Bei couldnt stop talking.

Lu Heting laughed and kissed her fingers.

“Do you really want a daughter so badly”

“Itll be nice to have a daughter.” She looked wistful.

“Then I should work hard.” Lu Hetings deep eyes were filled with desire.

Su Beis heart skipped a beat when she saw the mans handsome features.

No matter how many times she looked at his face, she couldnt help but be tempted.

However, she blinked.

“Thats not what I meant.

I already have Da Bao and Gun Gun.

I dont have the time to think about anything else now.”

“Then you can think about it when youre done being busy this time, hmm”

Su Bei thought for a moment.

“Do you want another child”

“I didnt want another one before.

When you gave birth to Da Bao and Gun Gun, you had already experienced a lot of hardships.

At that time, you shouldered everything alone…” Lu Hetings fingers gently rubbed the back of her hand.

“If you want another child, youll be the one to suffer again.

The pain of being pregnant for 10 months, the pain of giving birth, and the pain of raising a child.

A woman has to bear too much.

However, when I saw the way you looked at that little girl, I also thought that if you really wanted another child, Id be willing to do whatever you wanted even though Im not able to share those hardships with you.”

A trace of warmth flashed across Su Beis heart.

The back of her hand was itchy, and so was her heart.

Her red lips pursed slightly.

“Do you like daughters, then”

“I do, because a daughter will be like you.

Shell be obedient, sweet, and cute.

Shell inherit your genes.”

Su Bei smiled and corrected him, “Of course not.

Everyone says that girls take after their fathers.

Sons are the ones who are like their mothers.

Dont you think so”

Lu Heting thought for a moment and smiled.

“Gun Gun does look like you.

But Da Bao is an exact copy of my genes.”

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