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Chapter 1451: JealousyTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In todays scene, there would be a little girl who was more than a year old.

Lu Bei would also be acting in this scene.

This scene was meant to evoke stimulating and genuine emotions.

The little girl didnt have many scenes, but she was too young, so she needed a lot of guidance from the actors.

Her mother was also present.

When Su Bei saw the little girl, her eyes lit up.

Although she had given birth to Da Bao and Gun Gun, they were both boys.

The little girl in front of her had a round face and big, bright eyes.

When she blinked, she looked exceptionally obedient.

Her hair was tied into a few braids with a beautiful bow.

She looked really pretty.

Su Bei refused to let go of her.

The little girl who was still very shy just now and was resistant to interacting with others became very active in front of Su Bei.

She would say intermittent words, and she even kissed Su Beis face.

Her mother hurriedly stopped her.

“Keke, dont kiss Aunts face.”

Su Bei was a big star.

Her face was priceless, so Kekes actions were really offensive.

Keke looked timidly at her mother and then at Su Bei.

Su Bei really liked her.

She said softly, “Its okay.

Ill have to rehearse with her later anyway.

Its good for her to familiarize herself with me in advance.”

“Miss Su, youre so nice.” Kekes mother was also a young girl who was quite pretty herself.

It seemed that Keke had inherited her looks from her.

The mothers eyes were filled with emotion when she heard that Su Bei didnt mind.

“Keke is so nice.

I like her a lot,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“And shes still young.

Just let her do what she wants.”

When she was done talking, she kissed Kekes forehead.

Keke smiled happily and clapped her hands.

“Bei Bei, Bei Bei…”

“Its so blissful to have a daughter,” Su Bei sighed softly.

“Yes, my daughter is obedient.

Miss Su, arent you already married Have you put the matter of giving birth on the agenda” Kekes mother was also a fan of Su Bei.

She knew that it was a little rude, but she couldnt help but ask.

When Su Bei thought of Da Bao and Gun Gun, the slight regret in her heart dissipated.

Having sons was blissful too.

She was happy with her two little boys.

She laughed.

“Well, it depends on fate.”

“If you give birth to a girl, I wonder how well-behaved shell be” Kekes mother said with a smile.

“Youre so beautiful.

I can only imagine how stunning your children would be.”

Su Bei pursed her lips and smiled.

Da Baos and Gun Guns looks were indeed stunning.

Especially after they inherited the characteristics of Lu Hetings facial features, they looked even more extraordinary.

However, what would happen if she had a daughter Su Beis gaze landed on Kekes face, and she was already looking forward to it.

Seeing that Su Bei was silent, Kekes mother grabbed the corner of her shirt and said nervously, “Miss Su, Im also a fan of yours.

Ive liked you for a long time.

Actually, I only agreed to let Keke star in this film because I knew that you were filming it.

Can I hug you”

The more she spoke, the more she expressed her love and admiration for Su Bei.

She was initially afraid of Su Bei having a distant attitude, but when she saw how Su Bei treated Keke, she mustered her courage and expressed her liking.

Su Bei laughed.


I have to thank you and Keke for liking me.”

Seeing that Su Bei wanted to hug her mommy, she clapped her hands happily.

“Bei Bei, Mommy! Bei Bei hug Mommy.”

Kekes mother lunged at Su Bei excitedly.

Lu Heting stood aside and coughed softly.

His expression was stern.

The assistant director who accompanied him in could clearly feel that Lu Hetings aura had become cold.

Standing beside him, he felt a chill down his spine.

Was Mr.

Lu even jealous of his female fans One really couldnt judge a book by its cover.

Everyone said that Su Bei wasnt worthy of Mr.

Lu, but seeing how jealous Mr.

Lu was, he probably treated Su Bei like a princess.

If outsiders saw this scene, their faces would probably be swollen from getting slapped in the face.

Unfortunately, he did not dare to take any photos at this time.

He could not prove it to those people.

Seemingly having sensed Lu Hetings arrival, Kekes mother didnt hug Su Bei tightly.

She just leaned against her gently and let go.

She looked at Su Bei with regret and shyness.

She didnt understand why she didnt dare to give Su Bei a big hug just now.

There werent many opportunities like this, and a chance like this probably wouldnt happen again.

Su Bei heard a familiar cough.

She turned around and shouted with a smile, “Hubby!”

Instead of returning Keke to her mother, she carried her to Lu Heting.

It was only then that Kekes mother realized that Lu Heting had arrived.

When Su Bei called himHubby, she appeared really charming and seemed to rely on him a lot.

It looked like she had called him that many times.

She suddenly felt a little regretful.

After all, her idol was married.

In front of her man, she was like a little bird that relied on others.

The directors assistant also had a look of disbelief on his face.

Was this still the Lu Bei who could easily take down Zhao Sixiu when filming the fighting scene How did his previous heroic spirit become so delicate in front of Lu Heting

Su Bei carried Keke to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting had no objections to the child, but he felt that the way the mother looked at Su Bei was a little too passionate and uncomfortable.

He said softly, “Hasnt the shooting started yet”

“No, it hasnt.

Ill be acting with this little girl today.

Shes still too young.

I want to familiarize myself with her.” Su Bei looked at him curiously.

“Why are you here”

“I prepared warm milk for you but you forgot to bring it.” Lu Heting handed her the thermos in his hand.

Su Bei reached out and took it.

She held Keke with one hand and carried the child skillfully.

The familiarity and intimacy between Lu Heting and Su Bei were obvious.

There was no need to say how much they doted on each other.

“Ill be leaving now.” Lu Heting was deep in thought as he watched her carry the child.

His voice softened.

He recalled that she was the one who had raised Da Bao… He had missed out a lot on her life.

“Mhm.” Su Bei gently nodded.

She thought that Lu Heting was about to leave, but he turned around and came back.

He hugged her and pulled her into his arms.

This hug expressed his heartache for her all these years and… the jealousy he felt for the female fan who hugged Su Bei just now.

Feeling the hug, Su Bei put down the thermos of milk and put her slender arm around his waist.

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