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Chapter 145: Chapter 145 It Suits You Well

“Ive heard that a single pearl shell is worth hundreds of thousands of yuan.

How can you afford it” Su Bei stuffed the bracelet into Lu Hetings hand.

The smile on Lu Hetings face vanished.

“Really Is it that expensive When I went diving, I found these shells.

No one told me the price.”

He indeed found these shells when he went diving.

Since he met her five years ago, he had paid special attention to anything related to “Bei”, which means “shell”.

Lu Heting had brought back all the shells he had found when he went diving in the deep sea.

And when he thought of sending her this bracelet today, he immediately arranged for someone to make it and send it to her.

“You really dont know the value of this bracelet” Su Bei asked perplexedly.

Of course, Lu Heting knew its price.

But it was not a big deal to him.

The shells he brought back were all placed in the storage box at home.

He saved them only because they were connected to Su Beis name.

For others, they were very expensive shells.

But for him, they were just shells.

“Dont you think it suits you well” He took her hand and put the bracelet on her wrist again.

The size was just right for her.

Compared with gold, silver, and jade, this one really matched her special temperament.

Su Bei asked unexpectedly, “Where did you get these many shells”

“In the sea.

I often go deep-sea diving when I go on business trips, so I always bring home some shells.

There are still more at home.

If you like them, I can give them all to you,” Lu Heting said calmly.

“Forget it.

I heard that they are very expensive.” Su Bei still wanted to return the bracelet to him.

“Maybe its a coincidence that there are all kinds of shells at home.

Keep it.

If its design is masculine, Ill keep it for myself,” he said calmly.

After thinking for a while, she thought the style of the bracelet indeed didnt suit him.

Besides, he couldnt possibly afford such an expensive bracelet that worth millions of yuan.

And an ordinary man like him couldnt recognize this kind of shell.

So it made sense if he got them while he was diving.

Su Bei looked at the bracelet carefully.

Actually, she was very satisfied with it, and it really suited her well.

When Su Bei and Lu Heting returned home, they found that Gun Gun wasnt there.

Lu Heting was a little surprised.

“Where is Gun Gun” Su Bei asked worriedly.

“Usually, he stays at home with Aunt Chen at this time of the day.” She looked confused.

“I asked Aunt Chen to take him to the amusement park.

Ill pick him up after dinner.” Lu Heting slightly frowned, and a hint of coldness flashed through his eyes.

Su Bei was really tired after shooting for a whole day, so she didnt think much about it.

After dinner, she ran into the room and said, “Lu Heting, when Gun Gun comes back, let him take a shower and go to bed.

Ill take a nap first.”

Looking at her back, Lu Heting picked up his phone and car keys.

Then he turned around and walked out of the house.

He drove directly to a villa and stopped at the gate.

In a lighted room, he could see Gun Gun sitting in front of the window.

Sitting next to him was a young woman.

She was whispering something to him.

Lu Heting dialed a number.

When his call was answered, he said in a cold and deep voice, “Mom, bring Lu Gecheng out.”

A few moments later, Mrs.

Lu walked out of the villa with Gun Gun.

As soon as Gun Gun saw Lu Hetings car, he ran towards it quickly.

“Bei Bei, my little cutie!”

“Gun Gun, be careful! Who is that little cutie Youve been mentioning her all day long,” Mrs.

Lu said gently.


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