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Chapter 1450: How RidiculousTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

[Its alright for actors to get married and have children.

We love them for their work, not their looks or their private lives! We definitely dont love them for their personas!]

“Thats right.

Things are really weird in this circle.

Theres the kind of celebrities who dont have the skills to get them far, so they rely on building up a good persona and reaping fan traffic.

If those celebrities fall in love and secretly get married, thatll indeed hurt their fans!]

[To be honest, it doesnt matter what kind of celebrities they are.

In fact, everyone should just focus on the celebrities work and not on their private lives, especially actors.

They really should have their own freedom.]

#FreedomForActors# instantly made it to the trending list.

Regarding Su Beis matter, the fans were standing in unison.

Most of the netizens were envious.

To be able to marry Lu Heting in this lifetime… She must have saved the Milky Way in her previous life.


There were even many people who felt that Su Bei was not worthy of Mr.


She was just an artiste, but the other party was Mr.


However, these discordant voices did not cause any waves tonight as they were immediately suppressed by various blessings.

Those who were envious were really envious, and those who were jealous were really jealous.

Sister Yang was the most jealous one.

She never expected that Lu Bei was actually Su Bei in disguise!

She had even gone to film the scene of Lu Bei and Su Bei walking out of the same room after Lu Bei was abandoned by the production team.


She felt a dull ache on her face.

On the other hand, Zhao Sixiu sat on the sofa and watched the news with a rare smile.

Su Bei was actually Lu Bei, and Lu Bei was Su Bei.

How interesting!

It was no wonder that Lu Bei, who had just entered the industry, had such exquisite acting skills! It was not surprising knowing now that he was Su Bei!

Wang Jiarou was also in the hotel room and saw the news.

When she saw that Lu Bei was Su Bei, she almost exploded.

So, the person she had been framing was actually a woman She didnt need to be humiliated again.

She, too, felt that she was ridiculous before.

No wonder Lu Bei was not worried about being framed by her and did not hesitate to expose her lies in public.

Wang Jiarou clenched her fists tightly.

At this moment, she became a little smarter.

Su Bei announcing that she was Lu Bei was just a matter of time.

Hence, with this incident, Su Bei stepped on her head and used the publics disgust for her to yield better results with the announcement she made.

But so what even if Wang Jiarou had realized things now

Su Bei had already given her several chances.

Di Xing Media Company had even called her, and Lu Corporation had even sent her a plane ticket… She lost control and laughed out loud.

All of this was too funny!

She was really so stupid that there was no cure.

From the beginning until now, Su Bei had given her countless opportunities, but she had personally destroyed all of them, causing her to end up like this.

Outside the hotel, the fans were still following her.

The insults were endless.

Even the attendant and the cleaning lady seemed to look at her with disdain.

The air felt suffocating.

Wang Jiarou took out her phone and opened the page to book a plane ticket.

She made the purchase without stopping.

Now, the only way out was to escape forever.

The next day, when Sister Yang saw Su Bei, she smiled as if nothing had happened and even praised her for being handsome as a man.

Su Bei smiled faintly and put Sister Yangs matter aside for now.

Her lips curved gently as she recalled the incident.

Indeed, she was still a little apologetic.

When she received the looks from the female staff, she automatically gave them a warm smile and a slight nod.

The emotions that showed on her delicate features were appropriate.

She was still dressed as a man today.

Some of the female staff members beside her wanted to denounce her, but when they saw her face and her clear eyes, they felt that they could not.

Instead, everyone gathered a pile of snacks and arranged for a representative to come forward with them.

She blushed and said, “Su Bei, this is for you.”

Su Bei smiled back at her.

“Thank you.”

The girl was still very young and couldnt resist Su Beis smile.

She held her face and ran to the side.

As she patted her chest, she said, “Boo-hoo, no matter if Su Bei is a boy or a girl, I think shes very charming.

And shes very gentle.

Ill be her fan for the rest of my life!”

“Yeah, well be fans together.” The other staff members nodded.

No matter what people said on the internet, they only knew she was a female artiste with a bright smile and a good personality.

“What a pity that Lu Bei is a girl… However, even if shes a girl, Im willing! I can do it too!”

As the girl spoke, she felt a chill on her back.

She turned around instinctively and saw a tall figure walking over.

The mans face was cold and calm.

It was a coldness that could not be ignored.

She covered her lips with both hands and forced back the wordsOh my God.

“Its Mr.


“Its really Mr.


“Hes too good-looking.

Ive been with so many production teams and seen so many good-looking male artistes, but none of them have the same aura, demeanor, and facial features as Mr.


“Im crying! Im so lucky today! I actually got to see two such good-looking men!”

When the directors assistant saw Lu Heting, he was also stunned.

He quickly went forward and said, “Mr.

Lu, are you here to see Miss Su Bei”

“Mhm.” Lu Heting nodded.

When Su Bei left, she had left her things in the car.

Now that their relationship was public and aboveboard, he directly came over with the items.

Even passersby could tell how arrogant he was.

The directors assistant quickly said, “Miss Su just went to rehearse with the other actors.

Ill walk you there.”

Lu Heting followed the directors assistant and walked straight into the production team.

There was a ripple of admiration and envy everywhere he passed by.

Many people stopped what they were doing to stare at him.

There was a chorus of things being said like, “Hey, you spilled your coffee on my pants.”

“Wait, are you logging in or deleting Youre about to delete the contents of the document.”

“Miss Su is here.


Lu, please go ahead.” The directors assistant respectfully welcomed him in.

Just as Lu Heting was about to step forward, he saw Su Bei carrying a child and talking to the little girl gently.

His eyes were filled with tenderness, and he stopped in his tracks.

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