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Chapter 1449: My Eternal PrincessTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Holding Su Beis hand, Lu Heting took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

Surrounded by bodyguards, he walked through the crowd and got into his car.

The bodyguards fended off the reporters and fans, and the two of them got into the car.

The windows rolled up, shutting out the noise and bustle, leaving only the quiet space.

Lu Heting was still holding Su Beis finger.

She tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

“In the future, everyone will know that youre my husband.

You wont be able to fool around even if you want to.”

“Do you think I have any intention of fooling around I cant wait for the whole world to know that Im your husband so that more people will know my identity.” Lu Heting laughed and rubbed his fingers on her face.

At this moment, she had sharp eyebrows and thin lips.

Her smile was extremely sweet, making people fall for her contradictory yet harmonious charm.

“You make me sound like a queen.”

“Youre not a queen.

Youre my eternal princess.” He brushed a hand over her long hair, then placed his fingers on the back of her neck.

He pulled her close to his thin lips.

He kissed her.

Su Bei raised her neck and gave in to him.

He brought her close to him again and took the initiative to ask for more.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night on Weibo.

Every one of the articles the reporters published was explosive.

Anyone who was related to Lu Bei and Su Bei rushed to the front of the trending searches.

[Lu Bei was framed by Wang Jiarou.]

[Lu Bei reprimands scumbag for lying to him.]

[Zhang Yang arrested.]

[Zhang Yang is suspected of tax evasion and fraud.]

[Lu Bei and Su Bei are the same person!]

[Su Bei was disguised as a man!]

[Su Bei and Lu Heting are married.]

[Lu Heting shows off his love in public.]

[How to repay kindness with kindness.]

Below each post, fans were making all kinds of comments.

[Wang Jiarou cant be trusted at all.

Lu Bei is a girl! How did she get Wang Jiarou pregnant]

[Since she could lie about being pregnant, shes definitely a bad person.

To think that someone like Zhang Yang would help her.

Its obvious that Zhang Yang is not a good person either.]

[Previous poster, Zhang Yang truly isnt a good person.

He has already been exposed by Lu Bei, no, Su Bei.

He was just using the excuse of helping the weak to swindle people.

He wasnt helping people at all; he was simply swindling them!]

[No wonder.

A lie like Wang Jiarous can be exposed so easily, yet Zhang Yang still dared to ask for money so openly.

Its obvious that he did it for the sake of benefits.

He might have the guts to do this sort of shady business because he thought that Mr.

Lu wouldnt care about Lu Bei anymore.

Unfortunately, Lu Bei is Su Bei.


Lu probably thinks of him as a clown, right]

[Speaking of which, Su Bei actually disguised herself as a man and deceived my feelings.]

[What did he lie to you about Lu Bei didnt do any public activities, nor did he earn money in the name of an artiste.

He was just having fun with Mr.


Why cant he do that You guys are the ones who wanted to take advantage of Mr.


Now that youre done, youre blaming him Mr.

Lu isnt a public figure either, right He was extremely low-key previously, and he never asked you for your support.]

[Thats right.

I couldnt understand Su Bei before, but when I thought about it carefully, it does make sense.

Lu Bei didnt do anything, nor did he endorse anything.

I can accept that.]

[Speaking of which, Lu Heting and Su Bei are very loving.

Theyve been married for six years, but theyre still so in love with each other.

I think some people shouldnt be jealous, especially people like Wang Jiarou.

If you dont understand the situation, dont kick up a fuss or you wont know what sort of deep trouble youll get into.]

[In the end, its all Wang Jiarous fault.

Previously, she wanted to marry into the Lu family but left for her true love.

Now that Lu Heting and Su Bei are married, she reappeared to talk nonsense.

If Lu Bei wasnt Su Bei disguised as a man, this matter wouldnt have been cleared up.

Even if it was, what state would Lu Bei be in So girls and boys, you have to protect yourselves out there!]

Some fans who liked Lu Bei and Lu Heting had indeed abandoned the ship.

However, the data also showed that more fans had accepted Su Bei and Lu Heting.

After all, looking at Su Beis and Lu Hetings faces, it was difficult for the fans to refuse.

Lu Hetings face was especially abstinent and cold, making people feel that he wasnt from this world.

However, when he stood with Lu Bei, they looked very compatible.

Now that he was with Su Bei, they looked good together.

Was there anything about them that didnt match

Fans of the Double Lu ship were still discussing.

Everyone decided that in the future, they would still be called the Double Lu ship!

Su Beis fans smiled like middle-aged women.

[I was really worried about what kind of husband Su Bei would find in the industry in the future.

But now, Im not worried at all! My daughter is really good.

She quietly found herself a great husband!]

[Thats right.

I originally thought that I would be satisfied as long as she could find someone of Lu Weijians level.

I didnt expect it to be Mr.

Lu! Its Mr.

Lu! Oh, I feel like an old mother whose daughter has found a good husband.

In the entire S Country, who else could be better for Su Bei besides Mr.


[Fans of any other ships, hurry up and retreat!]

[Su Bei is really something.

She did what I couldve never imagined.

She got married at 18!]

There were also some opposing parties who started criticizing Su Beis marriage.

[An idol was actually secretly married.

Is that not considered idolism Is that not considered deceiving fans]

However, these comments were quickly refuted by Su Beis fans.

[Su Bei isnt an idol! Su Bei has been a capable artiste since she debuted! She used to be a model, but now shes a proper actress! She doesnt need to report her marriage to anyone, and she has never been an idol!]

[Those idols who dont have any skills must be squirming in their seats right now.

Theyre starting to get jealous, right Besides, when did our Su Bei become an idol Have you ever seen her act in an idol drama Two Phoenixes, Boxer, and Mother… There was also that political movie.

Which movie has to do with idols]

[An actor who speaks with their strength doesnt need to reveal their private life to the public! Su Bei doesnt owe anyone anything!]

The discordant voices quickly dissipated with these well-founded arguments.

All that was left were blessings and envy.

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