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Chapter 1448: Married Long AgoTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The reporters immediately reacted and began to ask, “Then may I ask why you pretended to be Lu Bei and deceived the public”

“Do you have anything to say to your fans… No, to Lu Beis fans”

“Dont you feel guilty for acting in such a deceptive manner”

“Do you have any apologies for the people who liked you and Lu Heting”

“Also, are you a man or a woman Whats going on between you and Lu Heting”

The reporters first stood from the fans point of view and asked questions that the fans were most likely very concerned about.

At this moment, Lu Heting slowly got up from his chair and gently adjusted his lapels.

His left hand was casually placed on the cufflinks on his right hand.

The low-key diamond cufflinks and watch reflected a charming and dark light.

He was mysterious, low-key, and very reserved.

He was handsome, and his gaze was so deep that no emotions could be seen in them.

He glanced lightly at the audience, raised his slender legs, and walked toward Su Bei.

He stood beside her.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman were standing side by side, which caused the reporters to use up all the memory in their equipment.

Camera lights flashed, and the entire lobby of Di Xing Media Company became a sea of photographers.

The fans could not be bothered to ask questions right now.

They took out their phones to film the scene in front of them.

Su Bei tilted her head and glanced at Lu Heting.

This glance was very casual, but it seemed to contain countless charms, making the fans scream collectively.

She looked away and picked up the microphone.

She said softly, “I didnt deceive the public by pretending to be Lu Bei.

The worddeceive is derogatory.

It involves feelings, trust, or money.

I pretended to be Lu Bei and went out with Lu Heting just to avoid trouble and not let the paparazzi secretly take photos of me.

It was a way I used to protect myself.

Before this, I only used Lu Beis appearance to help my friend film a simple commercial.

I didnt use Lu Beis identity to collect advertising fees, let alone debut as Lu Bei.

If I wasnt a public figure, how could I deceive others”

“But this time, you used Lu Beis identity to film a movie.

How are you going to explain this to your fans” the reporter asked.

“I chose to act in this movie because I feel that the script is very suitable and I like this script very much.

Therefore, I auditioned for the role of the male and female leads.

The director agreed to let me act in it, so I used such an image to show my face.

However, I didnt use Lu Beis identity to publicize the matter.

Moreover, even without Wang Jiarous matter, I would have quickly clarified my identity.

I wouldnt have used Lu Beis identity to hurt the fans.”

Her words were indeed reasonable.

Previously, she had not used Lu Beis identity to carry out any public activities.

It was not a lie at all.

Those fans of Lu Bei and Lu Heting had also acted spontaneously.

Su Bei said again, “If anyone has ever really liked Lu Bei, Im really sorry for causing you trouble.

Im really sorry.”

There were already fans shouting outside.

“I dont mind! I think its all right!”

There was a burst of knowing laughter from the hall.

“Thank you for not minding,” Su Bei replied to the fan, causing an even louder scream.

“As for me and Lu Heting…”

Everyone pricked up their ears to listen.

This could be considered the highlight.

“Lu Heting and I got married more than six years ago.

At that time, I hadnt entered the entertainment industry.

Later, I became a model and then an actress, so this matter was never announced to everyone.

Firstly, I feel that this is my personal matter and I dont need to take up public resources.

Secondly, I dont want our relationship and careers to cross too much and cause inconvenience to everyone.

“However, even if our careers dont intersect, our relationship will still be one of mutual dependence and mutual fulfillment.

Thank you, everyone.”

As Su Bei spoke, Lu Heting had already interlocked his fingers with hers.

His expression was still indifferent and unreadable, but when he lowered his eyes to look at Su Bei, warmth and trust intertwined and flowed between them.

It was a kind of love that could be felt.

He finally spoke and said the first and only sentence of the night, “Su Bei has always been protecting me.

Please dont criticize a young ladys feelings.”

Shes been protecting you

The reporters spat out a mouthful of blood.

Who didnt know how powerful Lu Heting was With Lu Corporations status in Country S, did Mr.

Lu still need to be protected Especially by a female artiste

Moreover, why did he sound so proud and satisfied This didnt sound like something Mr.

Lu would say.

Therefore, when they heard this, they just felt as though they had gotten front-row seats to a public display of affection.

The reporters were all shocked by the fact that the two were already married.

At this moment, there were more questions they wanted to ask.

They wanted to know how they met and how they got together.

There were also many other topics they wanted to ask.


Lu, can you answer why you chose Su Bei”

“Su Bei, do you have any romantic feelings for Mr.


“Su Bei, how did you meet Mr.

Lu What happened when you were in the United States Why didnt you appear in the entertainment industry at that time”


Lu, do you have plans to have children with Su Bei How will Su Beis career be planned in the future Do you have anything you want to tell your fans”


Lu, can you look at the camera Su Bei, over here!”

However, the time to ask questions had already ended.

Therefore, Qiao Mei quickly went on stage and said to the reporters, “Everyone, the questions that Su Bei wants to answer tonight have all been answered.

Its already late, so please go back and rest early.

Well try our best to find an opportunity to let you interview Su Bei alone at a later time.

Thank you for coming tonight.”

Not only were the reporters still in shock, but even Qiao Mei was also extremely shocked.

Her mouth was wide open, and she was speechless for a long time.

She originally thought that Mr.

Lu and Su Bei were just in a relationship and hadnt dated for long.

However, she didnt expect that they had been married for more than six years!


They were married just like that!

In that case, Su Bei married Mr.

Lu when she had just turned 18

Damn, such a cold and ascetic Mr.

Lu actually tied her to him so early.

Why did it sound so sexy

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