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Chapter 1446: Thats EnoughTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Zhang Yang nodded.

“Of course.

Without income, how can we help the weak Although were doing public welfare, we still have to ensure our survival first.

Otherwise, how can we continue There are still so many weak people waiting for us to help.

How can we ignore them and stand by”

He was high and mighty.

The more he spoke, the more sense he made.

Perhaps he had even convinced himself.

His voice became louder and louder as he said to all the reporters, “Therefore, at that time, we thought that Lu Bei had done something wrong and wanted to mediate things in private.

We hoped Lu Bei could pay Wang Jiarou a sum of money to help her get through the crisis.

I dont think theres anything wrong with that.

Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, we naturally cant ask Lu Bei for money like before.

However, Ive also made it clear that I apologized to Lu Bei.

I wonder what else is there to doubt”

The reporters nodded repeatedly.

Zhang Yangs words were indeed reasonable.

Lu Bei stood on the stage, his lips curving up as he watched him perform.

After he finished speaking, Lu Bei raised the printed document in his hand and said, “So, you asked for 50 million yuan for Wang Jiarou”

The reporters gazes focused on Zhang Yang again.

Clearly, 50 million was too high a number.

Zhang Yangs forehead was covered in sweat.

Without waiting for him to explain, Lu Bei continued to take out more documents.

“Its fine if you wanted 50 million from me.

Lets not talk about it now.

Previously, you dealt with three consecutive emotional disputes.

In the first case, it was a dispute between the mistress and the real estate big shots in the capital.

The second case was regarding the storm caused by the ex-girlfriend of the second young master of a media tycoon family.

The third case involved the ex-wife of a sports star asking for compensation.

From these three cases, you helped your client get 60 million, 80 million, and 30 million dollars from these big shots respectively.

However, you only gave your weak clients 20 million, 30 million, and 10 million dollars respectively.

The money you received was far more than 50%.

Not only is this not in line with your so-called charitable nature, but you practically embezzled the so-called compensation!

“Zhang Yang, you keep saying that youre doing charity work to help the weak seek justice and earn money.

However, what youve secretly obtained has nothing to do with charity at all.

You even embezzle money and earn a lot from it!

“Not only that, but when those victims who were really in trouble came to you for help, you didnt care at all.

You used being busy as an excuse to tell them that you couldnt take on so many cases.

In reality, it was only because there was no profit to be made, and there was no explosive point for you to operate!

“You say you help the weak, but the people you help arent weak at all.

Its just that you can see high profits in them! Its also in them that you can use the fame of famous celebrities to attract more fans for you.

That way, your organization, and various accounts will get more attention and be able to monetize faster to make money!

“Zhang Yang, you keep saying that you stand on the high ground of righteousness and morality, but youre only standing on the interests of money and fame.

“Whats the matter Youve been taking advantage of the fact that those celebrities dont want to get too involved with you so that you can make a lot of money out of it.

Now that youre at a dead end, you want to apologize

“The distress youve caused me and the emotional distress youve caused my fans has affected me and my agents work.

It has taken up so much of our social resources.

You want me to forgive you, shake your hand and make peace with you, and create a happy atmosphere in front of the reporters Thatll only help you increase the popularity of your company and accounts.

You want me to smile at you after being used by you

“How simplistic of you! I dont want to be a man who repays evil with good! How is that fair”

Lu Bei stood on the stage and scolded Zhang Yang until his face turned red and white.

He was speechless.

The reporters could not help but want to applaud Lu Bei.

They did not expect a young boy who looked delicate and refined to be so carefree when he spoke.

He even made an old fox like Zhang Yang speechless.

Zhang Yang had truly found himself at a dead end this time.

Lu Bei raised his eyebrows lazily and sized up Zhang Yang.

He was clearly very annoyed.

He knew that he was too anxious to succeed this time and had even forgotten that if he was not careful, he would not only offend Lu Bei but also Mr.

Lu behind him.

Zhang Yang forced a smile and said, “Lu Bei, Im really sorry about this matter.

I didnt expect that what Wang Jiarou said was completely untrue.

No matter what, I know that I was wrong.

After this, Ill release a public apology.

We can discuss the rest in private.

Please be magnanimous and let me off this time!”

His words were quite sincere, mainly because he was afraid of Lu Hetings strength.

As the saying went, one should not hit a smiling person.

He felt that it was about time for Lu Bei to restrain himself.

In this circle, the more people one offended, the worse it was.

Lu Bei smiled faintly.

There was actually a peerless charm in his clear eyes.

“I dont need your apology, and I definitely wont accept your apology! People and companies like you shouldnt exist, do you understand”

Zhang Yang was immediately a little angry.

He had already said so much and had also done his best to be humble, but Lu Bei still refused to give up, making him a little unhappy.

There was a hint of complaint in his tone.

“Lu Bei, even if theres nothing going on between you and Wang Jiarou, what about the matter between you and Su Bei Were all ordinary people.

Its inevitable that well make mistakes sometimes.

Lets not push each other too hard.

Weve taken things far enough, right”

When he mentioned Lu Bei and Su Bei, he wanted to remind Lu Bei that he was not that clean either.

If things really got out of hand, Lu Heting might not stand on his side.

Therefore, he wanted Lu Bei to think about it carefully.

There was a hint of threat in his words.

It was just that Zhang Yangs words sounded quite polite and hid his true emotions.

Lu Bei looked at him again and said, “You dont have to use the matter with Su Bei to pressure me.

Ill explain it to everyone later.”

When the reporters heard that Lu Bei wanted to explain about Su Bei, they couldnt help but get stirred up again.

With Su Beis popularity and reputation, todays explanation would definitely be impactful.

The reporters here wouldve secured their headlines!

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