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Chapter 1445: An Unintentional MistakeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“You said that your family is in trouble and you came to Mr.

Lu for help, but you keep mentioning that you used to be his ex-fiancee.

Are you planning to use this to ask him to help you”

“Lu Bei, if you leave, Ill tell the media that you abandoned me and the child in my stomach!”

After the content of the video was released, the reporters were all in an uproar.

Clearly, Wang Jiarous words and actions in the video were completely brainless.

Meanwhile, Lu Bei had a tight grip over the loopholes and refuted her sharply.

More importantly, the two of them were not in a relationship at all! This was simply Wang Jiarous one-sided scam!

How could there be Lu Beis child in Wang Jiarous belly It was all fabricated!


The second video was even more infuriating.

Wang Jiarou claimed that she was here to seek investment and help, but she was not prepared at all.

She did not even write a proposal.

She placed all her hopes on Lu Beis sympathy.

She did not put in any effort at all.

It was simply disgusting!

Not only did she not reflect on herself, but she also acted hypocritically and even went to the media with great fanfare.

All these actions were extremely vicious and stupid!

Before Lu Bei could say anything else, a reporter could not help but say, “Wang Jiarou, arent you a little too vicious Where did your relationship with Lu Bei come from”

“All this talk about him getting you pregnant.

How the hell did you get a baby How suspicious!”

“Wang Jiarou, Mr.

Lu broke off the engagement with you five years ago, but youre now provoking Lu Bei.

Its obvious what kind of woman you are! You caused all of us to be deceived.

What a waste of our feelings!”

“Wang Jiarou, its people like you who lead the world astray, causing some women who should be protected to be questioned instead.

Youre not only bad for your image, but also for women everywhere!”

Wang Jiarou did not expect this at all.

She covered her face.

She had never faced such a thing before.

She screamed loudly, “I just wanted to help my father and my boyfriend.

Whats wrong with that I just wanted to seek help!

“Why couldnt Lu Bei help me If I hadnt left five years ago and I hadnt married Mr.

Lu, he wouldnt have had such an opportunity.

I just want him to repay me a little!”

The reporter was even more disdainful.

“So this woman is not only stupid but a giant baby.

What obligation does anyone have to help you Who are you to others Do you think the whole world is your mother”

Lu Bei stood on the stage, still looking as calm as ever.

He smiled and said, “When you left five years ago, no one forced you.

It was you who chose your boyfriend and it was you who were unwilling to marry into the Lu family.

Five years ago, when your family wanted to join hands with the Lu family through marriage, you took the initiative to send your photo to them.

However, you didnt even take responsibility after choosing to leave just like that.

You even said that you gave him to me.

But when you left, didnt you leave for your own selfish reasons”

Wang Jiarou was speechless.

She bit her lip tightly and looked pitiful.

The reporters couldnt help lashing out at her either.

She yelled, “I have a boyfriend who loves me.

The child is also my boyfriends.

Im just trying to help him find an investment opportunity.

Whats so wrong with it Why cant I do it Why cant you all understand me”

“Heh, for the sake of your true love, you have to hurt others Do you think that others have no feelings of their own Why are you so shameless” Lu Bei laughed and said, “Or rather, do you think the entire world has to make way for you and listen to you”

At this point, no matter what Wang Jiarou said, no one would believe her.

Zhang Yang was also very embarrassed.

He had also mentally prepared himself for Wang Jiarous previous allegations to not be all true, but he did not expect the things she said to be so ridiculously fake.

He immediately said, “Lu Bei, Im really sorry.

We didnt expect Wang Jiarou to be such a person.

Not a word of what she said can be trusted.

On behalf of myself, the organization, and the brand of Scumbag Smashers, I sincerely apologize to you.

I hope you can forgive me for my unintentional mistake.”

His words were sincere and likable.

Lu Beis noble but sharp gaze lingered on him, making Zhang Yang feel a little uncomfortable.

Lu Bei said calmly, “An unintentional mistake”


We didnt get a full picture of the situation because of our poor vetting, so…”

Lu Bei snorted and glanced at him from the corners of his eye.

He sneered and said, “You sure know how to shirk responsibility! What do you mean byunintentional mistake You were aware of Wang Jiarous claims before this.

She didnt have much credibility, but you insisted on causing trouble for me.

In fact, you did it to gain popularity for your brand and company.

Youve been posting articles against me for the past few days, and the number of readers is in the millions.

Youve gained hundreds of thousands of new fans because of me.

With these dividends, youve gained both fame and fortune.

Now youre telling me that it was an unintentional mistake”

“Lu Bei, youre really thinking too much.

Were really just a public service organization.

We speak up for the weak and dont charge any fees.

We even helped Wang Jiarou pay for her accommodation and inspection.

Even if you blame her, you cant blame me because I have a clear conscience!” Zhang Yang said righteously.

His behavior made it difficult for the reporters to question him.

Lu Bei placed his hands on the table.

“If youre really an organization that speaks up for the weak and this is really an unintentional mistake, then so be it.

Unfortunately, youre just using the so-called weak to attract attention and earn greater benefits.

If Im not wrong, the few victims youve helped recently went against celebrities.

Weibo accounts and other media accounts have used those matters to attract millions of fans.

Am I right”

“If fans want to pay attention to these matters, thats normal.

It means what I do is righteous!”

Lu Bei retorted, “Righteous Is that so Then why did you contact Sister Qiao Mei and tell her that as long as I, Lu Bei, was willing to pay, you could help us settle this matter If we didnt pay, youd be unforgiving!”

The reporters were in an uproar and looked at Zhang Yang.

“Thats because… I wanted to get child support fees and compensation for the money spent on Wang Jiarou.

Also, although were doing this for the public welfare, we need a lot of manpower and resources.

There has to be a source of money for this, right” Zhang Yang stuttered a little, but he argued strongly.

“So the advertising revenue, click revenue, and tip revenue from the various accounts youve opened isnt enough to cover the bill for your manpower”

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