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Chapter 1444: One-Time TrialTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

However, on second thought, she remembered that he wouldnt even help her with such a small favor.

In any case, he was already in a difficult position.

In the end, he was the one who would lose it all.

What was there for her to lose now

She immediately said, “Lu Bei, we used to be in a relationship.

Even if you dont love me, you cant ignore this child.

I looked for you a few times before, but you ignored me and insisted that I use this method to seek justice.

I was forced to do so.

The child is innocent.

No matter what, you have to give me an explanation, right”

She spoke with tears in her eyes.

She looked weak and pitiful, so she attracted a lot of sympathy.

“So how old is the child in your stomach Have you done a paternity test” Lu Bei asked directly.

Wang Jiarou was stunned for a moment before saying, “Its been more than two months.

You havent agreed to do a paternity test, so how can we do it”


Lu Bei nodded gently and said, “More than two months, huh In that case, our relationship took place more than two months ago.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to be pregnant with this child, right”

Wang Jiarou nodded with difficulty, feeling a little flustered.

Lu Bei curled his lips, and a smile appeared on his handsome face.

It made one lose focus.

He said, “Then explain how you were abroad more than two months ago and the fact that you only returned to the country two weeks ago.”

Wang Jiarou grabbed her palm and calmed herself down.

She said, “Because you came overseas to look for me.

Have you forgotten that you bought a plane ticket to the United States more than two months ago We met there…”

She said this because she had found out that Lu Bei really did buy a plane ticket to the States.

In order to help maintain the lie, she had to do something.

This was something anyone could find out.

However, it was not convenient for anyone to check Lu Beis itinerary in the United States.

It was still up to her to cook up something.

The reporters understood and wanted to see what Lu Bei would say.

“Well, Im sorry.

I did buy a ticket for that flight, but I didnt get on the plane at all.” Lu Bei smiled faintly.

“You can directly verify this with the airline.

In fact, if its not convenient for you to verify it now, I can show everyone the surveillance cameras on the plane at that time.

My seat is empty!”

After saying that, the big screen behind him lit up.

The surveillance footage from the plane at that time could be seen clearly.

There was indeed no sign of Lu Bei.

Moreover, looking at the time and aircraft model, it was indeed the plane that Wang Jiarou had mentioned.

“What…” The reporters immediately understood.

One was overseas, while the other was in the country.

How were they in a relationship Where did the pregnancy come from

Wang Jiarous face turned red.

She was a silly girl to begin with and thought that her little tricks would be able to fool everyone.

She did not expect Lu Bei to expose her so easily.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Zhang Yang immediately said, “Lu Bei, Wang Jiarou might have remembered wrongly.

Your team is too powerful and must have long destroyed some of the evidence, but this doesnt mean that you and Wang Jiarou are unrelated!”

Compared to a silly girl like Wang Jiarou, Lu Bei hated Zhang Yang more.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “So, what else do you want to say Are you trying to say that even if theres no evidence, youre going to insist on slandering me Are you trying to say that no matter what happens, as long as the other party is a weak woman with a child in her stomach, she can slander me at will

“Firstly, you cant produce any strong evidence to prove that I used to be in a relationship with Wang Jiarou.

Secondly, you cant provide a paternity test to confirm the pregnancy either.

Are you going to accuse me just based on the theory that the strong are guilty”

Lu Beis words were so satisfying to hear that the reporters could not help but nod.

Zhang Yangs expression changed slightly.

Then, he said, “Lu Bei, yes, its true that I cant produce a paternity certificate now, and I dont have any other evidence.

But all of this is because your company wants to protect you and cant bear to give you up.

This doesnt mean that you didnt cheat on Wang Jiarou! Otherwise, why would Wang Jiarou pester you Otherwise, how could anyone take photos of you and Su Bei entering and leaving the same hotel room”

Zhang Yangs words were a little annoying to hear, but his logic sounded so reasonable that it was difficult to refute.

Zhang Yangs words were really a little clingy, but this logic sounded so reasonable that it was difficult to refute.

Seeing that everyone was convinced, Zhang Yang continued, “If youre really innocent, then why did you meet Wang Jiarou in private a few times Why didnt you come forward to explain yourself in the beginning Why did you get involved with so many other women We may be insignificant, but we also have our own stands and opinions! Lu Bei, if you dont give the public an explanation, this matter will never pass!”

His words were powerful and resonating.

He was simply the representative of justice.

He wanted to give Lu Bei a one-time trial today.

Lu Bei pinched the space between his eyebrows and said, “Since a certain someone doesnt even care about their dignity, then… Since you have a video, how can I not have one too”

Wang Jiarous expression changed.

“Sister Qiao Mei, play the video.

Ill collect the videos that show my two meetings with Wang Jiarou.

Ill let everyone have a good look!”

Wang Jiarou did not expect that Lu Bei wouldve recorded a video.

When she went to see him twice, Lu Beis hands were empty and he looked unprepared.

This was also why she dared to follow Zhang Yangs arrangements and insisted that the child in her stomach was Lu Beis.

The people from the outside world only saw her meeting Lu Bei and begging him with tears in her eyes.

However, the audio wasnt recorded, so they didnt know the truth.

Of course, they only thought that her relationship with Lu Bei was unclear.

However, she did not expect that Lu Bei had already recorded their two meetings.

Qiao Mei quickly clicked to release the video.

The two meetings that were recorded from beginning to end appeared in front of everyone.

The conversation between the two of them was also very clear:


Lu, dont misunderstand.

I didnt come back to snatch Mr.

Lu from you.”

“Well, you cant snatch him from me either.

Dont make it sound like you gave him to me.

The words you said today are very likely to cause a misunderstanding, but you even told me not to misunderstand.

Just get straight to the point.

Theres no need to beat about the bush.”

“I came back this time because my familys business is in a crisis and we need investments to get through it.

My father is the one whos been managing our familys business since he founded the company.

Now that the company is in trouble and is about to go bankrupt, I dont want to watch my fathers business collapse.

Therefore, I had no choice but to come and ask Mr.

Lu to help me on account of our past relationship.


Lu, dont worry.

My return has nothing to do with my feelings.

Its just because of my career.”

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