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Chapter 1443: I Wont Be JealousTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“After that, Miss Wang Jiarou and Lu Bei got into a relationship.

During their relationship, Lu Bei and Mr.

Lu got together.

Miss Wang Jiarou was pregnant with Lu Beis child, so she looked for Lu Bei to settle things and negotiate.

Who knew that Lu Bei denied it and ignored Miss Wang That was why this matter intensified.

“As an organization that seeks justice for the victims of relationships, our goal is to do our best to mitigate the damage that has already been done to the victims, to try to make up for their losses, and to help them seek as much justice as possible.

This is the purpose of our organization.

“This time is no exception.

Were helping Miss Wang Jiarou out of our morality.

Were also doing it for free.

Therefore, we can ensure that what we say is true.

“As for Miss Wang Jiarou, she hasnt done a paternity test yet.

On the one hand, its because Lu Bei is unwilling to cooperate.

On the other hand, its because the fetus is still young and its not enough for a paternity test.

Therefore, I ask everyone to please pay more attention to this matter.

Well provide more detailed evidence later.”

Zhang Yangs words were reasonable.

He made it clear that he was doing this not for profit but for justice.

The reporters nodded repeatedly.



Zhang, may I ask what your and Miss Wang Jiarous request for Lu Bei is this time” A reporter asked.

“Of course, I hope that Lu Bei can publicly apologize and discuss the aftermath with Miss Wang Jiarou.

I also hope that this incident will warn everyone not to play with the feelings of other people.

Otherwise, theyll eventually suffer the consequences!” Zhang Yang said firmly!

The reporters had already started to release articles around this.

Zhang Yangs words received a lot of good reviews.

Wang Jiarous incident was also pointing in a very clear direction.

The makeup artist was putting on makeup for Lu Bei.

When Qiao Mei saw Lu Heting coming over, she quickly stood up.

Lu Heting nodded, and Qiao Mei led him in and quietly closed the door.

When Lu Hetings tall and steady figure appeared in the mirror, the makeup artist was so frightened that her hand trembled.

She almost drew a crooked line on Lu Beis eyebrows.

She did not dare to look at the man in the mirror, but many things flashed through her mind.

What was Mr.

Lu doing here at this time Could he be here to cause trouble for Lu Bei

No, it didnt look like he was angry at all.

On the contrary, there was only faint affection in his wise and steady eyes.

It seemed that she could not believe everything that was being spread outside.

The makeup artists mind was filled with speculation.

Finally, she was done with Lu Beis makeup.

She quickly said, “Ill go out first.”

Su Bei met the mans eyes in the mirror and smiled.

“Why are you early”

“Its already crowded outside.

Im not ahead of schedule.” Lu Heting leaned down and whispered into her ear.

The two people in the mirror snuggled up to each other.

Lu Heting lowered his head and kissed her while spinning her chair around so that she could face him and he could see her better.

Pursing her lips to protect her lipstick, she whispered, “No, the lipsticks almost gone.”

Lu Heting chuckled.

His voice was pleasant.

He reached out and stroked her short hair.

Although the girl was dressed in mens clothes, her exquisite and beautiful facial features could not be hidden.

She was full of nobility, and her lazy look was intoxicating.

“I think Im a little distracted.” He looked down, and his steady voice was slightly husky.

“Huh” Su Bei raised her eyebrows.

At this moment, her eyebrows were even sharper, and she looked a little fierce when she raised them slightly.

“I like both Lu Bei and Su Bei.” Lu Heting reached out and traced her exquisite eyebrows.

Su Bei smiled.

“Its me anyway.

I wont be jealous.”

Amidst the commotion outside, Qiao Mei appeared with her assistant and bodyguards.

The reporters were silent for a moment, but they immediately exploded, “Qiao Mei, what do you have to say about Lu Bei”

“What do you think about Lu Bei and Su Bei Do you have anything to tell their fans”

Qiao Mei was dressed in a light-colored womens suit, looking capable and professional.

She said, “Everyone, please go to the reception hall.

Well give you all an explanation for this.”

The reporters understood and did not dare to act rashly.

They followed her into the reception hall one after another.

The busybodies and fans without press cards were stopped outside the hall.

A moment later, the fans erupted into cheers.

“Lu Bei! Its really Lu Bei! Mr.

Lu came with Lu Bei!”

“My faith is restored! Mr.

Lu still trusts Lu Bei!”

“It looks like the rumors outside are really unreliable.

I wonder what Wang Jiarou will say later.”

“Everyone, dont be too optimistic.

What if Mr.

Lu came over to settle scores with Lu Bei Cant you see that Mr.

Lu isnt smiling”


Lu doesnt usually smile, right”

“Who said that When Mr.

Lu and Lu Bei appeared together previously, he was smiling very happily.”

The reporters immediately turned in their direction, but they did not expect Lu Heting to come in person.

Everyone was obviously more disciplined than before, and it wasnt as noisy.

Lu Bei was wearing a white shirt and white casual pants, which made his facial features look deep and noble.

His eyes were clean and clear as if they did not contain any of the worlds filth.

He looked noble, outstanding, and extraordinary.

He appeared with Lu Heting.

Lu Hetings calmness and magnanimity complemented his noble aura.

No matter how one looked at them, they were a perfect match.

Behind them was a group of bodyguards.

Dozens of people followed them in.

In terms of aura, it was enough to make people feel reverence.

Lu Bei walked straight to the stage and stood still, while Lu Heting stood beside him.

The two men were both handsome in their own ways.

Their temperaments were completely different, but they were dazzling.

For a moment, the others were dazzled and didnt know who to look at.

The fans who could not enter the hall screamed and shouted Lu Beis name when they saw this scene! The sound was deafening, and the atmosphere immediately became lively.

Lu Bei glanced in their direction.

After another moment of exclamations and screams, he looked away.

Lu Bei raised the microphone and spoke casually.

His voice was clear, pleasant, and tender.

“I heard that someone wanted to talk to me about something today.

Ill give them a chance to speak first.

By the way, I have something to announce after theyre done.

So, whos the person looking for me”

His eyes roamed the crowd blandly.

Zhang Yang felt ashamed by his gaze, but he still could not ignore his true purpose.

He stood up with Wang Jiarou and said, “Lu Bei, Im looking for you on behalf of Wang Jiarou.

Wang Jiarou was in a relationship with you.

Now that shes pregnant with your child, you dont care about them at all.

I think you should give her an explanation.”

Lu Bei raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Who are you and what are you here for”

Zhang Yang repeated the excuse he had just used.

“Im the person in charge of a charity-like justice-seeking organization.

Im mainly around to seek justice for victims.

Im not here for fame and fortune.

Im only here for the weak.

I wont let the strong bully the weak.”

“So wheres the evidence for what you said about me and Miss Wang” Lu Bei asked while looking at Wang Jiarou coldly.

Wang Jiarou felt uneasy under his gaze.

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