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Chapter 1442: Avoiding The Important PointsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the photos, Lu Bei was seen entering Room 1188.

The room number was taken clearly.

After that, Su Bei also came out of Room 1188.

It was obvious what was going on between the two of them.

Although the two of them did not appear together, this scene was enough to make ones imagination run wild.

Su Beis fans moved quickly and did not acknowledge the matter at all.

[Are you so sure that the two of them are dating just based on a room number Then does it mean that Im already married to the Best Actor]

[Su Bei is focused on her career.

Please dont spread rumors!]


[Wipe your eyes.

Dont be fooled by unscrupulous marketing accounts.

Its impossible for Su Bei to be dating anyone.]

[Actually, dont you think Lu Bei and Su Bei are quite compatible Especially since the two of them knew each other previously.

Lu Bei filmed his commercial with Su Bei previously.]

[Previous poster, stop triggering things here.

Dont you know what the situation is now Su Bei wont accept any rumors or slander! She wont accept any forceful association either!]

Su Bei was not Sister Yangs target this time, so this result was within her expectations.

As long as Lu Beis matter erupted to the peak, that was enough.

Lu Bei was indeed in a bad situation.

Regarding Wang Jiarous incident, Qiao Mei only issued a warning statement and did not even send a lawyers letter.

In the eyes of outsiders, they were not confident in this matter.

Lu Beis reputation was about to be ruined.

Now, Lu Bei even went on a date with Su Bei.

It caused quite a stir.

[Lu Bei is really promiscuous! Wang Jiarous matter hasnt been clarified yet, but now hes causing trouble with Su Bei.

Is Mr.

Lu really not going to interfere]

[Oh my God, it really gets more explosive each time.

I feel like the popcorn in my hand is going to fall to the ground!]

[He looks gentle and refined.

I didnt expect him to be an animal dominated by his lower body!]

[Dont just keep scolding Lu Bei.

A woman who knows that Lu Bei has a partner but still dates him isnt any better, right]

[Im now guessing that Lu Bei and Mr.

Lu arent in a voluntary relationship at all.

Perhaps Lu Bei was also forced Perhaps he doesnt like men at all and only likes women, so he went out with women to take revenge]

[The commenters above need to stop.

I dont want to hear that.

I dont care.

My ship is sincere.]

Regardless of whether there were fans defending him or not, Lu Beis image was completely ruined.

The damage was basically irreversible.

Someone guessed: [Ill just wait for Lu Bei to be kicked out of the crew of Split.


Lu will flip out and teach this scumbag a lesson.]


Lu, you must have some dignity.

Dont be deceived by such a scumbag.

I think Mr.

Lu will kill him!]

Lu Beis matter had finally reached its peak.

Qiao Mei finally posted on Weibo with everyone looking forward to it.

[At eight oclock tonight, Lu Bei will explain the details of this matter to everyone in the reception hall of Di Xing Media Company.

Until then, please calm down.]

Su Bei swiped her phone while waiting for Qiao Mei to bring the makeup artist over to do her makeup.

Tonight was the night for clarification.

Naturally, she wanted to be at the scene of the clarification in her best form.

The makeup artist came over, thinking that she was going to do Su Beis makeup.

She did not expect to see Lu Bei sitting there.

She could not help but say in surprise, “Sister Qiao Mei, he…”

The biggest victim in Lu Beis current situation was none other than Mr.


Was Qiao Mei still going to support Lu Bei

“Lets begin.

Lu Bei still has activities tonight.” Qiao Meis tone was relaxed.

The makeup artist immediately felt relieved.

Since Qiao Mei had said so, did that mean that Lu Beis scandal was untrue

Were the rumors in the outside world not to be trusted either

When they heard that Di Xing Media Company was going to explain to the public about Lu Beis matter, the justice-seeking organization brought Wang Jiarou with them and rushed over immediately.

Wang Jiarou was very nervous, but the justice-seeking organization was not afraid of anything.

They said, “What are you afraid of Its the time when youre the most popular.

Be bold and accept the high popularity thats coming!”

Outside the hall of Di Xing Media Company, reporters, fans, and other busybodies had already gathered.

Everyone was waiting expectantly for the main star of the night to appear.

It was not yet eight oclock, so Lu Bei naturally had not appeared yet.

Everyone could only discuss how Lu Bei would explain himself tonight.

They also wondered if Su Bei would appear.

However, Lu Bei and Su Bei belonged to the same agency, so this matter should be easy to clarify.

They could just say that the two stars had to meet for work, even though it was at a hotel.

On the other hand, Wang Jiarous matter was indeed a little troublesome to clarify.

Just as the reporters were discussing, they suddenly saw a familiar figure outside.

With their sharp eyes, they immediately recognized that it was Wang Jiarou, the female lead in this matter.

Everyone immediately surrounded her and spoke directly into the microphone, “Miss Wang, is your relationship with Lu Bei really of that nature How old is the child in your stomach now Have you done a paternity test”

“Miss Wang, other than the video of your argument with Lu Bei, can you provide any other strong evidence to prove your relationship”

“Miss Wang, hows your relationship with Lu Bei going Does Mr.

Lu know about your relationship I heard that you were Mr.

Lus fiancée previously.

Is this true”

“What kind of love triangle do you have with Mr.

Lu and Lu Bei Can you tell us”

Wang Jiarou was pushed to the side.

The man beside her helped her up and adjusted his glasses.

He said to the reporters, “Hello, everyone.

Im Zhang Yang, the person in charge of Scumbag Smashers.

The support and help for Miss Wang Jiarou this time will be provided by our company.

Next, I will also help with the crusade against Lu Bei.

If anyone has any questions, you can ask me.

I can answer your questions on behalf of Miss Wang Jiarou.”

The reporters had long wanted to ask for evidence, but unfortunately, Lu Bei and Qiao Mei did not respond.

Now that someone had stepped forward, everyone immediately threw out their questions.

Zhang Yang said confidently, “First of all, Miss Wang Jiarou was indeed Mr.

Lus fiancée, but she had already broken off the engagement back then.

This matter does not involve Mr.


Obviously, Zhang Yang still did not dare to touch Lu Corporation and only spoke about Lu Bei.

No matter how bold he was, he was still unwilling to go against Lu Heting.

His words were completely evasive.

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