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Chapter 1441: Lu Bei Is Not Worthy!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In an instant, [Lu Bei is not worthy] became a trending topic with more than 100 million views and millions of discussions.

After Qiao Mei sent the notice, she called Su Bei.

“Another fire has been lit.

If Wang Jiarou knows whats good for her, she should know how to avoid it.

If she doesnt, she can only accept societys whipping.”

“Well show up when the fire is at its peak.” Su Bei no longer had any hope for Wang Jiarou.

It was precisely because she knew that Wang Jiarou was persistent that she knew that her best chance was almost here.

For the next two days, she stayed on set and continued filming, waiting for the matters on the internet to worsen.

Only Sister Yang felt that it was very strange.

“Lu Bei is involved in such a big scandal now, but he didnt clarify or refute it.

He only posted a warning on Weibo.

Also, Mr.

Lu hasnt kicked him out of the production team.

Director Jiang didnt say anything either.

Is Mr.

Lu too reluctant to move on”


But no matter what, her wish to have Zhao Sixiu replace Lu Bei didnt happen.

The filming went much smoother than she had expected.

Lu Group.

The employees and higher-ups who saw this news were in a panic.

They all handled the matters at hand carefully, afraid that they would make a mistake and anger Mr.


After all, this involved cheating and betrayal!

Who didnt know how serious this matter was However, Lu Bei acted as if nothing had happened.

He only asked Qiao Mei to make a statement before ignoring everything.

He did not take Mr.

Lu seriously at all.

The employees and higher-ups were all a little indignant.

Everyone knew clearly how Mr.

Lu had been treating Lu Bei.


Lu was even willing to challenge the higher-ups to maintain this relationship.

However, Lu Bei actually did such things to him! What kind of ingrate was he

If it werent for Mr.

Lus cold personality, everyone would have personally gone up to comfort him.

When Lu Heting entered the company, everyone quickly dodged to the side, afraid that they would get burned in the fire.

Lu Heting raised his eyebrows slightly and asked Lu Hang, “Whats going on”

Lu Hang took two steps forward.

“Its because of Lu Beis matter.”

Lu Heting adjusted his tie with his hand.

He understood the situation, and a smile appeared on his face.

“It seems that almost everyone who should know about this already knows it.”


The discussions online have been very intense for the past two days.

The marketing accounts have been constantly asking Lu Bei to apologize.

Wang Jiarou has even come forward to cry in public many times.

Now, this matter is almost known to everyone.”

“Are you ready for the press conference tonight”

“Everything has been prepared, Mr.

Lu.” Lu Hang was also secretly looking forward to the day those people would be slapped in the face.

Ever since Mr.

Lu and Young Madam got together, such situations had never stopped.

Young Madam was disguised as a man, and someone actually dared to provoke her.

Well, they would let the other party know what justice tasted like!

On Sister Yangs side, she was really unwilling to miss such a good opportunity.

It had only been more than 10 days since the filming started.

It was not too late to film everything again.

However, she couldnt go look for Mr.

Lu or Director Jiang to talk about this.

She could only carefully observe Lu Bei and follow him with her gaze.

In front of her, Lu Bei still looked elegant and noble.

His eyes were bright, and his smiling face was full of high spirits.

It was impossible to tell that he was affected by this matter.

“How could this be Isnt Lu Bei worried at all” Sister Yang couldnt help but follow Lu Bei.

Lu Bei left at four in the afternoon after filming his scenes.

Meanwhile, Zhao Sixiu still had some individual scenes to film.

Sister Yang instructed her assistant to follow Zhao Sixiu while she followed Lu Bei.

Sitting in the car, Su Bei quickly realized that someone was following her.

Unsurprisingly, that person was Sister Yang.

At this stage, the person who wanted to cause her problems and maximize their benefits the most was undoubtedly Sister Yang.

Although Sister Yang would not dare to do anything to her directly, she would definitely wait for a good opportunity to hit her when she was down.

Thinking of this, Su Bei said to the driver, “Stop here.

I have something to do.”

The driver stopped the car.

Su Bei told her assistant not to follow her.

Instead, she put on a mask, picked up a jacket, put it on, and quickly walked toward a hotel.

When Sister Yang saw that there was a chance, she immediately stopped the car and followed Lu Bei.

She had many artistes with her who often stayed in this hotel.

She could be considered a regular visitor here.

She followed Lu Bei effortlessly and watched as he entered a hotel room.

She went downstairs and asked an attendant who had booked that room.

The attendant shook his head.

“I dont know either.

Im sorry.

The hotel is strict with our guests privacy.

Even if I know who booked the room, I cant reveal it.”

Sister Yang knew that too, so she went upstairs again and waited.

Given her status as a regular of this hotel, no one came to chase her away.

She waited for a while and finally saw the door of the room that Lu Bei had entered open.

Sister Yang hurriedly took out her phone and aimed it at the door.

She could not contain her excitement.

She did not know what she would capture next, but perhaps she would capture something shocking.

When the door opened and someone came out, Sister Yang clicked the record button.

The video made her overjoyed.

The person who came out of the room was not Lu Bei but Su Bei!

She had just seen Lu Bei enter the room with her own eyes.

After a while, the person who came out was Su Bei!

In other words, Lu Bei and Su Bei were also in a relationship with each other.

She really did not expect that Su Bei, who was liked and thought highly of by the outside world, would do such a thing and have an affair with Lu Bei.

From the looks of it, the matter between Lu Bei and Wang Jiarou was really over.

He had seduced so many women.

It was expected that something like this would happen sooner or later.

With this video, Sister Yang felt a surge of excitement.

Lu Bei was already in danger and just a step away from being devoured.

He shouldve lost his role as the male lead.

He should be insulted by the entire internet.

However, there was still something missing, causing the entire production team and Mr.

Lu to still hold back and not make a final decision.

Well then, Sister Yang would give them what they needed!

Sister Yang quickly contacted the marketing accounts.

Su Bei naturally knew Sister Yangs purpose, but she turned around and went downstairs without looking back, pretending not to know anything.

Soon, the news of Lu Beis date with Su Bei was crazily forwarded by various marketing accounts and became a hot topic.

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