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Chapter 1440: Really Not Worthy Of Mr.

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“Could it be that Lu Bei really has something going on with Wang Jiarou But Wang Jiarou isnt that good-looking.

Does this mean that Lu Bei and I actually have a chance!”

“Tsk, arent you too infatuated How can you have such thoughts”

“Dont you have the same thought Just look at Lu Beis face.

Dont you have any inclinations”

“My fantasy is… pouncing on him and putting him on my bed alone! Hahahaha.”

Su Bei walked over slowly and heard these harsh words.

When the staff saw him coming, they quickly stopped talking.

They wanted to go forward and ask about the matter but did not dare to.

They could only watch helplessly as Lu Bei left.


At this moment, there were huge waves on the internet.

Speaking of which, Lu Bei had always been very popular.

Good-looking men were never at a disadvantage in this aspect.

His relationship with Lu Heting was also something that the niche circle was happy to see.

Therefore, even though it was his first time acting in a movie, no one criticized him.

It could be seen how tolerant the public was of him.

But things changed after this incident.

As a well-known man who was with Lu Heting, he actually caused a woman to get pregnant.

There were too many things involved in this scandal.

Cheating, taking advantage of both men and women, being an irresponsible scumbag, and betraying the ship.

All of these made the fans of the couple completely unable to stand it.

They clamored to leave the fandom.

[To be honest, what right does Lu Bei have to obtain Mr.

Lus favor Not only did he obtain Mr.

Lus love, but he also obtained resources that others can only dream of.

He got the opportunity to work with Director Jiang, but he didnt cherish it at all and even did such a thing!]

[Did you hear Wang Jiarou is actually Mr.

Lus ex-fiancée! In other words, not only did Lu Bei cheat on Wang Jiarou, but hes also with her now Is this considered Wang Jiarous revenge]

[Heavens, this relationship is really too messy! Really, to think that I thought so highly of this couple and even felt sorry for Lu Bei.

In the end, this is how he treats our feelings and his relationship with Mr.


[No matter what, if Wang Jiarou is really pregnant, Ill hate Lu Bei for the rest of my life.

I really cant stand such a thing! Of course, Wang Jiarou doesnt look like a good person either.

She actually ruined my ship.

One look and I can tell that shes scheming.]

[How disillusioned.

Lets just wait and see what Lu Bei has to say!]

[What else can he say Didnt you see that in the secretly taken video, Wang Jiarou and Lu Bei were fiercely defending themselves Its obvious that there must be an unspeakable secret between the two of them.

The person who said that Wang Jiarou is disgusting needs a reality check.

Is Lu Bei very innocent, then]

The arguments on the internet were extremely intense.

Wang Jiarou was a little worried.

Was this method really effective Could she really get the investment she had dreamed of

The justice-seeking organization comforted her.

“Of course.

Youve been harmed so badly by Lu Bei, and youre pregnant with his child.

The public is on your side in this matter.

When the matter becomes popular, you can also take the path of an internet celebrity and start live-streaming to make money.

You just have to talk about what happened between you and Lu Bei.

You wont have to worry about money by then.

Besides, what do those big-shot investors fancy Isnt it popularity When the time comes, you can complain about your grievances and someone will naturally invest in you.”

This righteous organization was called theScumbag Smashers.

They had the same name on Weibo and had previously helped people fight against scumbags.

In the beginning, they accumulated a very good reputation and helped many people solve practical problems.

But later on, for the sake of benefits and popularity, they began to take drastic measures.

When they saw injustice, especially when it involved celebrities and the like, they would step in and seek the greatest benefits.

They did not even bother to distinguish right from wrong.

Many celebrities suffered greatly, but because of their limited time and energy, they couldnt be bothered to argue with them.

They often just spent money to avoid disaster.

The more this was the case, the more it encouraged their bad habits.

It gradually made them think more highly of themselves and treat themselves as the worlds police.

Scumbag Smashers also posted on Weibo: [Although the relationship between a man and a woman is consensual, and there are many separations and goodbyes in the adult world, a mature person cant harm the emotions and interests of others just for their own benefit and pleasure.

Especially if its someone who was once an intimate lover who has shared the same bed with the other party.

[We deeply sympathize with Miss Wang Jiarous plight.

We will also work together with Miss Wang Jiarou to seek justice for her.

We hope that a certain male celebrity can stand up bravely and apologize and compensate for his irrational actions.

Otherwise, we will accompany Miss Wang Jiarou to pursue the matter to the end.

[Im also calling on young girls and boys to protect themselves.

Dont be fooled by scumbags.

Protect yourself and your bodies.

Dont be fooled by a moment of sweet nothings.]

The Weibo account of the Scumbag Smashers had a large number of fans.

Their statement undoubtedly gave Wang Jiarou the greatest trust and endorsement.

More and more people believed in Wang Jiarou and denounced Lu Bei.

Coupled with the work of many fake accounts, the matter became a hot topic.

At this moment, Qiao Mei did not step forward to calm the situation.

Instead, she forcefully issued an announcement.

[Those with ulterior motives, quickly put away your rumors.

Otherwise, well seek the help and protection of the law.

Ill see you in court!]

Lu Bei was with Lu Heting, so it was not surprising for Qiao Mei to be in charge of his matters.

The outside world was not surprised and did not think of Su Bei at all.

However, they did not know that Qiao Meis notice did not include the names of any artistes.

It was to expose Wang Jiarous lie when the time came.

Qiao Meis announcement was powerful and sounded very reasonable.

For a moment, the onlookers were dumbfounded.

[Whats going on Qiao Mei is being too harsh.

It looks like things might not be what we think they are.]

[I guess Lu Bei is really having an affair with Wang Jiarou, but she isnt pregnant.

Thats why Qiao Mei is so stubborn.]

[Even so, I cant forgive him for having an affair.

Lu Bei has already defiled my favorite ship and made Mr.

Lu a cuckold.

Who gave him the courage to do so]

[Thats right.

Its very difficult for me to accept him again.

Boo-hoo, thats the ship I think the most highly of.


Lu dotes on him so much, but Lu Bei has gotten really arrogant just because hes doted on!]

[Lu Bei is really not worthy of Mr.


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