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Chapter 1439: Become My Stepping StoneTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the video, an unfamiliar woman was crying about her relationship with Lu Bei and how she was now pregnant but had been abandoned by him.

That woman looked really weak and pitiful.

Zhao Sixiu frowned.

“Not everything is true.

Havent I been hacked too”

“This matter clearly doesnt look like a simple case of defamation! This woman is crying so badly.

For her to be able to step out like this, theres a high chance that Lu Bei isnt clean.

Weve only been filming for less than 10 days.

I wonder if its too late to reshoot the scenes” Sister Yang spoke as though Lu Bei was about to be replaced.

Zhao Sixiu did not hate Lu Bei now.

Instead, he was a little grateful to him.

His acting skills were pretty decent.

In the past two years, other than some experienced actors, very few young people of the same age could come close to him.

Hence, he had also fallen into a bottleneck.

However, after acting with Lu Bei for a few days, it was as if he had unlocked his skills.

He could feel a qualitative improvement.


These things could not be bought with popularity or money.

Therefore, Zhao Sixiu did not want anything to change now.

Sister Yang was very happy.

She was communicating with her friends everywhere, looking forward to knowing how much this matter would affect Lu Bei.

After Su Bei was done filming, Zhao Sixiu handed her a bottle of water.

She took it and thanked him, but she didnt intend to drink it.

Zhao Sixiu was a good person, but Sister Yang was especially utilitarian.

It was better not to drink this bottle of water.

“Lu Bei, do you know a woman surnamed Wang”

Su Bei narrowed her eyes.

Was Wang Jiarou finally making a move

She had thought that Wang Jiarou already knew that she was wrong.

From the looks of it, Wang Jiarou still insisted on being used by her.

Seeing that Lu Bei was deep in thought, Zhao Sixiu handed him the phone.

“Your manager must have found out about such a big commotion, right You have to handle such matters carefully.”

“Thank you.

Well handle this matter well.” Although he knew everything, Zhao Sixiu was kind enough to give Su Bei a reminder.

Sister Yang walked over and said worriedly, “Ah, some women these days are really unacceptable.

Its clearly a consensual matter, but they expose it in front of everyone.

Lu Bei, youre still too young.

You should have gotten your manager to deal with such a person long ago.”

On the surface, she seemed to be concerned, but in reality, she was certain that Lu Bei was responsible for this matter and didnt handle it well.

Su Bei raised her eyebrows and glanced at her.

“Sister Yang, how do you know that Im really related to this woman How many people are going around scamming others nowadays Do you mean to say that you know the whole story”

“I… didnt mean that either.

I just saw you talking to that woman earlier and thought you were acquaintances.”

“Seeing is not necessarily believing.

As a famous agent, you should know what this means, right The artistes youre taking care of have been slandered many times.

Just because I spoke to that woman, youve determined that I made her pregnant I probably got her pregnant through the air, right”

After being scolded by Su Bei a few times, Sister Yang slowly felt a little embarrassed.

She didnt know why this person, who looked so cold and noble, was so merciless when he spoke.

Zhao Sixiu stood behind Sister Yang and smiled at Su Bei.

He was obviously happy to see Sister Yang being criticized.

After Su Bei finished arguing, the directors assistant ran over and called out to her, “Lu Bei, Director Jiang asked you to go over.

He said that he has something important to tell you.”

“Im on my way.” She followed him.

Sister Yang patted her chest.

“Hes so good-looking, but why is his mouth so unforgiving”

“If you hadnt provoked him, would he have attacked you”

“Sixiu, did you see that Director Jiang called her over.” Sister Yang didnt mind being scolded by Zhao Sixiu and was still a little excited.

“This matter isnt too big, but the impact is extremely bad.

If Director Jiang is very dissatisfied with this and wants to terminate the contract, then Lu Beis role will definitely be yours.”

Zhao Sixiu couldnt be bothered to listen to her.

He picked up his clothes and left.

Sister Yang quickly asked her assistant to find out what Director Jiang had told Lu Bei.

This was a great opportunity.

Su Bei arrived at Director Jiangs office.

“Director Jiang.”

“I saw the news online.

What exactly is going on” Director Jiang smiled.

He had no intention of pursuing the matter.

No one knew Lu Beis identity better than him.

“A woman came up with this plan to screw me over because she wasnt satisfied that I rejected her request for money.

I figured I could use this incident to reveal my identity as Lu Bei, so I didnt stop it in advance.”

There was really no need for Su Bei to lie in front of Director Jiang.

“I knew that celebrities had a lot of scandals, but I didnt know that there were such serious cases of slander.

If I didnt know your identity, I would have smashed the table.

If it was broken, who would pay for it However, you have to handle this matter carefully.

Its best not to leave any negative news thatll affect the publicity of the movie.

Do you understand”

“I understand, Director Jiang.”

Director Jiang said a few more things about the scenes and reminded her not to be distracted by the outside world before letting her leave.

Sister Yang followed Zhao Sixiu and guarded her phone tightly, waiting for the results from her assistant.

After receiving the call, her face fell.

“Director Jiang actually didnt say anything about firing Lu Bei.

I thought that a director like Director Jiang wouldnt be able to tolerate this.

Heh, looks like he still submitted to capitalism.”

Zhao Sixiu couldnt be bothered to listen to such words.

He pinched his eyebrows and closed his eyes to rest.

Su Bei left Director Jiangs office, and the crew was in an uproar.

“But isnt Lu Bei with Mr.

Lu How could he have anything to do with Wang Jiarou How is that possible My lovebirds! Breaking up a couple is like killing a childs parents! This grudge is irreconcilable!”

“Thats not impossible.

Although Lu Bei is with Mr.

Lu, hes still a man.

Its too common for men to like both men and women.”

“But with Wang Jiarous looks, shes not worthy of Lu Bei at all! Besides, Lu Bei is obviously a masochist.

How can a masochist fall for a woman I dont believe it!”

“Have you forgotten Wang Jiarou did appear on set.

That day, she even chatted with Lu Bei for a long time.

I even planned to go over and eavesdrop, but I was blocked by Lu Beis assistant, so I didnt hear what they said.

But at that time, Wang Jiarou was indeed very pitiful and looked indignant.”

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