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Chapter 1438: You Can Get A Woman PregnantTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Sister Qiao Mei, try to persuade her again.

If she still doesnt know whats good for herself, theres nothing we can do.” Su Bei had already done her best.

After Qiao Mei hung up, she got someone from the public relations department to call Wang Jiarou and tell her not to get involved in Lu Beis matters.

She shouldnt try to use some improper methods.

The public relations department naturally did as they were told and did everything that needed to be done.

What Wang Jiarou wanted to do after that was up to her.

Lu Group.


Lu Hang stood in front of Lu Heting.


Lu, Wang Jiarou didnt leave.

She didnt board the plane even after I gave her the ticket.

She stayed and continued to look for Young Madam.

She even said…”

“Why are you stuttering”

“She also said that she was pregnant with Young Madams child.”

Lu Heting was holding his coffee.

Fortunately, he only took a sip.

Otherwise, he would have really spat it out.

He was angered by this ridiculous joke and said, “What does Su Bei plan to do”

“Young Madam plans to use this as an opportunity to announce her relationship with you if Wang Jiarou really wants to make a fuss.”

“Thats a good idea.” Lu Heting nodded and put down his coffee cup.

“In that case, it gives us a good reason to make it public.

For the time being, lets not chase Wang Jiarou away.”

Lu Hang noted it down and found it funny.

Wang Jiarou was really stubborn.

She was actually arrogant enough to say that she was pregnant with Young Madams child.

How could she slander others like this

After Su Bei left, Wang Jiarou lost her mind.

Just as Su Bei had said, she was truly a naive girl.

She really didnt have much ability.

The goading skills she previously learned were just superficial.

Su Bei saw through her at a glance.

When she watched Lu Bei leave, she was a little flustered.

Why Why didnt Lu Bei care about such a scandal What was he thinking Wasnt he afraid that his career would be ruined

Lu Bei was calm and did not care at all.

Wang Jiarou, on the other hand, was very hesitant.

Should she use this matter to go head-on with Lu Bei If so, how should she do it

Not long after, the public relations department of Di Xing Media Company called.

They warned her not to try to provoke a popular artiste.

Not to mention that she could not afford to offend the artistes company, but if Lu Beis fans got anxious, they might tear her apart.

After receiving this call, Wang Jiarou left the set in a daze.

Her phone rang again.

Wang Jiarou took it out, but she didnt want to answer it.

She had already heard too much bad news recently.

Her father was sick, the company was losing staff, and there was also the warning from Di Xing Media.

Who would call this time and what would they do

When she didnt answer, the calls kept coming in.

The ringing went on and on, making noise in her ears.

She finally pressed the answer button and said, “Hello.”

“Miss Wang Jiarou, right Were a justice-seeking organization formed by netizens with a certain reputation on the internet.”

“Why are you looking for me” Wang Jiarou asked nonchalantly.

“We know that theres a conflict between you and Lu Bei, so we want to help you.

Dont worry, our organization doesnt accept any fees.

We just cant stand those rich and famous people bullying others.

Therefore, as long as we encounter a victim, well help until the end.”

“How did you know that Lu Bei and I…” She wanted to ask them how they knew about her negotiation with Lu Bei.

However, the other party thought that she was talking about how they knew that she and Lu Bei had a child together.

When the other party received the video taken by the netizens, they were immediately indignant and wanted to help Wang Jiarou.

“Miss Wang, youre pregnant but were abandoned by someone like Lu Bei.

Netizens like us wont sit by and do nothing.

Dont worry, you can tell us if you have any requests.

Even if the other party is someone like Lu Bei or Mr.

Lu, there are tens of millions of reasonable people wholl seek justice for you.

What are you afraid of”

Wang Jiarou was very confused at this moment and asked, “Then can you help me get the investment”

“Investment As long as you become famous, the investments will naturally come,” the other party said confidently.

After Su Bei returned home, Lu Weijian came over and picked up Da Bao and Gun Gun, saying that they were going to the Lu familys mansion for dinner.

“Ill leave you two alone.” Lu Weijian looked like he was asking for praise.

Su Bei laughed.

“Bring them back early.”

After she sent them off, she lay on the bed and scrolled through her phone.

After looking at the news for a long time, she did not see a slanderous post from Wang Jiarou.

“Thats good.

Otherwise, shell be scolded badly.

It seems that shes not as stupid as she looks.” Su Bei put down her phone when she saw that Wang Jiarou didnt make a move.

As soon as she put it down and was about to get up, she was pressed back onto the bed, which left a mark on the soft mattress.

Without turning around, Su Bei knew who it was.

Her chin was turned over, and Lu Hetings thin lips approached hers for a sweet kiss.

Su Bei turned over and Lu Heting hugged her.

He kissed her from her eyebrows to her lips.

She couldnt help but lean over.

He stopped kissing her ear and said hoarsely, “I heard you got a woman pregnant”

Su Bei closed her eyes and felt a slight itch in her ear.

She said, “I didnt think I had that ability either.

When Wang Jiarou said that, I was shocked.”

“I heard that Wang Jiarou even swore it.

She must almost believe it herself.” Lu Heting pushed her hands away.

“Ill let it go this time.

If she does this again, she might not be tolerated anymore.”

Su Bei smiled.

“I was going to use her.

But if shes smart, forget it.

If she insists on going against me, however, I wont hold back.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting wasnt interested in other womens affairs.

All he could see was the woman in front of him.

He kissed her deeply again and pressed her under him.

For the next few days, there was no movement from Wang Jiarou.

Su Bei almost forgot about this matter.

Perhaps Wang Jiarou had been enlightened.

It was only a thought before Su Bei put it aside.

There were night scenes tonight, and everyone was busy with their own things.

Zhao Sixius scene ended before Lu Beis.

Once he was done, Sister Yang took out her phone and said, “I really couldnt tell.

Lu Bei is usually so pretentious and keeps a distance from women, but in the end, hes such a person.

Its just a pity that this matter didnt get exposed earlier.

If it had been exposed earlier, the male lead role would probably have been yours.”

Zhao Sixiu took the phone and saw that many marketing accounts had the same content: [Shocking! Records of Lu Bei, the Scumbag.]

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