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Chapter 1437: Spreading RumorsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei raised her eyebrows and said, “Your so-called preparation, pleading for my help, and asking for investments are all just wishful thinking.

You dont know what your companies are like, nor do you know what it takes to get an investment.

Youve mustered up your courage, and its good to have courage, but youre not 18 anymore.

Courage cant solve anything.”

“I can make preparations after this…” Wang Jiarou was extremely embarrassed.

She had really not thought about this at all.

It was just that her boyfriend had asked her to come, so she came.

She had tried to think of a way to solve the problem, but she couldnt even find the source of the problem.

It was as if everything was a mess and she thought that everything would be fine with Lu Groups investment.

“With all due respect, Miss Wang, with your attitude and way of doing things, even if you get an investment from Lu Group, your companies cant possibly improve.

Lu Group cant invest in such a company.” Su Bei sighed and looked sympathetically at the silly girl in front of her.

“Your best bet is to leave early.

Things wont be too hard even without the companies.

Find a job and live well.”

“No, Lu Bei, I still have a chance…” How could Wang Jiarou find a job and live a good life That option had never existed in her life since she was young.

Besides, if that happened, she would definitely lose Hu Hanping.

Su Bei didnt want to talk to her anymore.

It was the responsibility of parents to educate their children.

She wasnt Wang Jiarous mother, so she had no obligation to educate her.

She turned to leave.

Wang Jiarou felt that her hope was fading.

Seeing that Su Bei was about to leave, she had an idea and said loudly, “Lu Bei, if you leave, Ill tell the media that you abandoned me and the child in my stomach!”

She knew that celebrities in the entertainment industry were most afraid of scandals.

If things got out of hand, it would affect their careers.

Therefore, as long as there was a problem, these artistes would reduce it to a small matter.

If they could solve the problem with money, they would not be stingy with money.

Su Bei couldnt help but sneer when she heard this.

She turned around and said, “I thought you were just stupid.

I didnt expect you to be so vicious.”

“Lu Bei, I have no choice.

You forced me to do this.

I dont want to be your enemy either.” Wang Jiarou clenched her fists.

“Just treat it as doing a good deed and help me.

I can pretend that I didnt say anything just now.

This bit of money is nothing to you and Lu Group, but to me, its my entire life.

If you help me, Ill take back those words!”

Su Bei slowly walked toward Wang Jiarou.

At this moment, her temperament was noble and cold, making Wang Jiarou not dare to blaspheme or offend her.

However, her desire to get an investment still prevailed.

She forced herself to meet Su Beis gaze.

Su Bei chuckled.

“I have to say, youre really good at using underhanded methods.

Previously, you tried to goad me, but youve now changed to slandering others.

You even know how to guilt trip others.

It turns out that youre not stupid.

Youre just smart but arent using your brains in the right place.

Youre poor and I have money, but why should I help you”

Wang Jiarou swallowed her saliva.

“Im desperate.

I dont want to do this either.”

Su Bei sneered.

Fortunately, she was a woman.

If she was really a man, she might actually be framed by such a person.

Nowadays, in order to attract attention, the media didnt care if the matter was true or not.

They always reported it first.

The more sensational the news, the more they liked it.

By the time the person involved clarified the matter, it would already be difficult to salvage the loss.

Once rumors spread, careers would be lost.

It was no wonder that some artistes were afraid of trouble.

For some small-scale scandals, they would spend money to settle them first.

Wang Jiarou was right about this.

Seeing that Lu Bei was deep in thought, Wang Jiarou thought that she had already hit the nail on the head and caused Lu Bei to worry.

Although she was afraid of Lu Beis aura, she did not back down.

“Lu Bei, I really dont want to fall out with you.

I believe you dont want these scandals to affect your relationship with Mr.

Lu, right I can swear to you that as long as my fathers and boyfriends companies survive this crisis, I wont look for you again.

I wont say a word about these things or even appear in the capital again.”

“Wang Jiarou, you used the wrong method from the beginning! If you had brought a proposal and explained your companies situations and profitable projects from the beginning, perhaps the investment funds would have already reached your companies accounts.

But then again, if you really had such ability, you wouldnt have been rejected by all the investors in Jingdu City.”

“I promise you, as long as you invest, Ill quickly make up for those things!” Wang Jiarou said urgently.

“Its too late.

From the moment you came to me, it was already too late.

As for the matter of you wanting to frame me, go ahead.

Do you think modern medicine cant find out what happened to the child” After Su Bei finished speaking, she didnt even spare her a glance.

Wang Jiarou really did not expect that Lu Bei would not be threatened at all.

Werent celebrities most afraid of scandals Could it be that he did not even care about his career or Mr.

Lus thoughts

She stood there, stunned.

When Su Bei left, she saw the flash of a camera.

There were many people who liked to take photos of celebrities, not to mention that this was a filming location.

There would probably be paparazzi or passersby secretly taking photos everywhere.

After Su Bei got into the car, she thought for a moment, took out her phone, called Qiao Mei, and briefly explained the situation.

Qiao Mei couldnt stop laughing.

“Theres actually such a silly girl in this world Shes really my source of joy today.

Since you didnt agree to her request, is she planning to make a fuss about it in the media”

“I guess thats possible.

However, this timing is just right.

If she makes a fuss, itll give me an opportunity to announce that Lu Bei is Su Bei.

I was still worried that I hadnt found a suitable opportunity to announce this matter.”

Qiao Mei nodded in agreement.

“This is indeed a very good opportunity.

If she wants to cause trouble, let her.

Ill prepare some countermeasures and keep an eye on the situation.”

“I didnt want to bother about her, but since shes offering herself up for me to use, Ill use this incident to teach her what it means to be evil.”

Qiao Mei said, “Yes, youve advised her many times.

If she had any self-awareness, she would have stopped long ago.

Now, no matter what happens, itll be her own fault.”

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