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Chapter 1436: If You Dont Become Famous, Youll Be Stamped DownTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Are you holding up well” Zhao Sixiu asked, suspecting that he had been too heavy-handed during the fight scene.

After all, the man in front of her was so tender that it made him… feel protective of him for a moment.

Su Bei suddenly felt a little embarrassed and couldnt even look away.

She narrowed her eyes to hide her shyness.

Zhao Sixiu looked at her strangely and then retreated to the side.

Sister Yang said, “Why do you care If he has a problem, its good for you.”

Zhao Sixiu did not say anything.

After a day of acting together with Lu Bei, he realized that he got into character quite quickly.

The two of them really felt evenly matched.

It was very satisfying to meet such a capable actor.

It was just like playing ping-pong.

It was only interesting if they exchanged blows.

If they were to blindly suppress their opponent or be suppressed by them, they would inevitably feel vexed.

He had also lost his initial scorn about the casting decisions.

“Why dont I see Su Bei here” Sister Yang said again.

“Su Beis scenes are at the back.

Shes just playing two of the personalities.

She doesnt have many scenes.

Its normal for her not to be here now.” Zhao Sixiu admired Su Bei a little.

He had seen all her movies and had thought about them carefully.

He felt that it wasnt easy to be able to reach her level.

Sister Yang picked up the shooting schedule and took a look.

Su Bei would indeed be coming in a few days.

Su Beis scenes did not overlap with Lu Beis, so it was understandable that she would only be coming in later.

She thought for a while and said, “After Su Bei comes over, get closer to her.

Ill do some publicity for you and let you use this to increase your popularity.”

“You want to make me and Su Bei into a ship” Zhao Sixius sharp eyebrows immediately furrowed.

It was one thing for him to use marketing accounts to step on Lu Bei.

When male artistes were together, they would always be compared.

But what was this about Su Bei

Sister Yang was satisfied with everything about Zhao Sixiu, except that he was a little too stubborn.

There was no one around, so she said directly, “Sixiu, how can anyone place all their hopes on their works now Itll take at least half a year for a movie to be filmed and released.

In this half a year, if you dont release some news to maintain your popularity, itll be too late.

If you dont dare to continue stepping on Lu Bei, cant you just stir things up with Su Bei Hasnt she been shipped with many others Besides, how do you know that she wont be willing”

Zhao Sixiu lowered his head and suddenly looked up.

“You know that I have a girlfriend outside the circle.

There are some things that will definitely backfire if I stir up too much.”

“Brother Zhao! Dont forget how you came to our company back then.

Since youve joined the company, you have the obligation to earn money for the company.” Seeing Zhao Sixius expression turn ugly, Sister Yangs voice softened.

“If you dont earn money, how can you support your family and marry your girlfriend In this circle, if you dont become famous, youll be stepped on.

Since we cant use Lu Bei, whats wrong with making use of Su Bei”

Zhao Sixiu was speechless and closed his mouth in silence.

Sister Yang knew that he had been convinced.

What was the use of being virtuous in this circle Could being virtuous earn them money

The shooting of Split went well.

For several days, the results were good.

Director Jiang was so happy that he smiled whenever he saw someone.

He happily let everyone continue doing things as they always had.

Su Bei removed her makeup, stretched, and walked out.

A group of people came to greet her.

She raised her eyebrows in response.

A figure squeezed out from the staff and shouted, “Lu Bei!”

This familiar voice came from a familiar person Su Bei had met a few days ago.

She was really haunting her.

She turned around and saw that it was Wang Jiarou.

Wang Jiarou was dressed like a staff member and holding a towel.

She said, “Lu Bei, you forgot to bring a towel.”

Seeing that she was delivering towels, the other staff members dispersed and left.

Su Bei took the towel and said calmly, “Thank you.”

“Lu Bei, I apologize for what happened last time.

I was really blinded by greed to say those words to you.

Whether you forgive me or not, I feel very guilty.

I sincerely apologize to you.”

“Theres no need to apologize.

However, I really didnt expect you to stay in Jingdu City.” Logically speaking, the person Lu Group wanted to send away shouldnt continue to be here.

Wang Jiarou also understood how risky it was for her to stay.

She was now facing the entire Lu Group.

However, if she left, it would mean that everything in her life would be gone.

Her boyfriend, her father… Everything would be doomed.

So no matter how risky it was, she had to try again.

“Lu Bei, I originally wanted to leave the capital, but you also know that if I leave, Ill have nothing left.

Therefore, I can only stay and seek an opportunity.

Please help me.

This time, I wont ask you for help as an ex-fiancee.

Ill only ask you for help using my identity.

Please do me a favor and help me,” Wang Jiarou pleaded in a low voice.

She was already very humble.

Su Bei squeezed the towel casually in her hand and said, “What are you planning to do How do you want me to help you”

“I need an investment! I want my fathers and boyfriends companies to be revived!” Wang Jiarou said loudly.

She was immediately filled with hope.

Lu Bei was finally willing to give her a response.

Lu Bei was her only hope now.

She had gone to Lu Group several times.

Not to mention seeing Lu Heting, she couldnt even touch the higher-ups of Lu Group.

She couldnt even step into Lu Group.

She had no choice but to continue looking for Lu Bei.

A cold smile appeared on Su Beis thin lips.

“You came to me for investment and to help your companies revive.

Is this how you approach me”

“Huh” Wang Jiarou was a little confused.

She widened her eyes and looked at Lu Bei with a confused expression.

“Do you think other people will give you investments so easily You dont even have a proposal or a future plan for the companies, yet you came over asking for an investment.

I said last time that you werent sincere at all.

Obviously, I wasnt wrong.

You dont actually want to revive those two companies, do you”

“I…” Wang Jiarou was a girl who was born and raised in a wealthy family.

The Wang family had raised their daughter to the point where food and clothing were readily available.

She was used to being a rich young lady and did not have any social common sense at all.

Now that the companies were about to collapse, her capable subordinates had long left.

Her father was sick, and her boyfriend was in a terrible fix.

There was no one around her to help her think about these things.

She blushed at Su Beis words.

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