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Chapter 1435: The Grace Of Not Marrying Back ThenTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Now, that persons company is in trouble.

Wang Jiarous father helped, but the outcome didnt improve.

Instead, the two companies are in trouble at the same time.

Only then did Wang Jiarou place her target on me.”

“In that case, she didnt cling to the Lu family and gave up everything for true love,” Su Bei said.

“However, she really underestimated me.

She thought that Id give up my mutual trust with you for that little threat of hers.”

“If she had come to me earlier, I might have helped her on account of her refusal to marry me back then.

But now, since she has already tried to control you, she has completely destroyed this possibility.” Lu Hetings tone was cold.

Wang Jiarou might not have expected that she would mess things up by coming to look for Su Bei.

Lu Heting had always been tolerant, but matters to do with Su Bei were an exception.

Wang Jiarou had personally ruined all her chances.

Thinking of Wang Jiarous methods, Su Bei also felt that it was better not to get involved.

She even said things like new lover and old lover, making others think that she was really Lu Hetings former flame.

“Ive already handed it to Lu Hang.

Leave her alone.” Lu Heting accompanied Su Bei upstairs.

After going upstairs, Su Bei sat on the sofa and read the script.

Lu Heting went to his room.

While Su Bei was reading, Lu Heting reached out and handed her something.

“Whats this”

“The annulment letter for Wang Jiarou.

It was given to her on our wedding day.

This is the backup copy.” Lu Hetings tone was deep, and his distinct joints held a thin document.

Su Bei paused for a moment and took it.

She had run away without a trace the day she married him and only reappeared five years later.

Yet he had prepared for everything, even cutting off all avenues of escape just to wait for her.

What did she do to deserve the trust and love of this man in front of her

Lu Heting sat down beside her.

“Wang Jiarous matter is not a big deal at all.

I think she knows that shes in the wrong, so she doesnt dare to come to me directly.

She said that she has some sort of relationship with me, but Ive never even met her.

What relationship can there be”

Su Bei placed the food on the sofa and whispered, “Lu Heting, what do you want me to do I seem to love you more and more.”

“I dont mind… being loved a little more by you.” Pulling her close, he pressed his forehead against hers.

The intimate, coy atmosphere spread between them.

Wang Jiarou was indeed in the wrong.

The Wang family had volunteered to hand over her photo to the Lu family, and no one had forced them.

Wang Jiarou was also the one who decided not to show up on their wedding day.

Not only did the Lu family not find trouble with her, but they even sent an annulment letter over.

Back then, the Lu family was really benevolent.

Initially, she thought that she would never have to beg Lu Group in her life.

As long as they ran their business properly, it was fine as long as they did not touch Lu Group.

There would always be a way out.

However, the world was unpredictable.

It had forced her to this point.

She could either go bankrupt or beg Lu Heting.

She was not confident to beg Lu Heting, so she could only approach Lu Bei, an easier target.

In the end, it turned out that Lu Bei was not a pushover but a tough cookie.

Immediately after, Lu Hang told her to stay away from Lu Bei.

Lu Group would let bygones be bygones, but there would be no next time.

Wang Jiarou knew that this was the last chance Lu Group would give her.

But what could she do

Her boyfriends company was on the verge of collapse.

Every day, he was chased around by his creditors.

Her fathers company was about to collapse, and she could not fork out any money.

In the entire S Country, there were very few people who could help her father and boyfriend.

The only person who could help them was Lu Heting.

“Jiarou, try again.” Hu Hanping grabbed her hand.

“Weve thought of all the other ways we can think of.

Others wont give me a chance at all.

Now, only you have some connections with Lu Group.

We can still count on Lu Group.

If you dont give it a try, Ill really be cornered!”

“Ive already tried.

Be it Lu Heting or Lu Bei, I was the one who did something wrong.

Its good enough that Lu Group isnt pursuing the matter.

If I go again and anger Lu Heting, I dont know what will happen.” Wang Jiarou didnt want to see Hu Hanping like this, but she was really helpless.

“Jiarou, why did Lu Heting choose you back then It must be because he at least had some feelings for you.

At least he once liked you.

So many women sent over their photos but Lu Heting selected you after a glance.

Have you thought about it This is your advantage and your opportunity!”

Wang Jiarou pushed him away.

“What exactly are you thinking Who do you think I am Do you want me to get the investment in that way”

Hu Hanping knew that he had misspoken and went forward to hug her.

“Thats not what I meant, Jiarou.

Youve misunderstood me.

I just want to say that Lu Heting must have some fondness for you, even if he doesnt have any feelings for you.

Think about it.

You didnt marry him back then, but he didnt say anything, right He even took the initiative to give you an annulment letter.

Think about it.

If you go to him again, he might be soft-hearted…”

Wang Jiarous heart was a mess.

The man in front of her was her true love.

For years, she had been willing to do anything for him.

Back then, she could have married into the Lu family.

It was such a great opportunity and a chance that everyone dreamed of, but she did not want it.

Instead, she went overseas for this man.

Now that he was facing such a dilemma, she really could not bear it.

Besides, this matter concerned the survival of her father and her entire family.

Hu Hanping adjusted his clothes and said again, “Jiarou, if you dont help me, I really wont have a future anymore.

If you help me, our future will still be long.

Our lives will be bright and brilliant.”

Wang Jiarou looked at the man she loved in front of her.

She hooked her arms around his neck and threw herself into his arms.

“What else can I do Tell me, what else can I do”

Not only did Wang Jiarous matter not become a sore point for Su Bei, but it also became a catalyst for her and Lu Hetings relationship.

The deep relationship between the two of them became stronger.

At night, Lu Heting made sure she had a long night.

The next day, Su Bei, who came to the set as Lu Bei, felt that her legs were extremely weak.

She felt like she was floating.

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