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Chapter 1434: AbandonTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

She forced herself to calm down and said, “Mr.

Lu, I might have offended you because Im stupid and didnt say the right things.

However, that wasnt my intention.

I dont have any intention of threatening you, nor do I have any intention of driving a wedge in your relationship with Mr.


Im really here to ask for help.”

She hoped that this would still salvage part of the situation.

Su Bei raised her eyebrows and said calmly, “Dont you think your sincerity came too late”


Lu, I…”

Su Bei raised her hand and interrupted her.

“Miss Wang, Im just a small artiste.

Although Im with Mr.

Lu, I dont have the right to interfere in his work matters regarding investments.

Thats his freedom, just as I dont wish for him to interfere in my work.

So, go find someone whos in a position that can talk to him about this matter.

Forgive me for not being able to help.”


Lu, Im really anxious.

My family is about to go bankrupt.

My father is also old.

If anything happens to him, Im afraid Ill lose him forever,” Wang Jiarou said as tears slowly fell.

It was not that Su Bei did not have sympathy, but Wang Jiarous previous actions had already worn away her sympathy.

If Wang Jiarou continued to do this, it would only increase Su Beis feelings of disgust toward her.

Su Bei stood up and paid for the order.

“Guilt-tripping is useless on me.

Thats your father and your familys business, not mine.

If you have time to cry here, why dont you think of a legitimate plan Miss Wang, please excuse me as Ill be taking my leave now.”

She walked slowly out of the café.

Wang Jiarou subconsciously clenched her fists.

She really didnt expect to encounter such a tough nut to crack.

Lu Bei didnt even budge.

She originally thought that a man like Lu Heting was the most difficult to deal with.

However, he did not expect that a man like Lu Bei, who hit the nail on the head and did not give anyone face, was also difficult to defeat.

As soon as Su Bei walked out, Lu Heting called her.

Su Bei was not surprised.

After all, Lu Hetings trusted assistant was following her now.

When Lu Heting found out about Wang Jiarou, he must have caused a huge commotion.

Just now, she had already discovered that there were several bodyguards around her.

Lu Heting was really too careful.

Was he worried that Wang Jiarou would attack her

She smiled and picked up the call.

“Yes, Im out of the café now.”

“You dont need to bother with someone like that, and you dont need to see her again next time.

Ill get someone to send her away.”

“But Wang Jiarou brought up her identity as an ex-fiancee.

When the time comes and she really makes a fuss, who will believe that you didnt know her at all back then Everyone will only think that you cheated on her and abandoned her.

Theyll think that I, the third party, interfered in your relationship and made Wang Jiarou leave.”

Lu Hetings voice was gloomy.

“Su Bei, are you deliberately trying to anger me”

“Im just being honest.

If she goes out and makes a scene, itll be ugly.

I at least want to know what shes up to.”

“Ill find out exactly what shes up to.

Also, you mentioned abandoning her and all that.

Are you sure about that”

Hearing the cold voice on the other end, Su Bei knew that Lu Heting was angry.

Her voice softened.

“Of course not.

Im just afraid that others will say that.

I dont want us to be criticized.”

“Go home first.

Ill be right back.” Lu Heting hung up.

Su Bei stuck out her tongue.

Was she too sarcastic She must have been influenced by Wang Jiarou just now.

She didnt know the right words to say and kept nitpicking.

Of all things, why did she learn how to be sarcastic from Wang Jiarou

Su Bei rushed home.

Instead of going upstairs first, she sat in the car and waited for Lu Heting in the underground parking lot.

When she saw the familiar low-key black luxury car, Su Bei immediately got out and stood there waiting for him.

Lu Hetings gaze flickered when he saw the woman.

He pursed his thin lips slightly, and there was a hint of gentleness in his eyes.

Su Bei ran forward and opened the door for him.

She smiled and said, “Honey, youre back!”


If I didnt come back soon, Id be accused of abandoning you.” The mans voice was a little cold.

He got out of the car and stood in front of Su Bei.

“I didnt mean that.

Are you still angry” She took his hand of her own accord.

He tried to dodge but she refused to back away and clasped her fingers around his hand.

It was just a simple gesture, but it was filled with unspeakable possessiveness.

“Yes.” His tone still sounded unhappy.

His dark eyes were slightly hidden as if he were hiding his true emotions.

Su Bei pulled away, put her hands on his shoulders, and kissed his eyebrows.

“Feeling better now”

The mans eyes remained narrowed, making it impossible to read his true thoughts.

Su Bei licked her lips before kissing him on the lips, gently pressing on his thin, beautiful lips.

Lu Heting laughed softly and didnt hold himself back anymore.

Actually, he wasnt really angry with her.

He had always spoiled his woman.

How could he be angry with her

It was just that her kiss tasted too good, and he was a little greedy.

He tightened his grip on her waist and suddenly pulled her into his arms, making up for the unfinished kiss.

Only then did his dark eyes ripple with satisfaction.

“Oh, you lied to me!” Su Bei realized and her cheeks puffed with anger.

“If I didnt lie to you, I wouldnt receive such good treatment.” Lu Hetings tone was filled with confidence.

Su Bei snorted.

‘How scheming!

“But if youre not angry, why did you rush back”

“I got someone to investigate Wang Jiarou.

On the day I registered my marriage with you, I got Grandma to write an annulment letter for her.

This was also filed at the lawyers office as I was afraid that such a problem would arise.

Back then, I didnt think of getting married because I had feelings for her, so there naturally wouldnt be any loopholes in the arrangement.”

“No wonder she lacked confidence.

In front of me, she used all kinds of words to provoke me.

She tried to threaten me so that Id put in a good word with you for her.”

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes and said, “On the way just now, I received the results of my assistants investigation.

Wang Jiarou sent her photo over at her fathers request.

Back then, there were countless people who wanted to marry into Lu Group.

“However, she had someone she liked, so on the day we were supposed to get married, she didnt show up.

Instead, she went abroad with the person she liked and ran a small company.”

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