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Chapter 1433: Your Past RelationshipTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei turned around and saw a woman standing not far from her.

She looked familiar.

She thought for a moment, then remembered her name and identity.

Wang Jiarou was Lu Hetings fiancee.

No, ex-fiancee.

Wang Jiarou quickly walked toward Su Bei and said, “Mr.

Lu, Im Wang Jiarou.

Can I have a chat with you”

“What is it about” Su Bei was also curious why this ex-fiancee, who had almost nothing to do with Lu Heting, was looking for her.

“Lets find a place to sit.

I wish to talk to you about something,” Wang Jiarou immediately said when she saw that Lu Bei seemed to agree.

Before she met Lu Bei, she had only seen photos of Lu Bei and Lu Heting appearing together on the internet.

She did not think much of such a man.

However, when she saw Lu Bei in real life, she realized that his noble temperament was indeed charming.

The youthfulness in his every move was really attractive.

Good looks sure went beyond gender.

It wouldnt even be surprising if other men fell for a man like Lu Bei.

After sitting down in a cafe, Su Bei ordered a drink.

Wang Jiarou said cautiously, “Mr.

Lu, actually, I had no choice but to look for you this time.

Im sure you know very well that Im Mr.

Lus fiancée, right”

“Lady, shouldnt it be ex-fiancee” Su Bei corrected her.

“I heard that you didnt even show up when you were supposed to get married.

It must have been almost six or seven years ago.

Its a little inappropriate for you to say that now.”

Wang Jiarou was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable for a few seconds.

“I made a mistake.

I really didnt expect Mr.

Lu to be with you after a few years.”

“Since youre an ex and you dont even have much interaction with him, it doesnt seem like you have anything to do with how he lives his life and what his feelings are.”

“Yes, it has nothing to do with me.

However, Im not completely unrelated to him.

I still have the betrothal letter that Old Madam Lu gave me back then.

This engagement was never explicitly annulled.”

When Su Bei heard this, she couldnt help but raise her eyebrows.

Her eyebrows had been trimmed to a sharp point today.

This action made her look a little imposing.

Wang Jiarou knew that she had been too blunt and said, “Mr.

Lu, dont misunderstand.

I didnt come back to snatch Mr.

Lu from you.”

“Well, you cant snatch him from me either.

Dont make it sound like you gave him to me.

The words you said today are very likely to cause a misunderstanding, but you even told me not to misunderstand.

Just get straight to the point.

Theres no need to beat about the bush.” Since she was using Lu Beis identity, Su Bei couldnt be bothered to beat about the bush with her.

Wang Jiarous face was a little red.

Lu Beis words clearly did not give her any face at all.

She held her coffee cup and crossed her fingers over it.

“I came back this time because my familys business is in a crisis and we need investments to get through it.

My father is the one whos been managing our familys business since he founded the company.

Now that the company is in trouble and is about to go bankrupt, I dont want to watch my fathers business collapse.

Therefore, I had no choice but to come and ask Mr.

Lu to help me on account of our past relationship.


Lu, dont worry.

My return has nothing to do with my feelings.

Its just because of my career.”

She said it pitifully.

Her words were indeed filled with deep emotions, and her speech was very touching.

However, Su Bei understood what she meant.

She said calmly, “You said that your family is in trouble and you came to Mr.

Lu for help, but you keep mentioning that you used to be his ex-fiancee.

Are you planning to use this to ask him to help you”


Lu, thats really not what I meant.

I only mentioned the past because I wanted Mr.

Lu to help me on account of our past relationship.

You also know that Mr.

Lu isnt such an easy person to meet.

If he doesnt have any connections to that person, he wont help them.

I didnt mean anything else by what I said.” Wang Jiarou was anxious to defend herself.

“Since youre looking for Mr.

Lu to invest in your business, why did you come looking for me Just look for Mr.


Your past relationship was with him, not me.

Why are you looking for me” Su Bei found a loophole in her words and looked at her sideways.

Su Beis words pierced Wang Jiarous heart and exposed her true purpose.

Wang Jiarou clasped her hands together uncomfortably.

“I was thinking that since youre Mr.

Lus new lover now, hell definitely listen to you.

If you put in a good word for me, Mr.

Lu will definitely listen to you.

Besides, I believe that neither you nor Mr.

Lu is willing to see me appear.

After all, you and Mr.

Lu are considered public figures now.

If word gets out, it wont be good either…”

Su Bei listened to her calmly.

This woman was really good at beating about the bush.

Her words were clearly pitiful, but every word carried a deeper meaning.

Su Bei leaned back in her chair and said, “Miss Wang, first of all, Im not Mr.

Lus new lover because youre not his old lover.

Hence, you shouldnt call me his new lover.

Also, Im sure you know very well why he wanted to get married back then, why you sent your photo over, and why you were chosen, right Its all just because you happened to be in the stack of photos and his assistant chose someone his grandmother thought was suitable.

You mustve had an opinion on this too.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have missed out on your wedding day.

“Secondly, since you need him to invest in your business, please go through the proper channels to meet Mr.


If youre capable of making money, your company can bring tangible benefits to Lu Group.

I believe that Lu Group wont give up such a good opportunity.

“Im a public figure now, so you think Im afraid of gossip, which is why youre threatening me with the possibility of a scandal just to get me to help you, right

“Miss Wang, you keep saying that you want me to speak up for you in front of Mr.

Lu, but there are traps buried everywhere in your words.

Is this the right attitude to have when begging someone for help”

A trace of panic flashed across Wang Jiarous eyes.

Su Bei was right.

Others might not know, but how could Wang Jiarou not know It was precisely because she knew that Lu Bei was just a small celebrity in the entertainment industry who was given a role in a movie simply because he had followed Lu Heting for a long time.

She treated Lu Bei as a fool and thought that with just a few simple words, she could make Lu Bei convince Lu Heting to help her.

She didnt expect that the speech she had thought about for so long would be analyzed to this extent.

Su Bei saw through it at a glance and exposed her in just a few words.

Wang Jiarou felt that something was wrong and panicked.

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