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Chapter 1432: Hes Better Than Me, OkayTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Others might not be able to see the problem, but Zhao Sixiu was already doubting his life.

Director Jiang calledcut and said, “This shot isnt bad.

Youre all getting into your characters very quickly.

But Sixiu, you and Lu Bei should be evenly matched in this scene.

Dont give in just because Lu Bei is thin.

Lets do it again.”

Only then did the onlookers realize that the person who had displeased the director was actually Zhao Sixiu.

The two of them fought quite well, but Zhao Sixiu failed.

“Again.” Zhao Sixiu had high expectations of himself to begin with.

He was not satisfied with his performance just now.

Even if the director did not say it, he could not possibly think that his performance earlier could pass.

After composing himself, he started over.

After gaining a certain understanding of Lu Beis skills, Zhao Sixiu raised his guard.

He knew that he could not underestimate him anymore and was already fully focused on dealing with him.

Su Bei could see in his eyes that he was wary of her and taking it seriously this time.

This time, Su Bei still did not give in to him.

If she could not let him know her strength in the beginning, their cooperation later would not go smoothly.

He had to be willing to cooperate with her.

That way, the movie would have greater tension and the whole story would be more convincing.

Making a movie didnt rely on the efforts of just one man.

It relied on the hard work of all the staff and actors present.

One person wont be able to turn the tide and pull up the entire movie, and a good movie shouldnt have obvious shortcomings.

Although Zhao Sixiu and Lu Bei started fighting, there was still a gap between them and a difference in the fighting style that Director Jiang wanted.

“Rest for a while.

Sixiu, think carefully about how you should carry out this scene.

Dont always give in to Lu Bei.

He cant be broken.

Hes not porcelain.

Are you afraid that youll have to pay compensation if you hurt him” Although Director Jiang was a very high-ranking director, he was very humorous.

Just a few words from him removed the awkward atmosphere.

During the break, Sister Yang asked, “Sixiu, whats wrong with you Isnt fighting your forte Why cant you even compare to Lu Bei”

“Hes better than me, okay” Zhao Sixiu said in a muffled voice.

Sister Yang was stunned.

“Are you serious”

Lu Bei looked so weak that no one would think that he had that kind of ability.

However, the truth was that Director Jiang had already lectured Zhao Sixiu about the scene several times, but the shot still did not pass.

Lu Bei was clearly performing normally, but Zhao Sixiu just couldnt keep up… He had to admit that he had underestimated Lu Bei and didnt dare to underestimate Lu Beis ability anymore.

It made sense for Director Jiang to choose Lu Bei as the male lead.

The blood on Lu Beis face had already dried and shifted.

He went to fix his makeup.

Zhao Sixiu put down the towel to wipe his sweat and walked to Lu Beis side.

He said, “Lu Bei, lets go through it before filming starts.”

“Alright.” Su Bei nodded.

For the time being, she did not know if Zhao Sixius suggestion was sincere or if he wanted to play tricks, so she raised her guard.

After she got her makeup done, Su Bei came out.

Zhao Sixiu leaned against the wall and gestured for her to come over.

Su Bei stepped forward.

As soon as she took action, she knew that Zhao Sixius opposing emotions had eased a lot.

He probably knew in his heart that it was more important to cooperate and not be hostile.

Su Bei followed him and went through the movements.

After Director Jiang shouted for them to start again, Su Bei put away her emotions that were specially targeted at Zhao Sixiu and no longer deliberately suppressed him.

All her moves were reciprocated.

Zhao Sixiu also clearly felt that the pressure on him had lessened.

Finally, he and Su Bei got through the scene.

“Not bad, not bad.

See, you guys are getting into your characters now” Director Jiang shouted.

“This scene is over.

Lets pack up for lunch.”

Zhao Sixiu looked down at the time and realized that they had used four hours to film the scene just now and it was all because of him.

A chill ran down his spine.

He finally understood why Director Jiang had chosen Lu Bei.

He was young and inexperienced, and his reputation was not well-known.

He had no experience before, but the moment he acted, people would completely forget that he was a newbie.

This time, he was convinced.

The production team distributed lunch boxes one by one.

Someone opened the lunch box and said in surprise, “Wow, there are so many dishes.

Theres actually fish, meat, prawns, and all kinds of delicious mushrooms.

The soup is even borscht.

Isnt our production team too generous”

“Thats right.

I thought it would be the same food given to other crews out there.

Its usually the same boring three dishes and one soup every day.

There wont even be a big piece of meat.

I didnt expect to be so happy here.”

“What do you know This is all thanks to Lu Bei.

Lu Corporation has taken care of all our food for the next four months.

All of us can enjoy better food.”


Lu is really generous and handsome.

He really loves Lu Bei.

Im so envious.”

The assistant brought Su Beis food over.

Because the food in the production team was the same, it was inconvenient to specially cook for her alone.

Therefore, Lu Heting took advantage of the fact that everyone knew about his relationship with Lu Bei and directly paid for the entire production teams food and beverage.

As for what the dishes were every day, of course, it was whatever Su Bei wanted to eat.

While eating, Su Bei received a message from Lu Heting.

[You wouldnt let me go in with you this morning.

How are things]

[Very good.

After the morning shoot, Zhao Sixiu seems to have stopped acting out.]

[I didnt expect him to be less skilled than you.]

[Of course.

Dont you know who taught me] After saying that, Su Bei remembered that not only had Lu Heting taught her, but Feng Ze had also taught her before.

She changed the topic.

[The lunch is delicious.

Can I get a second serving]

[Of course.] Lu Heting smiled.

He naturally knew why she suddenly changed the topic.

She could sense even his faintest emotions.

This satisfied him.

Needless to say, the scenes in the afternoon went very smoothly.

Several scenes between Lu Bei and Zhao Sixiu were completed in one take.

Such success also motivated Zhao Sixiu.

He was even more engrossed in his role and was very immersed in it.

In the afternoon, he kept getting good reviews from Director Jiang.

At the end of his scenes in the afternoon, he smiled and high-fived Su Bei.

“See you tomorrow, then.”

“See you tomorrow,” she said with a smile.

Zhao Sixiu turned around and realized that he did not hate people who looked too exquisite and beautiful, after all.

Calling someone a sissy and looking down on them was really the greatest prejudice in the world.

Su Bei packed her things and walked out slowly.

As soon as she stepped out of the studio, a soft voice stopped her.



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