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Chapter 1431: Absolute StrengthTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Boo-hoo! Now that Ive seen him in person, I know why Mr.

Lu dotes on Lu Bei so much.

If it were me, I would also dote on Lu Bei!” A female staff member excitedly communicated with her colleague beside her.

“Thats right.

How can anyone not be willing to support Lu Bei Not to mention pampering him, I can even give him the entire world!”

“Can you afford to Dont get any ideas.”

“I know that he belongs to Mr.

Lu, but Im just thinking about it.

Ill go back and ship them later!”

“I heard that Mr.

Lu personally sent Lu Bei over just now.

Its really too sweet.”

Su Bei curled her lips and smiled.

She found her seat and sat down.

Because she couldnt expose her identity for the time being, she didnt bring Xiao Bai, her assistant, with her.

Instead, Lu Heting appointed his assistant to come over and take care of her.

The assistant of the head of Lu Group had to come and take care of Lu Bei.

Although it could not be said to be a grievance, it could be considered a slight waste of resources.

The assistant could only try his best to put away the unwillingness in his heart and follow Lu Bei.

“Sister Yang, Brother Zhao,” Su Bei greeted the two people who arrived first.

Sister Yang said with a smile, “Lu Bei, youre here.

Today is the first scene between you and Sixiu.

Im really looking forward to it.”

Su Bei smiled and didnt answer her.

When she was using Lu Bei as a stepping stone online, she didnt have such an attitude.

The difference in the way she treated Lu Bei in person and behind his back was really uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Zhao Sixiu nodded at Lu Bei indifferently.

His attitude was surprisingly consistent.

“Lu Bei, I bought you some snacks.

These are all very nutritious and dont contain too much sugar.

You can fill your stomach a little when youre hungry.” A few staff members ran over and timidly handed the things to Su Bei.

Su Bei accepted them politely.

“Thank you, but you dont have to buy these next time.

Im very happy to receive them, but I prefer to see you spend your money on yourselves and take good care of yourselves.”

“Yes, yes, of course.” They scurried away, their faces flushing.

Lu Bei was really too gentle and considerate.


Zhao, Mr.

Lu, the filming is about to start.

Please come over and prepare.” The directors assistant came forward to remind them.

“Alright, on my way.” Lu Bei stood up and followed the makeup artist into the dressing room.

Some of the staff members who had temporarily finished working on a segment also gathered together.

They wanted to see how the scene would be filmed.

Moreover, most of their attention was on Lu Bei.

Sister Yang secretly reminded Zhao Sixiu, “Your chance is here.

Seize it.”

Although she did not dare to offend Lu Heting, it was not a problem for Zhao Sixiu to suppress Lu Bei in the movie.

Lu Heting could not come looking for trouble because others were too professional, right

Zhao Sixiu acted as a police officer.

His makeup and hairstyle didnt need much work, so he quickly got changed.

Meanwhile, Lu Bei was still busy getting his makeup done.

It wasnt that Lu Bei needed more work done on his face.

It was just that in this first scene, he had to look like an extremely agile young man.

He appeared at the crime scene with blood on his face and clothes.

The blood needed special effects makeup.

When Lu Bei came out after putting on his makeup, his face was even paler.

The blood on his face also looked even more glaring and gloomy.

His face was breathtakingly beautiful.

Director Jiang walked over and said with a smile, “Lu Bei, Sixiu, the scene today is the highlight.

Well use this scene at the beginning to help you get into your characters.

Are you ready”

“Were ready, Director Jiang,” Zhao Sixiu and Lu Bei said in unison.

Unlike other directors, who would first film some gentle scenes to help the actors get into their characters, Director Jiang chose the highlight scene.

It was indeed a test of the actors skills.

Sister Yang knew that Zhao Sixiu would perform well in todays scene.

The fighting and martial arts involved in this scene were Zhao Sixius strengths.

This would help in highlighting his own characteristics.

As for Lu Bei… with his size and ability, could he go up against Zhao Sixiu in this battle

Lu Bei appeared at the crime scene and looked at the body on the ground.

He did not understand what had happened here and how it had anything to do with him.

He looked very confused, annoyed, frustrated, and even a little afraid.

Was this messy murder scene really unrelated to him

At that moment, the police arrived.

Zhao Sixiu ran in front, trying to catch the suspect in front of him.

Lu Bei was deep in thought when he heard footsteps approaching.

He quickly stood up, intending to escape through the window.

He did not want to be caught by the police when he did not know if the matter was related to him.

“Stop!” However, Zhao Sixiu came very quickly.

Before Lu Bei could leave, he was stopped by him.

Without any lines, the two of them fought.

The martial arts choreography had already been taught to the two of them yesterday.

This scene would probably last for at least a few minutes.

This was too easy for Zhao Sixiu.

Although the Lu Bei in front of him had changed, it was still a fact that Lu Bei was a very beautiful person.

He was not suitable for such a battle.

Zhao Sixiu wanted to display his ability immediately to intimidate Lu Bei.

Su Bei could tell from Zhao Sixius eyes what he was thinking.

Apart from the production team, no one else believed in her ability when she first joined the cast.

If she relied on her looks alone, she could gain temporary favor.

However, if she wanted to convince everyone, she had to rely on absolute strength.

With this thought in mind, Su Bei did not delay at all.

She was already talented in this aspect and had even undergone several professional training sessions.

Soon, Zhao Sixiu was defeated by her and was at a disadvantage.

The staff members who didnt know about the plot couldnt help but clap.

“What a good performance.

Zhao Sixius martial arts moves are so powerful.

Hes bursting with hormones.”

“What surprises me is that Lu Bei is able to fight with Zhao Sixiu for so long.

Oh my God, his movements are too elegant and agile.

Hes on par with Zhao Sixiu.”

“Yes, one looks manly while the other is more demure, but theyre both really handsome!”

Only Zhao Sixius expression turned ugly.

He gritted his teeth and was shocked.

Lu Bei, who looked weak and harmless, was not inferior to him at all.

He had already used all his strength, but he was still defeated by Lu Bei.

Looking at Lu Beis calm face, it was obvious that he had not used too much strength.

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